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    From Witch Craft to Christianity & The Church and Homosexuality

    in Christianity

    Welcome to G220 Radio, where we discuss many different topics and issues from a biblical worldview. Our goal is to equip, edify, confront and at times correct the saints as we journey together striving to be more and more like Jesus Christ!!

    >>Here is what you have to look forward to on this episode of G220 Radio.

    >>>>>Hour One: From Witch Craft to Christianity w/guest Adam Wright<<<<<

    Adam Wright will be joining me in the first hour to share with us his testimony how he got involved in wiccan practices to Christianity. Also we will talk to Adam about his love for skateboarding and passion for evangelism. All this and more so be sure to tune in!

    >>>>>Hour Two: The Church and Homosexuality w/guest Austin Hetsler<<<<<

    Homosexuality is a hot topic today in our society and also even though it is a small minority it has gained large ground because of being so vocal about their agenda. How has the church dealt with the issue of homosexuality? We are beginning to see many churches begin to embrace homosexuality and allowing gay men or women into the pulpits, or changing their views on gay marriage. Others take a much harder stance on homosexuality and treat it as almost if not the most unforgivable sin imaginable. How should we as Christians appoarch the issue of homosexuality? Austin Hetsler will be with us in hour two to discuss this very topic!!

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    (WUN) Love Radio - Madhouse Monday

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    Hey Hey Hey Party People! We are back to our 12:00PM PST show. 

    The Worldwide Underground Nation Radio  (WUN) was created on December 5, 2009. Our original format was athletes of color in action sports. Interviews, music, fashion and sports news were the key elements of (WUN) Love Radio. 

    As voices were raised by current social events the show began to grow and mature into a very successful radio program. (WUN) Love Radio has kept its underground ground roots by refusing offers from mainstream media outlets.

    Join us tonight as we discuss current events, surf news and music. Your host for this evening is the craziest female on radio - the Queen of Xtreme Rokki. Tune in at 12:00PM PST

    Catch us at www.wunmagazine.com or Twitter: WUNMagazine Facebook: (WUN) Magazine & (WUN) Love Radio

    Thank you to our sponsors "Inkwell Lifestyle Brand" www.inkwelllifestyle.com, Sisko Surfboards and Black Athlete Sport Network www.blackathlete.com 

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    Skateboarding and Other Extreme Sports Show

    in Youth

    Skateboarding and all other sports:  Hosts Bailey Silva and Cameron How talk it up with pro skateboarder Sergie Ventura!  Ventura, who specializes in "ripping up" vert ramps, pools and parks, is a Virginia Beach native and now lives with his wife and son in Costa Mesa, California and travels for competitions and extreme events year-round.  Join the show; call in with your questions and comments for Sergie and QKR Friends Audio hosts.
    Thank you to our Production and Promotions team: Channa Schachet-Briskin, Jentry Whitehurst, Skylar Moller and "Maurice."

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    Interview with Traveling Writer, Poet, and Philosopher Sean Michael Hayes

    in Education

    "I was on the cover Skateboard Canada at 18, met the president of Tahiti at 23, traveled the world and had a six-figure salary by the time I was 25…. And I was completely miserable."

    So excited to have Sean Michael Hayes on our podcast! Hayes is the author of Five Weeks in the Amazon, A backpackers journey: life in the Rainforest, Ayahuasca, and a Peruvian shaman's ancient diet.

    Sean Michael Hayes was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. In his younger years he was a professional skateboarder and broke lots of bones. This is what brought him to America, where he now lives in Encinitas, CA. He likes to head out into the world on solo backpacking adventures, and when he’s not coaching younger professionals skateboarders he’s doing something like diving with great white sharks in South Africa or living with a shaman in the Peruvian Jungle.  

    We will be talking to Sean about his incredible journey of healing, self discovery, and the pursuit to life's biggest questions. To connect with Sean his name is @canadianhayes on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, Canadianhayes.com, 





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    Skateboard Legend Bucky Lasek, Rally Champ David Higgins, & Event Coverage

    in Automotive

    Jim Beaver and the Down & Dirty Radio Show are bringing you a show filled with legends today.  Kicking things off is skateboarding legend and rallcross racer Bucky Lasek.  Following Bucky will be reigning North American Rally Champion David Higgins.  Later in the show we will have Marty Fiolka calling in to give us some of the latest off-road news, and we will have full coverage of the Stadium Super Trucks Triple Header, LOORRS from Las Vegas, GRC from LA, Terracross, WRX, SNORE as well as the latest news from off-road and action motorsports. #GameOn

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  • Today's Skateboarding

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    We will be discussing local competitions and event as well as skateboarding news and whats happening in the pro world!

