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    talking wiz,caps,terps,skins,nats

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    wiz struggling,terps thriving,caps grinding,skins deciding,nats beginning

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    Skins and Vikings Match-Up today,the rest of the NFC North enjoys their Bye

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    Tune-in today as we bring back the 30 Minute Blitz.  It's a quick look into the NCAAF College Top 25 game outcomes and Skins vs. Vikings Match-up.  All the other teams in the NFC Nirth are on a BYE so the Vikings actually have a shot at putting a W in the reord books to kee contending for a post season spot.  Don't laugh.... stranger things has happened.

    So tune-in today at 10:30 CST for some good ol' fan fun and laughs.

    Also available on the Tune-In App.

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    recap skins vs titans

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    lets look back at skins last game against titans

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    Washington "Red Skins" at Minnesota to be problematic

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    Tune into the Ron and Don Show as they talk about the major demonstration planned for the Thursday, November 7 game against the Minnesota Vikings and Washington Red Skins. 
    The problem, "Red Skins." Listen to this program to find out more. The phone lines will be open. 

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    what happened with Skins? Wiz off to good start! Caps hit rough spot. Big win  for Terps.

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    Hottest Music

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    Hottest Music

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    The Downsouth Skins Fanclub

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    The Downsouth Skins Fanclub
    The Downsouth Skins Fanclub was started in June 2012. We are based in Memphis, Tn
    Their sole purpose is to support our beloved team the Washington Redskins.
    They are a very diverse group and we have year round events within the club such as Bowling nights, Family day picnics, and Membership parties.
    They also give back to the community by supporting those in need and also by participating in Breast cancer walks and other charitable events.
    Be part of their big event Aprl 27th 2013
    E-mail downsouthskins@yahoo.com
    www.downsouthskins.com Like Downsouthskins in Face Book.  

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    Sports Q&A Episode May 7 2015

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    Special 1 Hour Show....NFL Draft Recap...Lions...Cowboys...Skins grades....La'el Collins, how did he get to go to his team of choice...is this a potential trend?  So, Tom Brady kinda, sorta knew about the the deflating of the balls....how serious is this offense? Could Brady open the NFL's version on pandora's box of best kept secrets if the suspension is too long? And of course you....

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    NBA playoffs-2nd round; NFL draft review; Mayweather now 48-0

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    NBA playoffs-2nd round

    Clippers get into 2nd round by winning a game 7 thriller 111-109
    Wizards go into Atlanta and beat Hawks 104-98 in game 1
    Warriors work over the Grizzlies 101-86
    NBA playoff predictions

    NFL draft review

    Jameis Winston #1 after all
    'Skins and Raiders recap
    Best drafts of the weekend

    Mayweather now 48-0

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    Al Diaz, Andrea Currie “In the Skins of Trees”

    in Lifestyle

    Al Diaz and co-host Andrea Currie share their insights on “In the Skins of Trees”

    Monday, December 9th  10am PST

    When there is vulnerability, there is love. When there is love, there is creation.  ~Andrea Currie

    The purpose of my art is to emphasize my technical and precise method of pen and ink drawings. I use various methods such as stippling, cross-hatching and shading to employ classical pen and ink techniques.  Combined with my unique subject matter of trees, my art depicts the spiral of how we live and grow in a constant flux of revisiting, revising and renewing ourselves. Like trees, we build on these layers as cycles in our individual growth, making us taller, fuller and wiser.

    My education includes an Honors English Literature degree from the University of Guelph and a Diploma of Education from Newcastle University, Australia. I have travelled the world as both student and teacher applying my passion for creativity, learning and connecting through my artistic expression which I call PomonaLIFE. Through creativity we discover a sp?ace to experience and cultivate the freeing and uplifting voice within ourselves. Creativity is how we live, what we live and why we live. Creativity is life. www.acurrie.com

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    EDUCATION PROHIBITED TO AFRCAN AMERICAN SLAVES BY LAW because if we were deemed as sentient beings with all the HUMAN aspects of life eternal we would know how we came to be, when we came to be, what we were then and what we are now.  Eternal in our blackness that we were created in our skins, so no amount of getting on your knees and begging any God for your freedom because it will never come.  We the people of this world will make ourselves free. My thoughts are that at all cost God who is the one who created us all knows what we need, but if we do not initiate a desire to change our conditions they will not change, the creator tells me that our conditions will not change until we ourselves change. Open up our minds to what our leaders taught us and use that knowledge. It is to open the mind to the light of liberty to which we so richly deserve, to lavish ourselves in.  There is no more pleading, there is only Revolution complet and total change of what the Captors want from us, knowledge is the key. Repartions for all the misdeeds done to us is the only solid foundation of Revolution on which we must stand a complete and total change tothe systems of White, Immperalist state under which we are all being forced to live under.  Yet to even Educate our children about Revolution is wrong, this absurd.  This day is the day we set aside to morn our loss of our Ancestors of the Civil War "The Colored Soilders". Denied everthig

    "In the house of Delegates of Virginia, in 1832, Mr. Berry said: "We have, as far as possible, closed every avenue by which light might enter their ( the slaves) minds.  If we could extinguish the capacity to see the light, our work would be completed; they would then be on a level with the beast of the field, and we should be safe! I am certain that we would not do it, if we could find out the process,and that on the plea of necessity."