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    The truth about Sinclair dna

    in History

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    Cracking Symbol Code Author Tim Wallace Murphy

    in Paranormal


    Tim Wallace-Murphy studied medicine at the University College Dublin.
    He is the author of The Mark of the Beast, written with Trevor
    Ravenscroft. He is a frequent lecturer on the Knights Templar, Rosslyn
    Chapel, and the Sinclairs.

    Leading authority on codes in medevil art

    Expanding on issues touched on in The Da Vinci Code, this
    thought-provoking book explores the real story of Christianity, a story
    told by men and women who were condemned by the Orthodox church, a
    story long hidden in mysterious codes and symbols. In medieval times,
    dissenters believed the established church ruthlessly suppressed the
    truth about Jesus and his ministry. Branded as heretics and subject to
    torture and execution for their beliefs, the dissenters — including the
    Knights Templar, Freemasons, Cathars, and scientists — devised an
    ingenious code to communicate with fellow sympathizers and preserve the
    truth for future generations. The code was concealed in complex symbols
    that were hidden in the art, artifacts, and architecture of the
    medieval world. Cracking the Symbol Code deciphers this fascinating
    underground language, revealing powerful messages that were meant as
    much for today’s truth seekers as for medieval minds.