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    LIVE! with Cathi---Sitting Ourselves to Death!

    in Fitness

    What do STRESS, TOXICITY, TRAUMA AND SITTING HAVE IN COMMON.  All are presursors, foreshadows of what is coming!  Premature AGING and DEATH!

    Everyday happenings that we all experience takes its toll on our health, our bodies.  STRESS, ANGER releases TOXINS into the body and are leading factors in PREMATURE AGING AND DEATH!

    DID YOU KNOW that SITTING is the NEW SMOKING.  Dr. J. Levine is credited with it, is dead serious.  In fact, DR. Levine says, SITTING could be WORSE THAN SMOKING.

    DID YOU KNOW we lose two hours of life for evry hour WE SIT.

    DID YOU KNOW that SITTING ALL DAY is to blame for all kinds of ailments  including obesity.

    STAY TUNE...

    Obvious answer...GET UP and MOVE...etc.

    Walk after every meal...etc.

    Good News, walking is...etc.

    Bad News, walking is difficult...etc.

    Witness the arrival of...etc.

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    Edge Animal Talk with Mary Stoffel: Pet Sitting

    in Spirituality

    Once a month animal communicator, Mary Stoffel, gives insights into the relationships that our animals have with us, and with each other. Join her and her guest Barb Harding as they talk about the business of Pet Sitting.  Barb is the owner of Hobby Farm and Critter Care and comes to the home to care for pets while their people are gone.
    Hear all about:

    What are the details of pet sitting
    How can people decide to hire a pet sitter instead of boarding the animal
    What are the problems a pet sitter can run into
    Do you need special training or certification to be a pet sitter
    What can the owner do to make things easier for the animals and the sitter

    Mary Stoffel has been a professional animal communicator for 20 years.  She does telephone and in-person consultations at many dog shows and expos, and teaches classes in how to do animal communication.  Her mission is to promote understanding between people and their animals.  She is an Avatar® Master and has a holistic healing practice using shamanic healing, essential oils and energy healing.  Website: www.humanimal.com

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    The CAGE DOOR is Wide Open. . Why are you sitting inside?

    in Motivation

    What keeps you trapped from the Pursuit of. .

    The Pursuit of starting a business, of expanding on an idea, on doing or operating more in a hobby or in your passion, what keeps you inside the Cage?, what hinders you from coming outside when the door of Pursuit is wide open?

    This episode on Think Tank Thursday, our host, Donyale from community "HBBA" will ponder on this thought, will offer perspective for you to dissect.   

    The CAGE DOOR is Wide Open. . why are YOU sitting inside?

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    Six-Figure Pet Sitting

    in Pets

    Six-Figure Pet Sitting

    Have you ever thought about working as a pet sitter? Perhaps you are already in the field and want to learn how to make your business even better.

    Kristin Morrison, owner of Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy and Dog Talk host, Michelle Huntting will be discussing how to create and grow your pet sitting business from an entirely new perspective. Kristin will share ideas of how to start a pet sitting business and how to create a pet business that works for your lifestyle and that meets your financial goals.

    Kristin Morrison is a business coach for pet sitters and dog walkers as well as the owner of a large pet sitting and dog walking business.


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    Sitting, Talking, Wishing, Hoping, Hating = Poverty or Prosperity?

    in Politics

    Yesterday's show I explained the V formation of the Geese. The time has come, workingclass spread your wings and soar. This is where I am hoping we can all come to a reasonable solution to see the best America ever in the next decade. We can't get there by attacking as we are witness way too often today. The more varied groups come together, the more ti gift of ignorance attempts to divide. What's going on in America today that causes unrest? Too much sitting, talking, wishing, hoping, hating and not enough deliberate proactive problem solving. No one can do everything. Everyone can do something.

    What are your efforts to build a better economy?

    Why is it that facts evade your consciousness leading you to spew out erroneous stuff?

    When did poverty errupt in America and who do you hold responsible for growing poverty?

    Make a list of accomplishments of Bush/Cheney

    Make a list of accomplishments of Obama/Biden

    Which duet, Republicans or Democrats? gave Americans a better America. Make this decision based on facts surrounding accomplishments and only. Not based on how you voted. Not based on you not voting at all.

    Come Nov 4th, we get to vote for people we fell will better improve quality of life for all Americans.

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    Ron and Jeanne sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G

    in Fun

    Ron and Jeanne are ..GETTING MARRIED live on the RADIO!!!!!!


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    Cherokee DNA & Ancient Religion​ w/ Chiefs Charles L Rogers MD & Joe Sitting Owl

    in Religion

    Ancient Cherokee Religion and Cherokee DNA Studies

    Guest elders were Uku (Chief) Dr. Charles Jahtlohi Rogers of The Cherokee Nation of Mexico, who is Chief Priest of The Ancient Cherokee Church of The One God Yo He Waah. He was joined by Cherokee DNA experts Uku Joe Sitting Owl and Uku Pam Sexton of the 1803 Cherokee Reservation. They discussed The Ancient Cherokee religion. Grandfather Lee Standingbear of Manataka was scheduled to appear, but had a death in his family which precluded that.

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    Sitting Has Become the New “Smoking!” Beverly Nadler

    in Health

    Health Guru, Beverly Nadler talks about how  Sitting Has Become the New “Smoking!”
    Beverly Nadler, will explain that as surprising as this claim may sound, it’s becoming harder and harder to ignore the evidence. Study after study suggests that the human body is not built for sitting around as often as we do. Our ancestors were far more active – they had to hunt and fish and grow their own food. They didn’t spend their days sitting in front of a computer, the TV, or video games.  They did not drive to work or use public transportation; walking was the usual way of getting to their destinations. The facts are indisputable -- there are now over 10,000 studies showing that chronic sitting—at work, commuting, and watching TV at night—significantly impacts your cardiovascular and metabolic function. To find out why sitting is so dangerous and what to do about it, join us today.

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    Who Should Run: Those In the Rear of the 2016 Presidential Race

    in Entertainment

    There are very capable incumbents sitting back in the rear of the 2016 Presidential Race.  Likewise, there are current nominees that have had to take the back seat to top runners, Mrs. Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump.  In this discussion we wish to discuss a few of these politicians and highlight their running capabilities.

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    Meditation for Fun & Renewal

    in Spirituality

    Are you tired of just sitting or lying still while meditating? Then don't. Do what you desire to meditate, being who you really are. Do something that truly relaxes you, whether it's running or sitting still. Meditation IS suppose to release your stress and if you're stressed sitting still, then find your Om spot and do what truly releases you. 

    Join me as I walk you through a new meditation.

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    Natalie's Story

    in Health

    Our guest, Natalie Graniela, is a Postural Alignment Specialist certified by Egoscue University. The school is named for Pete Egoscue who, after being seriously injured in the Vietnam War, created a system of corrective exercise that stops chronic joint pain and muscle pain by restoring good posture. Natalie tells us, "Postural Therapy looks at the body as a unit and targets the cause of the problem not just the part of the body where you are hurting. Through exercise, Postural Therapy restores the body to its proper alignment and function, the way it was designed, pain-free without limitations”. Natalie was professional modern dancer with the Erick Hawkins Dance Company. After her dance career, she spent 26 years working for corporate America and she realized, “my chronic neck, back and hip pain was triggered by the 40 hour workweek sitting at a desk”. She goes on to say, "I was introduced to Egoscue and in the first session I experienced  instant pain relief and now I teach Postural Therapy as my work and dance Argentine tango for pleasure”.