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    Skate radio

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    Skate FM

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    "The Culture of Roller Skating"

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    Do you know your history?  Your roller skating history.  It's not just a recreational activity, it's a lifestyle.  Soy interviews a group of passionate men from Washington, DC, that share the history and culture of roller skating.  Get your virtual Roll On with the Late Night Soul Rollers for the Season Skaters.  Guests include Curtis Washington, Ronald Exum, Darryl Johnson, Dione Coley, Lorenzo Sanders and Willis Epps. Listen in and learn of this culture and find out what's new coming to the skate community.  Trust me it's an earful. 

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    Coffee gone! McDonald's laying off 18 THOUSAND! Chris rock, useless!

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    Hr1   Starbucks hacked! Stores closed across the country. How will we survive?

    McDonalds closing 900 stores. 18,000 losing jobs, don't worry, they're going to raise wages of those who still have jobs.

    Sweet Cakes for Melissa had a GoFundMe to raise money to pay $135,000 in fines for not baking a lesbian wedding cake. GoFundMe shut them down!

    California’s Polytechnic University's Queer Student’s Union have organized a “sh*t-in” to push for more gender-neutral bathrooms. SERIOUSLY!

    University students cant name ANY of our country's Bill of Rights. Hear that toilet sound!

    Hr2  Man-on-the-street interviewer asks college students to identify a picture of President Ronald Reagan.
    Their answers? John Wayne, George Bush... good grief!

    Steve Iffer, author of Jimmie Lee and James, talks about the Selma march and the details of 2 ordinary citizens who had a profound impact on history.

    Mark Dice, man-on-the-street interviewer asks college kids what book they're reading right now. Shocking how many aren't reading anything. Shouldn't they be studying... A BOOK? "Who needs books when you can just skate through life on your looks?" 

    Hr3  Christians massacred at Kenyan university. It's pretty sad when your own army won't engage terrorists attack on campus!

    Chris Rock says whites must ‘own the actions’ of racist ancestors. Why do you go to his shows, stop giving him money!

    Democrat lawmaker suggests euthanize the disabled.   HUH!

    Mrs Obama's Gross school lunches.

    And now... anyone supporting traditional marriage is an enemy of the LGBTQ community. Really? 

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    Special Musical Guest Oh, Alchemy is here!!

    Oh, Alchemy will also be performing LIVE at our September 11th event!!

    The ICAA Radio on BTR will take all calls pertaining to recent issues, news, and our past episodes and the ICAA mission. Julian Bukalski Co-Hosts!

    Tune in for this special. Call- in Number 718-766-4749
    This is an All Skate, Friends!

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    Skate Against Crime Celebrity Mixer 2013

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    Skate Against Crime Celebrity Mixer Friday April 12th Airline Skate Center 10p-1am Presented By First Priority Management. $10 To Enter. Live Performances from Sissy Nobby, TEAM STEP IT UP, JC Styles with ft artists Na'Tee, Parnters N Crime, Jay Jones ,Lucky Johnson, Shorty & Kris Baptiste. Your WTXG Radio Team Of Gonsein, Ms Nova, Nader, Zayra, Flykid & Thomas Big T. Will Be Broadcasting Live... To Call In Live Call 619.393.6479

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    Interesting Labels Fascinating stories part 2

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    Forgotten music on 78 records" by Curt Hahn

    Interesting Labels Fascinating stories part 2

    Fred Bergin & Organ: Doris Waltz

    Sweet Tamara

    Anthony Sears: A: Chamarrita Portuguesa

    B: A Vos De Portugal



    For information on the background of the songs, Requests or contacting Curt Hahn, write to www.Facebook.com/s3productions2 or Forgotten Music on 78 records or oscssw@juno.com

    ALL credit is due to the Artists, Companies, locations and everyone else.

    I take no credit of any kind except that I was trying something

    NO profit of any kind derived from this show 

    In 1930 Fred Bergin earned a living working in various orchestras, playing for the likes of Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey, and his own band, the Vagabonds.

    After five years fronting a musical act, he needed a change.  Skate dancing was gaining in popularity, and skate dancers needed a tempo and a rhythm to gracefully move to the music.


    Anthony Sears Portugal folk music, Barber shop Owner Oakland California

    A: Chamarrita Portuguesa

    Composed By, A. Sears, 1947

    B: A Vos De Portugal

    Steve Peters, Azorean music research @https://groups.google.com/forum

    Ted Fiorito:

    Bluebird Records B-11062 


    Mix Number 044659=2 both Chicago 1/23/40

    B: THE THREE TREES Mix Number 044658=2 

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    From Witch Craft to Christianity & The Church and Homosexuality

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    Welcome to G220 Radio, where we discuss many different topics and issues from a biblical worldview. Our goal is to equip, edify, confront and at times correct the saints as we journey together striving to be more and more like Jesus Christ!!

