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    NAVAJO TALK RADIO: Miss NN Alyson Shirley & Miss Vanessa Lister

    in Politics

    NAVAJO TALK RADIO: Special Guest : 2015-16 Miss Navajo Nation, Alyson Shirley and 2015-16 Miss Northern Navajo Nation Fair Vaness Lister. They discuss their road to winning their crowns and future goals as Ambassador.


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    Today on The Boochcast, Booch talks about plans for Monday's show, what's gonna happen on the show the rest of the week, hanging out with his girlfriend, talks to aspiring YouTube Star Joe Bag about respecting pro wrestling, the inspiration behind his Youtube videos, working with Derek Shapiro, how he met Derek Shapiro, working in retail, and his upcoming movie Holidays At The Mall Part 2, Jimmy Snuka Arraigned On Murder Charges In The Death Of Nancy Argentino; Judge Issues Gag Order, Kurt Angle Says There’s A Possibility He’ll Fight Ken Shamrock In 2016, and 21 Struggles Only Skinny Girls Will Understand. 

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    Healthy Holiday Eating-Yes It Is Possible

    in Self Help

    The stuffing, casseroles and desserts how do you enjoy the season and stay within your healthy eating plan?  Join me and returning guest expert Jennifer Dent, Health Coach as she shares techniques for us to enjoy our favorite seasonal dishes and eat healthy.

    Jennifer Dent supports busy women who still want to rock their skinny jeans (sans the muffin top) without extreme diets, calorie counting, pills or deprivation.  Her ideal client is ready to learn how to LOVE living a healthy life and jump off the diet roller coaster for good.

    Want a FREE audio book? Go to Audible.com and you can get one. Listen to today’s podcast to find out which book I recommend for you. 

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    Billboard chart-topping vocalist and songwriter Helen Rogers of Jazzmasters fame returns with her solo debut, the potent Smooth Jazz Meets Reggae (Skinny Bwoy Records). The 10-song set (plus two CD-only bonus tracks), features original songwriting and production, as well as compelling reggae covers of “Don't Know Why” (Norah Jones), “Be Thankful For What You Got” (William DeVaughn) and the reggae classic “I'm Still In Love” (Alton Ellis).

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    Enlightened 30: Death the Show welcomes Lorie Johnson

    in Paranormal

    Hello my name is Lorie Johnson, and I'd like to tell you a bit about myself and how I became a psychic medium. Since I was two, I spoke to those who have passed, but because of my father's religion I put it off as being a normal child, and making up playmates. When I became six, I saw my first three spirits laying on cots, along with the smell of burning flesh I figured they were telling me how they had died. One sat up. He was skinny, no shirt on, and very thin. He looked me right in the eyes and smiled, as if too tell me, 'thing's will be okay' I smiled back and walked away. I had put that experience off to being a kid, making things up in my mind again. But all my life I had battled demons in my dream's. Not knowing why, and always questioned why the dreams had been so harsh. I often wondered why I always saw the tiny skinny man I had seen when younger before every dream. Knowing now that my abilities were growing each and every day, I finally realized that skinny man was my guardian. He was to show me that thing's will be okay before the trial of my dream had started. I am a blunt person. I don't hold anything back. If I see it I say it. If they say it I tell it ... I am a psychic, medium, clairvoyant, empath, Channel, Automatic Writing, and Aura Reading. I see Apparition's as a silhouette of spirit's who I speak to or are with me. I have many guardians and guides with me at all time's, this too me is a blessing knowing I am very protected in everything and even where I go. I am also able to do phone readings, and see things that are happening around you. This is very special to me, as I cannot pin point names of my abilities or even know how many I have, since we learn more each day.

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    Hey Brynn... What about gay people?

    in Fun

    My friend Brynn will be joining me to talk about what the bible says about Homosexuals. How do we as christians respond in truth AND love? That is the hard part ..isn't it? We know God says it is wrong but if we say we believe that we are labeled as biggots and haters. As cChristians hate is not ok. We do not hate homosexuals any more than we hate people who live together unmarried but the bible says BOTH are wrong! Now what do we do? How do we act? what do we say? DO we bake cakes? Cater weddings? Let them hold hands in church? Is it lifestyle choice or DNA. Does Homosexuality belong in the same list as tall,short,black, white,skinny, fat?  Lets have a real discussion about this problem.

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    in Fitness

    CIRCA 2015...My mi ssion is to change/redefine the perception of aging not only in America, but Globally!

    Shh...secret #3...First things First...The first hour is the rudder of the day.

    Shh...secret #4...Architects of our form...getting into shape may be easier than you think.

    Shh...secret #5...Face it, do you like what you see in the mirror.

    Shh...secret #6...Stick out your tongue and say AHHH, facial & tongue stretch exercises.

    Shh...secret #7...The skinny on skin...THE KEY.

    Shh...secret #8...Save big bucks, Quick & Easy formulas you whip up at home.

    Shh...secret #9...Your Power of Presence.

    Shh...secret #10...The "Crowing Rooster"  For men only!


    How I saved face...etc.

    Belly dancing, alterntive to...etc.

    My love affair with chiropractic...etc.

    Did you get your zzz last night...etc.

    Ballet on the Beam...etc.


  • Beauty Matrix Introduction

    in Spirituality

    Physical Beauty = Energetics....Nicole will introduce the Beauty Matrix her new book that teaches women how to set their energetics for beauty.

    Have you ever seen a skinny girl eat a gallon of ice cream nightly and never gain a pound? 

    Have you ever seen an overweight lady live off of salads with vinaigrette while never losing weight?

    Body weight and or type are all energetics that you can establish now.

    Nicole will present the Beauty Matrix Program for one hour. This is a life changing event Join Us!


    Beauty Matrix energetics is for the woman who is ready to take her physical life and body to the next level. You will be transformed from the inside out. Beauty resides within the physical body and mind. It is an easy access point into reality. When your physical body is in perfect condition, the mind is clear and ready to receive. You will then become the master of this reality. You will begin to assimilate everything is your life and make it work for you. Mastering the energetics in this reality will set you apart, create your universal signature and begin movement forward!

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    The Great Escape of Reality. What's REALLY Good?

    in Lifestyle

    When a teen ager is flung around the classroom like a ragdoll and society asks what did she do, we have a HUGE problem!

    Why do Celebs Publicist fake their deaths for ratings?

    Halle and husband #3 bites the dust

    Don Lemon to be booted from CNN

    Kaitlyn Bruce Jenner to be named WOMAN of the Year!!!!!

    HUMAN DNA found in Hot Dogs???

    DV, the Truth behind it. Special guest Omar Moore will give us the skinny based on his hit Play!

    ?and.....................Anonymous Threatens to Take the Hoods Off of 1,000 KKK Members (the ones that blew up the cheaters site!!!)

    Come celebrate Seven's birthday with us as we dig deep into these subjects! 

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    The Fat and Skinny of It

    in Self Help

    Exploring two opposite ends of weight and health issues from their personal perspectives and experience with Arlene Potash, Attorney at Law, and Mary Smith, co-owner of an Internet Marketing Business.

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