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    Walk Your Talk With LeAnne and Peter Shankman!

    in Self Help

    LeAnne Parsons The Walk Your Talk Coach is honored to welcome Peter Shankman to her show this week! 

    Peter Shankman doesn't know how to sit still, and he blames that on his ADHD. But he blames his ADHD for all of his success. A three-time startup entrepreneur with the same number of successful exits under his belt, Peter believes that to be the best, you simply have to be better than everyone's expectations, and in the world of customer experience, that's not hard to do.

    Peter is perhaps best known for founding Help a Reporter Out, (HARO,) which changed how journalists gather news and how public relations is done. He's the author of four books, two of which are bestsellers, including his latest, "Zombie Loyalists: Using Great Service to Create Rabid Fans." A born and raised NYC public school kid, he still resides in Manhattan with a wife 2-year-old child, and 15-year-old cat, and when he's not flying around the world giving speeches, or competing in Ironman Triathlons, he's jumping out of planes, as a licensed skydiver with over 500 jumps.

    LEANNE a CPC, ELI-MP with a special gift working with adoptees and their families! Her unique Coaching Process is the missing thread in the Tapestry of Adoption! We weave your story together and create a new family legacy of love for generations to come. LeAnne is CEO and Founder of The Tapestry of Adoption and The Walk Your Talk Coach at Legacy Now Lived. LeAnne is empowering the adoption community to connect and embrace their stories and improve their relationships!

    As a Coach, Re-united Adoptee, Mom, Warrior Wife, Personal Stylist, Educator, Servant Leader, Radio Host, Speaker and “New Nester” she encourages individuality, integrity, confidence, & the desire to live a life of freedom & impact. She is changing lives one conversation at a time.

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    Montana Miller, A Skydiver's View of Life & Death/Musician & Writer Curt Weiss

    in Self Help

    Montana Miller, Associate Professor at Bowling Green University & Sky Diver:  Talks about women who skydive into their 40's, 50's, 60's, & 70's, The Skydivers Over 60 World Record, & her new book about a skydiver's view of Life & Death.

    Musician and writer, Curt Weiss, "Observations on quality time with my 84 year old father"


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    Kickass Personal Transformation

    in Self Help

    Chris Thrall is the guest on KICKASS Personal Transformation with Marti MacGibbon

    About Chris:

    He's an International Bestselling Author ...  Former Royal Marine Commando ... Adventurer and Expedition Leader ... Traveler Across 80 Countries on 7 Continents ... Polar Diver and Antarctic Explorer ... Pilot ... Skydiver ... Scuba Diver ... Marathon Runner ... Ski and Snowboarder ...Travel and Magazine Writer

    Chris Thrall was born in the UK. At eighteen, he joined the Royal Marine Commandos. Following active service in the Northern Ireland Conflict and training in Arctic warfare and survival, he earned his parachutist’s ‘wings’ and went on to serve as part of a high-security detachment onboard an aircraft carrier.

     In 1995, Chris moved to Hong Kong to oversee the Asia-Pacific expansion of a successful network-marketing operation he’d built, part-time, while serving in the Forces. Less than a year later, he was homeless, in psychosis from crystal meth addiction and working for the 14K, a Hong Kong triad crime family, as a doorman in the infamous Wan Chai red-light district.

    Eating Smoke, a humorous yet deeply moving memoir, is his account of what happened . . .

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    "Above All Else"

    in Books

    "Above All Else" is Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld’s inspiring story of his drive to become a world champion skydiver, and his amazing comeback from a plane crash that left him seriously injured and claimed the lives of sixteen of his closest friends.
    Dan was a rising star in the international world of skydiving when the crash occurred. It left him with a broken neck, skull fracture and severe brain injury, a collapsed lung and other internal injuries. Doctors said he'd never jump again.
    But skydiving was Dan's life, and he wasn't about to give up that easily. Dan went on to win multiple national and world championships, and is one of the most sought-after coaches in the world.
    In the process, he has developed proven tools and techniques for success applicable for everyday life.
    Click here for the paperback version of the book.
    Click here for the Kindle version of the book.
    Click here to visit Dan's website.
    Click here for Mike's book review

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    Live and Love Fearlessly - Bill Poett

    in Lifestyle

    Bill Poett is the author of ABC’s for Peak Performers, the soon to be released Live And Love Fearlessly, The Way of the Warrior Heart and creator and founder of The Warrior Heart Project. Since 1988, he has studied, taught, and trained with military, law enforcement, and corporate performance experts throughout the United States and Asia. Bill holds eleven martial arts degrees and is a knife fighting close combat instructor with more than 20 years of experience working with individuals and teams for whom peak performance is literally a matter of life and death. He studies and embeds many of the same mental and awareness techniques used in successful combat training in the material he presents for successful LIFE training, adding a proven layer of depth and interest to his presentations. Bill’s greatest joys in life are his wife Robin, and three amazing daughters, Miranda, Kayla, and Becca. As an adventurer, sports fitness specialist, licensed pilot, skydiver, and ultra-light backpacker, Bill lives by the creed that life is not a spectator sport. Bill lives, writes, and conducts workshops in Rancho San Julian, the last family-owned and operating Spanish land grant ranch in California. Deeded to his great-great-great Grandfather Don Jose de la Guerra, the ranch is where the family raises grass-fed beef on over 15,000 acres of land just north of Santa Barbara.