    >>Here is what you have to look forward to on this episode of G220 Radio.

    >>>>>Hour One: From Witch Craft to Christianity w/guest Adam Wright<<<<<

    Adam Wright will be joining me in the first hour to share with us his testimony how he got involved in wiccan practices to Christianity. Also we will talk to Adam about his love for skateboarding and passion for evangelism. All this and more so be sure to tune in!

    >>>>>Hour Two: The Church and Homosexuality w/guest Austin Hetsler<<<<<

    Homosexuality is a hot topic today in our society and also even though it is a small minority it has gained large ground because of being so vocal about their agenda. How has the church dealt with the issue of homosexuality? We are beginning to see many churches begin to embrace homosexuality and allowing gay men or women into the pulpits, or changing their views on gay marriage. Others take a much harder stance on homosexuality and treat it as almost if not the most unforgivable sin imaginable. How should we as Christians appoarch the issue of homosexuality? Austin Hetsler will be with us in hour two to discuss this very topic!!

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    Bulls Bad vs Bucks, Bears Roster Moves, Final Four Preview, Kane Back On Ice

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    The Chicago Bulls played terrible basketball last night in their 95-91 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, a potential 1st round playoff opponent.  Derrick Rose is still unsure of his return date, but remains consistent with his terrible media sessions.  Chicago Bears new GM Ryan Pace continues to make roster moves during free agency, adding more depth to the depleted defense and replacing a long-tenured member of the offensive line. The Final Four is this Saturday, and two of the best college coaches face off when Tom Izzo's Spartans of Michigan State will take on Mike Krzyzewski and his Duke Blue Devils.  Will 7th seeded Michigan St. keep their dream season alive?  I've got the preview and my pick.  Also, the Blackhawks are in crunch time with the Western Conference standings tightening.  They take on the Vancouver Canucks tonight, while Patrick Kane has started to skate in practice while recovering from his injury.  All this and your phone calls @ (347) 327-9183!


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    In 1979 Clive Davis introduced BRONX-R&B Sensation GQ to the scene, bringing us the platinum plus hits Disco Nights-Rock Freak, I Do Love You and Sitting In The Park.

    Resulting in an American Music Award-GQ's Club Anthem- Disco Nights tied with Rod Stewart's Do You Think I'm Sexy, in the Best Disco song of the year, category.

    TV appearances included American Bandstand, Soul Train, Dinah Shore, Midnight Special, Hollywood Palace & more. GQ also performed their #1 hit Disco Nights-Rock Freak in Patrick Swayze's 1st feature film Skate-Town USA. Other film music credits include, Studio 54, and most recently John Singleton's Baby Boy with their cult classic "I DO LOVE YOU" prominently featured in the film's final scene.

    Lead Vocalist-Guitarist MrQ has been Carrying on the GQ Legacy for the past 30 years. With rave reviews !

    . . . One Of A Kind performer - GQ Rocks + Freaks

    . . . Solid connection to his audiences

    . . . One of the most sought after R&B Concert artists

    . . . Unique brand of Good Quality music.

    . . . Authentic Live concert replication

    GQ went on to record a total of 3 albums for Arista as well as a Tribute to Marvin Gaye & Billy Stewart for ITP in 1999.

    Coming Soon 2015- The Long Awaited Release of GQ's "Mr Q Project" is destined to Rock-The-World with the Nu Classics appealing to dance enthusiasts and romantics alike with infectious Hit after Hit . . .


    GQ- Coming Soon to an Arena near you

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    LA KINGS ROAD Tawk RADIO- Road Trip Staahts in Bah-stun

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    Join Hipcheck and the rest of the crew as we not only recap the events against the Vancouver Canucks but also talk all things LA Kings hockey on the internets only LA Kingscentric live, uncensored, talk show after each and every road game. We are taking 2015 with a fresh new approach...an approach that says the LA Kings can win road games. And when they do...we will be here to talk about it all season long! Will the big win against Chicago spark a run of wins? Will Jeff Carter continue the hot hand? Can Drew Doughty skate 30+ minutes a night without his legs falling off? All of these questions will be answered on the only show that matters, your LA KINGS ROAD TALK RADIO!