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  • 00:45

    Half Hour being half in the bag

    in Comedy

    Sunday is a day best spent with DJ Smellykat, Mr. Slambumptious and Tammy with her top ten!!!! Tune ib to find out all about the weekend and the week ahead

  • 00:27

    The Sweet and Sensual SPS Conversation Cocktail

    in Business

    No surprise that SPS is bringing the Sexiness to your thirsty Thursday with the assistance of Ireva Photography!! Crack open the cold ones and let the swagger in yo stagger sink in as we are broadcasting live for the conclusion of the Sexy and I know It Contest!!! If your not here.....Imagine it!!!

  • 02:09

    Tis' the Season 3

    in Real Estate

    Season3 of Stoned Poets Society is underway!! alot has happened while the DJs' of SPS were on break but they are back with a whole list of new insults and slanderous material!! Hid yo kids hide yo wife and hide yo husbands too...because SPS is back and on top of the radio game!!

  • 02:02

    Thank you For Giving

    in Wine

    Thanksgiving comes but only twice a year!!, and this Holiday weekend is being deep fried with SPS Radio!! The DJs' of The Stoned Poets are here to quench your Thirsty Thursday with conversation and enlightening insights on what the Holidays are all about!! The enigmatic DJ Smellykat will STUFF and BASTE your THANKS and tanks, while the Deranged Mr Slambumptious pours 50 shades of GRAVY on all your trimmings and GIVING!! Listen in for your favorite segments and indulge yourself in some shenanigans of Blogtalkradio!!

  • 01:58

    Moose Knuckle muffins

    in Entertainment

    Calling all Camel toe and Moose Knuckle crossers!! Tonight SPS comes with a special Broadcast to sweeten up the pot by mixing your two favorite pastimes: Camel toe and Moose Knuckle and blending them into an evening of Muffin diving!! Start your Saturday night with a couple hours of enlightenment from the notorious DJ Smellykat and the infamous Mr Slambumptious!!

  • 00:50

    Nicknames and Knick-Knacks

    in Fitness

    We are all born with a name given to us by ma and pa, but a nickname is born within your inner circle, some by default and some by design, and on this wonderful day of thirst the sps crew will seek insight on your nicknames and your loved ones, as well find out the origins of some of the most funniest and notorious nicknames around!! Join the enigmatic DJ Smellykat along with the infamous Mr Slambumptious for an evening filled with your favorite segments!! Sit back, log in and stayed online with the crew on cloud nine

  • 02:00

    Canadian Classics and American Dreams

    in Pop Culture

    Thursdays are now back in working order now that Season 3 of SPS is underway!! The DJs' of The Stoned Poets Society welcome you to enjoy the classiness and dazzling array of commentary on all of todays current events!! DJ Smellykat is not nervous but instead...at your service!! Mr Slambumptious is ready to put some paint...where it ain't!! So invite your friends over to partake in a fun couple hours of the peoples radio!! We talk about anything and everything and are liable to say just about...anything!! Stay thirsty our friends!!

  • 01:49

    Harper is a Hoe: An SPS Broadcast

    in Politics

    Only when the last river is destroyed , when the last fish is caught and when the final deer is killed will people realize that we cannot eat money!! SPS is back with another Hot Thirsty Thursday episode to quench not only your thirst but your opinions as well!!So much happening in the lives of Aboriginal people due to Stephen Harper and there is alot at stake for the future of the culture and for the lives of the youth. DJ Smellykat alongside Mr Slambumptious and DJ Big D and DJ Tamilicious are in the studio this week to give anyone and everyone a chance to voice their concerns , whether you are able to come by the studio or call into the radio station your views can and will be heard courtesy of The Stoned Poets Society!! Welcome to the show

  • 01:56

    12 Days of Christmas

    in Romance

    With Santa Claus gearing up to stare at Reindeer Butts all night long The Stoned Poets Society are tangling their Talons into the true meaning of Christmas. Tonight DJ Smellykat will target your spirit with his insightful missiles of mistletoe!! Mr Slambumptious is gonna wreak havoc on the scrooges using wisdom of Holiday Wreaths!! Along with DJ Big D who will have you Enjoying yourself with his Conversational eggnog-like thoughts!! Get ready for a blogtalk Sleighride with you favorite DJs' of SPS!!

  • 02:02

    50 Shades of Gravy

    in School

    In a world full of dogs it's the large dogs that make gravy while the little dogs....become gravy!! SPS rolls with the big dogs Baaaaby!! We're back with another thirst quenching broadcast to turn water into wine all while keeping it fine , we gon put the paint where it aint , so don't be nervous SPS is at your service!! The nimble tongue of DJ Smellykat will soothe your conversation needs , Mr Slambumptious will Saturate your evening with the Smoothness of the Switchboard!! Your gonna be Dazzled by the Daring and Dynamic DJ Big D, and DJ Tamilicious will Top your thirsty thursday off , so don't sleep on her Top Ten unless ya brought some Pillowtalk!! SPS is gonna murder an rock tonight!! We gon handcuff Lightning and throw Thunder in jail!! Welcome to the Show!!....and remember...if you must do the walk of shame.....stride with pride

  • 02:34

    Hitchikers Guide to a Halloween Hurricane

    in Paranormal

    Halloween has tricked and treated us to some dandy candy , Hurricane is now literally .....gone with the wind , goodbye Sandy!! SPS is back to spike your thirsty thursday with our stiff mix of music , insights and conversation cocktail. Listen in and allow DJ Smellykat to Saturate your minds and hearts with his fine winelike wisdom , Mr slambumptious will dazzle you with diabolical dialogue , and the lovely DJ Tamilicious will tighten up your insights on the world with her infamous Top Ten , and the crew of SPS are so excited to introduce the newest member of the crew , so tune in to be tuned in onto our new DJ!! Brand new contests and segments are in store for your listening pleasure along with your good ole favorites. If you must do the walk of shame do it with SPS because we....stride with pride. Welcome to the fundamental optimism that is....Stoned Poets Society!!