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    SC EP:48 Sasquatch encounters and audio files

    in Science

    Researcher and Sasquatch witness Larry Turner drops by and shares with us his bigfoot audio files and encounters with the creature. Larry was grabbed while in his tent one night while out researching Sasquatch. Larry shares with us what he has found works and what doesnt work for him.

    We will close out with bigfoot news with Shannon Legro. To watch the live video feed of our news segment visit us at https://www.facebook.com/BigfootHotspotRadio

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    MN.B.R.T. Radio with Eric Spinner

    in Fun

    Join Elusive1 & Henry May as they welcome Eric Spinner to the show. 

    Eric "Squatcher" Spinner is a Certified Nutritional Consultant and Shiatsu Practitioner.

    Owns a Health Food Store called Health Haven II in Medford, NJ. Been in business over twenty years, and in his spare time he goes out into the forest in search of what he likes to call "Shy Forest Creatures".

    He has been researching the Bigfoot / Sasquatch mystery for the past eight years, but has been interested in Bigfoot since the age of ten after going to see "Sasquatch - The Legend of Bigfoot" at the movie theatre.

    He has been on a number of expeditions, and also numerous solo excursions into the forest. He attended the NW PA BFRO expedition in 2008, and in 2009 he went to BC Canada on a private expedition. Has also done investigations in NJ, NE PA, Florida, and Missouri. His main research area is in the 1.5 million acres of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Eric has done various radio interviews on the topic of Bigfoot, and most recently was involved with the NJ episode of Animal Planet's hit TV show "Finding Bigfoot". He was contacted by the producers, and assisted them with locations, and witness reports, and was also part of the town hall meeting, and other interviews and segments that were filmed. He is co-founder of NASBRO (North American Sasquatch/Bigfoot Researchers Organization) and has a website http://www.nasbro.net/ and a Facebook page by the same name.

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    Florida Paranormal Society LIVE - Myakka River State Park Expedition

    in Science

    This show details the findings that the Team found on their expedition to Myakka River State Park in Florida. Listen to investigators and FPS founders, Evan and Ashley Pedone describe their experiences and their findings in Myakka's nearly 60 square miles of unspoiled wilderness. Did they come in contact with Florida's Skunkape? Did they find any proof of its existence? Listen in to find out!

    The Florida Paranormal Society brings to the forefront new theories on Sasquatch, based on Evan Pedone's published novel, Expedition Everest.

    Florida Paranormal Society Radio is hosted by, Evan Pedone, author, explorer and founder of the Florida Paranormal Society. Based in Clearwater, Florida, the Florida Paranormal Society researches the unknown and studies all paranormal activities ranging from cryptozoological entities to lost cities and everything in betwee. Where there is myth...there is truth, where there is the unknown...there is discovery. We are modern day explorers...We are the Florida Paranormal Society.

    Visit us at http://www.floridaparanormalsociety.com


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    Stacy Brown

    in Entertainment

    Join Sharonlee and Monica Rawlins as they interview Stacy Brown of http://www.thesasquatchhunters.com This past May, Stacy captured what could be the most compelling image of a Sasquatch on his FLIR .
    Cliff Barackman analyzed the image and surmized that the creature appears to be 8.5 feet tall!

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    Special Guest Billy Simmons

    in Paranormal

    Billy Simmons is a former law enforcement officer of seventeen years in north east Texas. He had his first experience with bigfoot in late 1989. During that time he found his first hard evidence that bigfoot exists. Ten years later he would have his first encounter and face to face sighting in the woods. He also began to have bigfoot experiences at his house that continue to this day. Billy, as well as several others have had sightings on his property. The last sighting in fact was on a full moon night at the edge of his house in June

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    SpookHunters RADIO - Episode 20

    in Paranormal

    SpookHunters RADIO Valentine show. We introduce the new intern, Mike, who shares some real life relationship advice.

    We also play "would you rather".

    SpookHunter Rob calls in fresh from a Skunk Ape Hunt. What did he find?

    SpookHunter Damon is back!

    And Lots more fun & entertainment on this weeks Episode of SpookHunters RADIOOOOOOOO!

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    The Bigfoot Live Radio Show

    in Paranormal

    Tom Biscardi, Renowned BigFoot Researcher, Interviews Real People with real Encounters

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    Bigfoot Quest Farewell Show

    in Paranormal

    It's now been over three years, thirty eight months to be exact, since the Bigfoot Quest radio show first debuted on the BlogTalkRadio network. During our time here, Bob and I have really enjoyed hosting this show and truly consider it an honor to have been able to do so for as long as we have! We always did our best to bring our listeners an interesting, informative and entertaining experience with every new show we aired. But it is said that all good things must eventually come to an end, and our show here on BTR is no exception to this rule.

    Over these past three plus years on BTR we’ve had some great guests that have helped make this show a success and we’ve also enjoyed the support of our listening audience. If not for all our guests that have been gracious enough to accept our invitation and find the time to appear on this show and our loyal listeners who join us in our chat room Tuesday nights or download and listen to the show through the archives, this show would not be possible! So in gratitude Bob and I want to say a heart felt thank you to all of you who have made Bigfoot Quest possible and hope many of you will join us our final live show chat this coming Tuesday night!

    So please join your hosts Bob Coyne and Mike Killen one last time for this special farewell to BTR show! We invite our listeners to take a final walk down memory lane with us as we look back over the last thirty eight months of the Bigfoot Quest radio show. If you have a special remembrance about a specific guest or show topic from one of our past shows, we’d love to have you call in to talk about it with us on this final show.

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    The Bigfoot Live Radio Show

    in Paranormal

    Tom Biscardi World Renowned Bigfoot Researcher Interviews Real Peaple with Real Encounters.

  • 01:02

    The Bigfoot Live Radio Show

    in Paranormal

    Tom Biscardi World Renowned Bigfoot Researcher Interviews Real Peaple with Real Encounters.