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    UNITY AMERICA Live with Dino October 15 2012

    in Education

    Veterans are the hope for America!
    Healthcare Transform not reform VS Health Insurance and how they relate. Plus Energy renevation for America "Time to Overhaul" and Millions of Americans out of work still because American Infrustructure is haulted by the Obama Administration decision concerning the Keystone Pipeline.
    Skydiver breaks world record for most dangerous highest altitude free fall jump reachin speed over Mach 1.
    Mason Racing Update from Liz Mason with MasonRacing.com: Sgt. Grit Kabar the bull terrier
    F-16 Intercepts two planes over Presidential debates.
    Alaska the Japanese invade America and capture American Citizens an untold story from WWII how close we really were! THANK GOD FOR OUR BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN OF WWII
    Nellis AFB history fact: 1969 protest against war in New York City

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    in Entertainment

    George Cisneros is a bilingual actor that emigrated to the United States as a young boy. After High school he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where he served in two overseas tours and was honorably discharged. He then attended the University of Houston main campus where he received a Bachelors of science in Psychology and business management. He also attended the Art Institute and received a degree in culinary art.

    George Cisneros is an avid skydiver with over 500 jumps. An accomplished athlete that enjoys surfing, sculpting, playing classical guitar and riding his motorcycles. He performs his own stunts and he is sometimes called an "Adrenaline Junkie."

    George Cisneros' strengths as an actor come from his powerful and expressive eyes and his ability to completely submerge himself into the character he portrays. He prefers flawed and complicated characters that allow him to dig into his unconscious and discover new domains within himself. George Cisneros takes his extensive life experiences and infuses them into his characters to create reality.

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    Guest: Janet Lundquist

    in Culture

    Jim and Jennifer are excited to welcome their friend Janet Lundquist to the show today!  Janet Lundquist is a renaissance woman. Freely following the wind and her own passions, Janet has been freelance photographer, business owner, jewelry maker, pilot, hiker, sailer, pet sitter, and skydiver. Making her first tandem jump in 1984 after completing a photojournalism gig on skydiving, Janet has now made over 4,500 jumps. She and her husband Fred, who is also a seasoned skydiver, got married in 1995, and while they had a perfectly normal chapel wedding, immediately afterwards the couple and 50 of their closest friends, skydived into the wedding reception. Janet is part of a competitive 8-way skydiving team called "Vertical Disparity."

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    Chase, Kloetzke. VP of E.P.I.C

    in Paranormal

    In the spring of 2010, Chase Kloetzke embarked on a mission into the UFO/Paranormal world that reverberated throughout the industry and resulted in her being one of the most sought after investigators in the field. This “Close Encounter of the Third Kind” that transpired on a quiet evening during the Tennessee 1000-year floods hit the information superhighway blogospheres like a storm and placed every truth seeker on bated breath. It was an audacious moment for a UFO/Paranormal investigator determined to take the boots on the ground. For Chase, however, her most intrepid journey is yet to come, all while “taking corners on two wheels”. As an avid skydiver and rappeller, cheerleader/gymnast, certified EMT, SAR (Search and Rescue) Unit volunteer, martial artist and instructor, military activist and veterans care volunteer, private investigator, and radio broadcaster, Chase’s prodigious background personifies one’s capacity to harness the most specialized skills and employ the greatest sensibility in humanitarian efforts. Her credentials includes a Master/Trainer Instructor title in Biomechanics Engineering from Cooper’s Institute in Dallas, Tex; licensed Private Investigator through the Waldron Corporation; Program Specialist for the Department of Defense (D.O.D); former MUFON Star Team Manager, Deputy of Director of Investigations, and Certified Field Investigator (1996-2011); and has made several appearances on radio and television broadcast. Chase is presently the Director of Investigations for E.P.I.C. (Extraordinary Phenomena Investigation Council) headquartered in Texas (chartered to collect and present data in the UFO/Cryptid and Paranormal field) and is also a reoccurring guest-host on EPIC Voyages Radio airing Monday evenings on Inception Radio Network

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    R U Drinkin' the Social Media Kool-Aid? With Peter Shankman

    in Social Networking

    We still haven't learned from the dot.com bust! Oh you think you have. You, (we) all got thirsty again, and are drinking the same ten-year-old Kool-Aid without so much as asking for ice. Rather than embracing this new technology, social media and merging it with what we’ve learned already, we’re throwing off our clothes and running naked in the rain, waving our hands in the air, sure that this time it’ll be different, because this time it’s better! Social media Guru, Peter Shankman said this best, we added a few words!
    Peter Shankman joins the program and we have already had and heard alot of buzz surrounding his appearance about how excited everyone is to here the real word on Social Media from Peter!!! He's been told he's knowledgeable on Social Media.  Me: Consulting, angel investing, speaking, @Vocus Small Biz Evangelist. HARO Founder. Ironman. Skydiver. 

    “It’s not about building a website anymore! It’s so much cooler! It’s about Facebook, and fans, and followers, and engagement, and influence, and…”

    Will you please shut up already before you make me throw-up? You're so wrong again..and if you hired a social media guy or a so called expert can I say, "hello dumb dumb, I have some swamp property I need to unload"...harsh words I know...but find out why...Listen in 10-31-11...1PM EST and 10AM Pacific.

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    Quick-n-Dirty Podcast

    in Social Networking

    What's the one resource that journalists and PR people alike cannot live without? HARO - Help A Reporter Out. This week Aaron (@aaronstrout) and Jennifer (@mediaphyter) welcome HARO founder Peter Shankman (@skydiver) to talk about HARO success, and how he grew his company using smart networking and social media.