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    Sinbad and Jakey Show!

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    It is another edition of the Sinbad and Jakey show! We will be discussing the return of Chibe and how backwards California is! What is going on with Klitts? Check in with Aeroscorp on his ladies. JR and JNB went drinking this past weekend and I am sure we will hear some tails of that. Will Thrashard or JPBV call in? Let's discuss the Costanza leave behind.

    A lot of the board went to Vegas this past weekend, we would love to hear your stories! I get to pick the music this week!

    Don't forget:
    August 14-16 in Orlando, FL "The Dirty South Meet-up"

    Come hang out with us and have a great time!

  • 01:30

    Sinbad and Jakey Show!

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    It's the June 3 edition of the Sinbad and Jakey Show! We will be discussing the crazy week with Dwolf and his possible gimmick accounts. Our big trip to Orlando, and what Jakey has been up to this week! We may add a little bit of celebrity gossip this week. The WRESTLING QUESTION OF THE WEEK IS:

    [b]What was the best era in wrestling to you personally?[/b]

    Think about it and be ready to answer it.

    We still do not have a guest for After Hours this week. If you wanna fill that slot PM me.

    The Dirty South Meet-up!
    August 14th-17th in sunny Orlando, FL
    JOIN US THERE! It will definately be a great time for all those coming.

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    Sinbad and Jakey Show with MB69ratedR

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    We are back with another edition of the SINBAD AND JAKEY SHOW!

    Our guest this week is this guy:

    HE IS DEAD SERIOUS, TOO! Don't worry, he won't be on long.

    Any questions for him?

    We will also be discussing the americool's SHORTS STORIES thread and Brendan himself will be on the show. We will discuss his chinese nemesis, his slave driver, and all his whacky antics. We we talk about Jakeys crazy night AFTER we went off the air last week and what's happened since! DIVA WILL BE CALLING IN! Also, Sinbad vs. Mono and how it's hurt me and kept me from Kelly. The TNA PPV is this Sunday in Detroit. I will be attending and maybe we can get Crumbley on to give us a rundown of the show? Maybe the return of JNBcigars and we of course we need to hear from Wes Destiny!

    Next week we have Steve Corino!

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    Sinbad and Jakey Show!

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    It is another edition of the Sinbad and Jakey show! We will be talking about the CRAZINESS that is orangeorange and also trouble within my friends! What has Jakey been up to? We will find out, because I don't even know! Pro wrestling question of the week will be asked to all our callers. We cannot forget that on S&J we will feature MATTPACK on After Hours*!!!

    *We stole that name from the Cancer and Mrob show, but we are on the same site so I am sure it's okay.

    Call in everyone and don't forget to start planning your trip to the Dirty South Meet-up! August 14-16th, 2009 in beautiful and sunny Orlando, FL.

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    Sinbad and Jakey Show!

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    What a crazy week it has been! We will talk about Jakey going to his old school and seeing his potential soulmate while I was at home dying from
    the flu. This might be Crispys last week calling in and why?! My fight this week on the boards TUF. Let's talk toys! But we cannot forget we have CONFIRMED THE DATES:

    [b]The F4W~!/Sinbad & Jakey Show Dirty South Meet-Up, AKA The SUMMIT OF MAN

    August 14th-16th in SUNNY Orlando, FL

    Come join us![/b]

    We hope to have your calls and talk about anything!

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    The Sinbad and Jakey Show!!

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    Sinbad and Jakey are back to discuss BOARD GOSSIP! The finals of KOTB are today and we have a lot to discuss. Jakey went out out on Sunday Night and has STORIES! Also, rumor has it that we may be getting a call from HOT LAURA!! Of course we will be taking calls and just having a fun second show! TONIGHT at 11 EST and 10 CST.

  • 01:30

    Sinbad and Jakey Show!

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    We have a lot going on this week! We have tons of BOARD gossip and of course we will be discussing "Jakey's Sunday Night at the Club." We also have Lady Rerun calling in! Yup, Fred Berry from "What's Happening!!" Well...his daughter. She showed up in our chat last week and that's where the fun began! We are excited for that! Possible BOARDAMANIA PROMOS? Just two weeks away!There is the NEW WAY to listen to us now! Go to www.thecancerandmrob.com and go to the Sinbad and Jakey Show section. We have a lot of plans for working together with those fellas. Be sure to call in as always:

    Call in @ (646) 929-2968 (We love first time callers too!)

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    Sinbad and Jakey Show with STEVE CORINO~!

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    It's another edition of THE SINBAD AND JAKEY SHOW! We will be joined by Steve Corino and discussing his career and what he is up to these days. We will be asking YOUR questions (And Cory coopers too)

    Of course we will not stray away from taking calls and hearing from you people and possibly while Steve is on the line! We will find out what Jakey has been up to and I want to profess my love for Diva. We want to hear from WESDESTINY THIS WEEK! Ratingsdraw is in a love triangle and we will discuss SPOILGATE about thegame_45 and much more!

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    EZ TALK LIVE on EZ WAY BROADCASTING with Said Faraj (Sinbad) The Fifth Voyage

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    Guest CHAT...

    EZ TALK LIVE GUESTS: 10:30 am... Said Faraj Sinbad (Green Zone, The Fifth Voyage and much more)

    EZ WAY 411 - Eric Zuley is a 7 time award winner, congrassionally recognized and for his committee efforts and world wide awareness he had a award named after him from the MMPA and city and county of Los Angeles. Eric Z. has been a TV & Radio talk show host for over 7 years and currently is the founder of the WTV & EWB Network. EZ will be giving you all the updates and insight on how to connect with the stars. 





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    Sinbad and Jakey Show with LANCE STORM!

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    It is another edition of the Sinbad and Jakey show! This was a week of a bunch of returns to the board! We will be discussing Jakey going BACK to the club and airfare shenanigans. I want to talk about a few serious things and we can of course have some fun. I actually have a huge thank you to give out that I would like to do publicly! I want Jakey and I to actually discuss a little bit of wrestling this week and get his opinion on a few things. We will try getting an Americool prom/ladies update. And maybe if he's not out driving drunk, edinsanantonio can call in to ask us word association :)

    We will have a new WRESTLING QUESTION OF THE WEEK!

    The Dirty South Meet-up!
    Orlando, FL
    August 14th-17th
    It is going to be a great time! Lots of fellow boarders coming to join us. Jakey and I both have our airfare and are for sure in!

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    August Alsina & The Price of Fame

    in Entertainment

    Tune in to the Ice Cream Convos Morning Show with Xaviera and Karla and get the latest scoop on August Alsina's shocking interview on "The Breakfast Club."