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    The Fourthiest (and Best) Episode of Sitting Around Talking Movies

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    In this fourth Episode of Sitting Around Talking Movies Neil Rosen, Bill McCuddy and Bill Bregoli discuss People, Places, Things and Aloha which are now available On Demand as well as some new documentaries - one about The Who and another about comedian Barry Crimmins. They also go over a list of best movies by female directors and they discuss Regal Cinema's new policy of searching moviegoers' bags in theaters. Bill McCuddy also talks about a new law brought about from a tragedy that happened to Stephen Colbert. So a lot is covered in just a half-hour of your time.

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    DeNiro Speaks! on Sitting Around Talking Movies - oh, and Anne Hathaway too

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    On this episode of Sitting Around Talking Movies Niel Rosen, Bill McCuddy and Bill Bregoli talk about the new Robert DeNiro - Anne Hathaway comedy "The Intern" and Bill Bregoli has interview clips from both stars. And the guys talk about what's it's like to interview DeNiro (not easy) and they ask why people hate Anne Hathaway. The guys also talk about "Ashby" and a documentary about designer Yves St. Laurent. And speaking of documentaries, they discuss "Drunk, Stoned, Brilliant, Dead," the new film about the National Lampoon and Bill Bregoli tells how he actually got published in the magazine.

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    Sitting Around Talking Movies with Neil Rosen, Bill McCuddy & Bill Bregoli

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    In this fifth episode of Sitting Around Talking Movies Neil Rosen, Bill McCuddy and Bill Bregoli discuss the quirky little independent film "The Sleepover," the apocalyptic "Z for Zaharia," and the latest Alex Gibney documentary "Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine." The guys also go over the summer of 2015's hits and misses and wonder why some so-so movies became mega-hits while some movies thought of as "flops" weren't really all that bad. They also digress now and then and tell some stories about the legendary director (and wine salesman) Orson Welles.

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    Premiere of Sitting Around Talking Movies

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    In this premiere episode New York film ciritics Neil Rosen, Bill McCuddy and Bill Bregoli discuss what's going on at the movies this week. In particular the focus is on "Rikki and the Flash" and its star Meryl Streep. Other subjects include Amy Schumer and her film "Trainwreck" as well as new movies avialable On Demand.

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    The Third Straight Outta Episode of Sitting Around Talking Movies

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    In this episode Neil Rosen, Bill McCuddy and Bill Bregoli talk about the success of "Straight Outta Compton" as well as Peter Bogdanovich's new film "She's Funny That Way." They also talk about which knighted actors you should and shouldn't address as "sir" and other useful hints for talking to celebrities, as well as the burning question "Why doesn't Tom Cruise have a romantic interest for his characters? Also, Neil and Bill Bregoli reveal which film people are nice enough to send "thank you" notes.

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    Star Wars - The Trailer, Star Wars - The Controversy, Star Wars- The Hype!!!

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    In this episode of Sitting Around Talking Movies hosts Neil Rosen, Bill McCuddy and Bill Bregoli are joined by guest Mike Sargent as they talk about the new and final Star Wars-The Force Awakens trailer. Why is there a controversy? How much money will the movie make? Then the guys talk about Spielberg's "Bridge of Spies" and the new Carey Mulligan movie "Suffragette." They also talk about movies on demand such as "Meadowland," "Trash" and the new documentary about "Back to the Future" called "Back in Time." Oh and Bill McCuddy says something he says may be politically incorrect but he says it anyway.

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    At the 23rd Annual Hamptons International Film Festival - plus Redford & Hanks!

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    This episode of Sitting Around Talking Movies was recorded live at the 23rd Annual Hamptons International Film Festival where Neil Rosen, Bill McCuddy and Bill Bregoli talk about the new films "Truth" and "Bridge of Spies" and we hear what Robert Redford, Cate Blanchett, Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks have to say about them. Then we're joined live by Marc Levin who talks about his new documentary being shown at the festival called "Class Divide." He's followed by up and coming actor Thomas Mann and his co-star Lucy Fry. They talk about their new indie feature "The Preppie Connection" and the challenge of trying to move beyond high school roles. Also, Lucy fry teaches us how to pronounce "Brisbane."

