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    The Sisterhood Exchange

    in Women

    Today's episode is a free flowing discussion about sisterhood and how it's showing up in the world. Two prominent stories deliver real life examples of how forgiveness and compassion impact on people's lives.



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    Random thoughts on sisterhood

    in Women

    Join host Michelle Hollinger for a free flow discussion about sisterhood and the biggest gift that women can give themselves this holiday season.

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    How (and why) to Embrace the Sacredness of Sisterhood

    in Women

    When a woman can see herself in other women; when she can genuinely celebrate another woman's success; when a woman can feel compassion instead of judgment when another sister stumbles, she has embraced the sacredness of sisterhood.

    Sisterhood IS sacred and when women are aware of and embrace this power, their lives can change. But how can a woman who has been betrayed or hurt by sisterhood find anything sacred about it?

    Join Michelle for a discussion on reclaiming sisterhood when all seems lost.

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    The Best of The Sisterhood Exchange Radio Show

    in Women

    Join host Michelle Hollinger as she takes a stroll down memory lane. Michelle will mix in hot topics from previous episodes with some of the show's new segments.

    Remember L.I.V.E? How about the 'F' word and how to stop it from ruling your life?  One of the most popular shows dealt with forgiveness and how it frees you to move forward.

    Grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine, kick back and enjoy another hour of positive radio that celebrates sisterhood.

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    The New and Improved Sisterhood Exchange Radio Show

    in Women

    The Sisterhood Exchange returns after a brief hiatus with a new format, a new original theme song and new segments. Join host Michelle Hollinger for an empowering and enlightening hour that celebrates sisterhood while providing news and insights to help women to live their lives to the fullest.

    The new format includes a new spotlight on why American women must now, more than ever, embrace their inner splendor and how, by doing so, they help women in other, more repressive countries to embrace theirs, as well. There is also a well deserved spotlight on women who are stepping outside of their comfort zones to live authentically.

    The new and improved Sisterhood Exchange offers a unique look at how women show up in their own lives and in the lives of other women.



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    Sisterhood week in review

    in Women

    This week's episode reviews some of the week's top stories involving women. From a little girl making history in the sports world to a famous writer sharing her gift in a place you may not expect, this week continues the celebration of sisterhood.


    Join host, Michelle Hollinger, for a midday jolt of positvity. Call in to listen at 646-595-2081.

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    How Sisterhood Can Help Save Our Boys

    in Women

    The murders of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell and others has the nation talking about the dangers of being a black male in this country. One segment of society is convinced that black males are weapons themselves. The rest of us know better. 

    Join Michelle Hollinger for a discussion about how sisterhood can help save black males from being murdered simply because they exist.

    Share your thoughts by calling in to 646-595-2081.

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    How Sisterhood Can Help Save Black Boys

    in Women

    With the murders of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell and many, many others, it seems that killing unarmed black males is an epidemic in this country. Because it's a multi-faceted problem it requires a multi-faceted solution - one of which is sisterhood.

    Michelle Hollinger shares two ways that women can make a difference in the lives of young black males and possibly save their lives.



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    Mondays With Mogul Mom DuJour : The Dream of Sisterhood

    in Entrepreneur

    Mondays With Mogul Mom DuJour

    Monday, January 19th @ 8pm EST

    Topic: The Dream of Sisterhood

    In celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we will discuss the importance of Women Supporting Other Women and the consequences of us not.

    My guest for this evening :

    Dawniel Patterson Winningham

    Fortune 10 executive, Master Life and Business Coach, Five-Time Best Selling Author, International Speaker and the Founder of two women's movements, who prides herself in helping women create wealth with their God-given talents.

    Dawniel is an amazing woman and powerful speaker with an inspirational message. You DON'T want to miss this show!

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    Let's talk about sisterhood: What is it, what it isn't and how we're doing.

    in Women

    Some women swear off friendships with other women because of distrust, bad past experiences or the perception that women simply cannot get along. Others cannot imagine their lives without close female companionship whether their close connections are with the women in their families, sororities or friendship circles.

    This episode explores sisterhood; what it is and how it impacts a woman's life. Listeners will have an opportunity to share their opinions on the topic and discuss how sisterhood adds to or detracts from their happiness.

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    HEBREWS 101 conclusion "Better Life"

    in Christianity

    The book of Hebrews is a book rich in foundational Christian doctrine, it gives us encouraging examples of God's "faith heroes" who perservered in spite of great difficulties and adverse circumstances according to Hebrews 11. We are to maintain perfect confidence in God's rich promises, regardless of our circumstances.  We are to encourage one another in this race of faith which is found in the person and work of Christ, who has gone before us as the "Founder and Perfecter of our faith"  Pastor Michael Crow and Carnita Smith will conclude the series HEBREWS 101, focusing on the last two chapters, 12 & 13.  We have a "Better Life!". 

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