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    Hello All!  And Welcome to As I sip My TEA HONEY.  I wanted to start this radio blog for fun.  Just to chat about what is on my mind and yours.  You can submit topics, question for me and other co-host and special guest when you hear about us.  Tonight, I just want to let you know who I am.  My name is Shawnta' and I am a woman that had worn many hats and I thought I would try this one out for a second.  I have a co-host that will be joining us soon for the next episode.  Her name is also Shante'.  Yes TWO Tay's!  How fun is this doing to be!?  She is my Fashion diva friend and she is always going to give you the juicy tea!  So join us in this fun journey as we talk about everything under the sun!

    Can't wait to hear from you all!


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    Music, Love, Reality

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    Join us for a chat with Alexander Rodgers.  He is a comdiean, real estate agent and a blogger!  He is full of life and fun and so excited for him to join us!  We will all chat about Music, Love and reality!

    Tell me, what is in your tea!

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    Alex Rodgers!

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    Finally we will have him on!  We have booked him and he has cleared his schedule!  Join us for our usual Friday night show and chat with Alex about what every he wants!  He is going to spill all his tea with us, so don't miss out on the season finale show!

    We will come back in September for a Special Costa Rica show!  Trust me, you don't what to miss it!


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    Effective Networking for 2015/SIP & SPLATTER NETWORKINGS

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    Networking these days is becoming more and more important for career related advice. It can be done at any age, any time. Networking should start with an elevator speech. The idea of an “elevator speech” is to have a prepared presentation that grabs attention and says a lot in a few words. What are you going to be saying? By telling your core message, you will be marketing yourself in a way that will make people want to know more about you.

    If you want to network with people in a specific field, go to events where you think they’ll be – make your own luck. Opportunities to network may arise from planned events or spontaneously at on- and off-campus functions.

    This week on The Networking Diva Hour my co-host will be Kathleen Saltmarsh-Voss, owner of Sip And Splatter – Social Art-working with a Heart. Every Sip and Splatter painting party is a fundraiser that raises money for worthy causes and 30% of the proceeds goes directly to your chosen charity! Kathleen also host a LADIES NIGHT NETWORKING with Valerie Crisp from Waddel & Reed, a free event that allows up to 30 business women to talk for about 4 minutes each about their businesses

    Check them out @ sipandsplatter.com

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    What would you do????

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    If you found out your best friend/sister/cousin talked trash about you to your man?  How do you handle conflict?  Did you see scandal??  What are your thoughts on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta?

    Let's talk about what's in  your tea??

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    Double Standards, Sex, and Music

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    This week we will have a special guest on that is hiting the charts left and right! This sexy man name Chris GQ Perry will grace the air waves with us and talk about his music, his love life and what his reality is now that his is making moves in the music industry.  Join us for this special podcast.  You really don't want to miss this!

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    Everyday Topics that concern All women!

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    We will be talking about Cutty Buddies, fashions, rules of the dating game when you are newly single and LHHNY Reuion!  Hope you listen!

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    Do ladies still hold each other up

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    We are going to talk about women holding each other up and leading them to victory.   Also more fashion, proper email, text, and Facebook  etiquette.   Call in share you thoughts!  Tell us what's in your tea!

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    News, Life, Love and Fun

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    Co-Host Shante will finally join us to make her debut and we will get the tea on what is new in her life, her fashion tips and the fun she had on her recent trips.  We will also talk about Love and Hip Hop, Single Ladies, and Scandal!  Join us at a new time for 30minutes! and call in with questions comments or just to say hello!

    Can't wait to chat!

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    Talk about it Tuesday & sip some Goddess Blend Tea Exclusively offered here

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    Thanks for hanging out in the Goddess Suite, Tune in @ 9pm for Talk about it Tuesday's show, sip a cup of Goddess Blend  tea and get ready for the HOTTEST 2 HOURS of your life! FREE ONE CARD READINGS BY GODDESS MYSTIC FEATHER!!

    Are you looking for an all natural, healthy, alternative to Fad diets?

    Have you been feeling sluggish, mentally foggy, & bloated?

    Would you like to lose that stubborn belly fat in less than a month?

    Did you know that parasites and mucus are the leading causes of disease in the body?

    Tonight we are excited to introduce to our listeners our exciting new product the GODDESS BLEND TEA offered exclusively through The Goddess Suite.  We partnered with a wonderful company in order to offer our listeners a truly Holistic tea that offers weightloss, detox, anti-inflamatory and other potent healing properties.  We will go in detail tonight and list all the health benefits of The Goddess Blend Tea.

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    What('s NEW) to WATCH What to SIP sipping Maker's Mark 46

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    Join me glass in hand, while I sip Maker's Mark Bourbon 46 and talk NEW Fall TV shows worth watching. 
    Finally Fall weather is upon us in Los Angeles so listen in as I tell you the best wines to drink the Autumn!
    Drop the remote, pick up the bottle and follow me as I tell you what to watch and what to sip while you're watching on twitter at @vinocapisco!