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  • 01:00

    Ep12 - Skeptic Memories

    in Science

    In this show your hosts will be chatting about their memories of their time in skepticism, taking a look at the highlights they have experienced.
    We'd love to hear from our listeners so please call in via Skype!

  • 01:10

    Sgt Skeptic Podcast, episode 5: Pathfinder Project

    in Atheism

    Guests include Carli Richards, a veteran and survivor of the Aurora Theater shooting and Conor Robinson of Pathfinders Project a Humanist, Secular world outreach to help build schools and supply water in 3rd world countries.

  • 01:08

    Sgt Skeptic Podcast, episode 9: Fort Hood Trial

    in Atheism

    Disgraced former Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt says a photographer being forced to serve same-sex couples should print a Bible verse condemning them to death on their wedding photos, the Southern Baptist Convention orders its' chaplains to stay away from the gay, and our very own Kathleen Johnson discusses her insider's role during the Ft. Hood trial of Nidal Hasan.

  • Ken Kessler - Former Skeptic! ..."Psychic Tapestry" Radio

    in Spirituality

    Hosts Maria G Maas & Janice Fuchs welcome Special Guest: Ken Kessler - Former Skeptic! ..."Psychic Tapestry" Radio!

    ...Plus Angel messages for their Callers!

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    The Sgt Skeptic Podcast, Episode 1 "Operation Asshat"

    in Atheism

    Welcome to the poorly planned, off the cuff, inaugural episode of The Sgt Skeptic Podcast.  This podcast is a humorous and irreverent look at atheism and skepticism from the perspective of three military atheists and a civilian.  
    All opinions expressed are those of the hosts and in no way represents the official position of the department of defense.

  • 01:26

    Sgt Skeptic Podcast, episode 3: Operation Apple Pie

    in Atheism

    The second attempt at our third episode.  This episode we'll be discussing the atheist monument at the Bradford County Courthouse in Starke, FL, patriotism from a secular perspective, and a couple of news stories.  We'll also be introducing our new Co-host, Kathleen Johnson from American Atheists.

  • 01:38

    Sgt Skeptic Podcast, episode 2.5: Operation Gay Assault

    in Atheism

    DOMA has been repealed.  Proposition 8 has been declared unconstitutional.  The gay assault has just begun.

  • 01:05

    Sgt Skeptic Podcast, episode 6: Operation Magic Hat

    in Atheism

    Join us live tonight at 7pm pacific time, 10pm eastern.  We'll be discussing some news stories and whatever else comes to mind.  Call us at 646-716-5999 if you have something to say!

  • 01:01

    From Police Capt. to Reincarnation True Believer ! -2 Day LIVE with Scott Cluthe

    in Spirituality

    FREE NEWSLETTER via Constant Contact from Scott Cluthe HERE

    Robert Snow LIVE with Scott Cluthe today: 7 PM EST-6 CST-5 MST-4 PST
    Call in LIVE: 347-308-8478 Only on Positively Incorrect ! Radio

    Portrait of a Past Life Skeptic - The True Story of a Police Detective's Reincarnation

    A veteran police detective, Robert Snow was devoted to evidence and hard facts—he had never given any thought to reincarnation. But during a hypnotic regression, he experiences a vivid awareness of being alive in three separate historical scenes. Remaining skeptical, Snow begins to investigate with the intention of disproving reincarnation. Instead, diligent research and corroboration from multiple sources reveal solid evidence that he lived a former life as Carroll Beckwith, a nineteenth-century American artist. Portrait of a Past Life Skeptic tells the fascinating story of Robert Snow’s transformation from skeptic to believer.

  • 01:02

    107 - Always Ask For Evidence - Skeptic Edition

    in Entrepreneur

    Topic:  Questioning Authority - The Skeptic Edition

    Hot Dog Vendor Radio is a weekly show for street food vendors.  We focus on the ongoing training, rules and codes, loopholes, tactics, tips and tricks for becoming more successful.


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    *Explicit tag*  Shows can and do contain some words, you know little letters put together to form words, in other words, sounds come from our mouths that have been known to offend.

    To declare yourself "OFFENDED" is the same as telling the world that you can not control your emotions and that everyone else must do it for you. 

    Come and enjoy, grow your business and share your knowledge at Hot Dog Vendor Radio and Street Food Vendor TV.  

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    Author John S Weiss On Paranormal Filler

    in Paranormal

    From the bio on his web site:

    How can a simple acorn lead to a series of fascinating experiences in the afterlife dimension? Well, one night after meditating myself to sleep by focusing my mind’s eye on a beautiful little acorn, I awoke in what I assumed to be a super-realistic dream. All my senses were heightened in a way that was nearly impossible for me to comprehend.

    During the first of a series of these profound dreams, I met a young man named Lyle who informed me that I wasn’t dreaming at all, but had mistakenly tunneled my conscious being into the world of the dead. What a joke I thought!

    Of course, I didn’t believe one bit of it; I simply thought my dream was some sort of a ridiculous hallucination. But the next time I meditated myself to sleep, I returned to this impossible world with Lyle waiting for me. Thus began a long series of incredible dreams where my ghostly new friend accompanied by his thought-constructed girlfriend taught me a wonderful new way to perceive life.

    I learned a wide range of mind-boggling things, from a revolutionary biological mechanism that makes the afterlife a scientific reality, to a startling theory on the origins of Christianity. We also had lengthy discussions about the benefits of brain dysfunction, why a universal intelligence (Creator) makes just too much sense, and so much more.

    When we took a break from our often heated discussions, we went on absolutely mesmerizing trips that were derived from a compilation of millions’ of peoples’memories spanning thousands of years. Most of these excursions were thrilling, while a few were quite disturbing.