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    Matt Damon, Ridley Scott and Jessica Chastain Talk About Movies and Mars.

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    In this episode of Sitting Around Talking Movies Neil Rosen, Bill McCuddy and Bill Bregoli are joined by Justine Browning as they talk about the new Ridley Scott space adventure "The Martian." And speaking of "The Martian" Bill bregoli has clips of Matt Damon, RIdley Scott and Jessica Chastain talking about making the film. Justine gives her view of "The Walk" and we also talk about new DVD and Blu Ray releases "Spy" and "Entourage." And we also talk about the new On Demand films "Manhattan Romance" and "The Connection." And just for good measure we wonder about the future of movie theaters in this age of flat-screens and cell phones.

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    LIVE! with Cathi---Sitting Ourselves to Death!

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    What do STRESS, TOXICITY, TRAUMA AND SITTING HAVE IN COMMON.  All are presursors, foreshadows of what is coming!  Premature AGING and DEATH!

    Everyday happenings that we all experience takes its toll on our health, our bodies.  STRESS, ANGER releases TOXINS into the body and are leading factors in PREMATURE AGING AND DEATH!

    DID YOU KNOW that SITTING is the NEW SMOKING.  Dr. J. Levine is credited with it, is dead serious.  In fact, DR. Levine says, SITTING could be WORSE THAN SMOKING.

    DID YOU KNOW we lose two hours of life for evry hour WE SIT.

    DID YOU KNOW that SITTING ALL DAY is to blame for all kinds of ailments  including obesity.

    STAY TUNE...

    Obvious answer...GET UP and MOVE...etc.

    Walk after every meal...etc.

    Good News, walking is...etc.

    Bad News, walking is difficult...etc.

    Witness the arrival of...etc.

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    Sharleen and Tulio Now God is Sitting on His Throne

    in Christianity

    BIBLEBOOKCLUB: OT:Isaiah 6:17:25, NT: 2 Corinthians 11:16-33, Psalm: 54:1-7, Proverbs: 23:1-3

    In today's OT scripture, Isaiah said he saw God sitting on his throne and his temple was filled with His glory! Hovering over God's throne were mighty six-winged angels flying and singing, HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, IS THE LORD ALMIGHTY; THE WHOLE EARTH IS FILLED WITH HIS GLORY! The Angels singing shook the temple to its foundations and suddenly the entire sanctuary was filled with smoke! FRIENDS, TODAY, GOD IS STILL SITTING ON HIS THRONE! HE IS HIGH AND LIFTED UP AND HIS GLORY FILLS THE TEMPLE! BUT ONE DAY HE WILL STAND UP FROM HIS THRONE! Isaiah 3:13 says The Lord standeth up to plead, and standeth to judge the people! Today, God is pouring out his grace and mercy but one day GOD has to stand up!

    En la actual OT escritura, Isaías dijo que vio a Dios sentado en su trono y su templo se llena de su gloria! Se cierne sobre el trono de Dios fueron poderosos ángeles de seis alas volando y cantando, SANTO, SANTO, SANTO, ES EL SEÑOR TODOPODEROSO; TODA LA TIERRA SE llena de su gloria! El canto de los ángeles sacudió el templo hasta los cimientos y de repente todo el santuario se llenó de humo! AMIGOS, HOY, Dios todavía está sentado en su trono! ÉL ES alto y sublime y Su gloria llena el templo! Pero un día se levantará de su trono! Isaías 3:13 dice Jehová está en pie para litigar y para juzgar a su pueblo. ! Hoy, Dios está derramando su gracia y misericordia, pero un día Él tiene que ponerse de pie!