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    thereal-ep 18 ufc fighter mac danzig, hip hop, and more....

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    WTF - w/Kevin A. Phillips - Fun-in-the-Sun

    in Lifestyle

    THIS WEEK:  Fun in the Sun:

    Playing it “Safe” after a TBI Watermelon, BBQ, hotdogs, and ice-cream…swimming pools, bikinis, flip flops and towels….gardening, picnics, flowers and naps under shade trees….beaches, picnics, road trips, and vacations. What comes to mind when you see or hear these words? SUMMER!

    For many of us, we enjoy being outdoors, soaking up the sun and fresh air, working up a sweat gardening or playing in the yard, listening to the sweet tunes of the birds and crickets, and watching butterflies flutter and the bees buzzing by. We also see an increase of outdoor physical activities such as cycling, riding motorcycles, skateboarding, swimming, waterskiing, rock climbing, baseball, and jumping on the trampoline. What do these sports have in common? The need to take precautions to prevent injury, especially brain injuries.

    But what about after a TBI….could we still enjoy these activities? How did you adapt to these activities you once loved to do? What are alternative safe activities that we can participate in, enjoy and still feel like we are having fun in the sun?

    Join Kevin tonight as he shares his insights about the importance of returning to leisure after a TBI, acquiring new interests and skills, and taking the necessary precautions to have a safe and enjoyable summer season. Tune in tonight at 7:00 PM PDT to learn more and call in to share your own perspective of Fun in the Sun and what works for you!

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    The RANT w/ Skateboarder David Bersh

    in Entertainment

    On this Friday we present to you The RANT! Today we have special guest David Bersh who is a Pro/Am Skateboarder here to talk with us about his carrer and his life skating! If you are a skater and want to call and talk with David please dial in at (215) 383-3971. This show is **30 minutes in duration** Please like us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/INSOMNIACRadioNET 

    And besure to invite ALL your friends and share this on your social networks.

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    2014 Winter Olympian from Sochi Canadian Katie Tsuyuki

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    The Total Tutor will interview Canadian 2014 Olympian Katie Tsuyuki. She will discuss her life and her experience at Sochi.

    In 2003 Katie began to compete in halfpipe events in Ontario. Being serious about the goals she had set, Katie realized she needed to relocate in order to surround herself with a higher level of competition against more skilled athletes. British Columbia could provide not only that, but also the terrain that would help to propel Katie to the next level. She has made herself at home in Squamish, participating in community Canada Day events, and attending local activities such as the Squamish Days Logging Festival. Katie has worked coaching intermediate to advanced snowboarders through Whistler Pro-Ride and Glacier Summer Snowboard Camp.

    By 2005 Katie was a part of the B.C. Provincial team, working under Coach Andrew George, and in 2006 was British Columbia’s Provincial Champion, as well as the Canadian National Champion. In the summer of 2006 Katie achieved National Team status. Katie stayed with the Canadian team up to and through the 2010 Olympics where she was an alternate for team Canada and a forerunner in the Olympic Women’s Halfpipe event at Cypress Mountain in Vancouver, BC. After the 2010 Olympics she started being coached by Focus Elite’s owner and head coach Roberto Marfia. Katie now competes in World Cups, and five to six star TTR events like the Winter Dew Tour Series and the Burton Global Open Series.

    When she is not training on the snow, she continues to work towards her goals through cross-training sports such as spring board diving, trampoline, wakesurfing, and skateboarding. Her weight training and conditioning programs are written by Athletic Training Professionals from Toronto, Canada.

    You can listen to more shows by going to www.simplyg.com

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    Chad Ockstadt....leverage and freedom

    in Goals

    Today we have a great guest, Chad Ockstadt.  He is going to discuss some history and how YOU can leverage the internet to be Free to pursue their Dreams!

    Gonna be a learning experience for sure.