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    Are we living in a simulation 2.0?? (E14)

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    This is the 2.0 version of "Are we living in a simulation?" What could be your purpose in life? What is the meaning of life? All this and much more will be discussed in this installment. Shalom.

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    The Death of Drawing: Architecture in the Age of Simulation by David Scheer

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    The Death of Drawing: Architecture in the Age of Simulation by David Scheer. Published by Routledge, June 2014. 

    This is a significant book at the time of widespread uncertainty and confusion in architectural theory, education and practice - Juhani Pallasmaa, architect and author of The Eyes of the Skin

    In this timely and important study, David Scheer offers a lucid analysis of a dramatic, unprecedented, epistemological shift in architecture and its production -  Michael Sorkin, architecture critic, Distinguished Professor of Architecture and Director of the Graduate Program in Urban Design, City College of New York

    David Scheer offers a clear and unvarnished assessment of what architects have to lose and gain as we move from representative to simulated experiences, from controlling to collaborative practices, and from Euclidean to parametric/algorithmic form-making - Thomas Fisher, author of Designing to Avoid Disaster, professor of architecture and the Dean of the College of Design, University of Minnesota.

    More information at: deathofdrawing.com

    Buy the book

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    The Last Lap with Dave and Pat

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    This show is all about racing, from Nascar to computer simulation.  Today we discuss the events around Kurt Busch and the retiring Jeff Gordon along with many other things including the up coming Daytona 500.  Please join us on twitter @lastlapdp or email lastlapdp@outlook.com

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    Training Tech Talk

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    Nancy Munro and Allison Black from KnowledgeShift will share insights and sometimes guest to discuss trending technologies for people who create or deploy corporate training and development activities.

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    Sim Standard Radio

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    Welcome back Sim gamers, we have another great show lined up for tonight. Listed below is a brief description of the topics we will cover tonight. 

    Are sim gamers really ready for a simulation game? We have seen a lot of complaints about sim aspects in Madden, how will you feel when things like bobbled snaps are in the game.

    Is there any real value of games that are out of print such as All Pro Football 2K8 and NCAA 14? Do you take the time to go back and play them often?

    How do you feel about Deflate Gate? How does that make you feel about the Patriots? Does that take away from what they have done the last 10 years? 

    Another mini video has surfaced from what we assume will be Joe Montana 16. Are you tired of waiting for concrete information about the game?

    In the 2nd hour we will open up the line for callers. We look forward to your questions and comments. Thanks for listening!

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    Training Tech Talk

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    Nancy Munro and Allison Black from KnowledgeShift will share insights and sometimes guest to discuss trending technologies for people who create or deploy corporate training and development activities.

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    Simulation Analytics and Data Management

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    Join Dr. Scott Imlay and Dr. Durrell Rittenberg from Tecplot, Inc. for another informative show.   The dramatic growth in computer power has driven an increase in both size and number of CAE simulations used in engineering and scientific analysis. The increase in number of simulation cases has revealed a gap in current post-processing analysis capabilities which were designed to analyze one simulation case at a time. Simulation Analytics software fills this gap.   Simulation Analytics is the application of visualization, data management, statistics, and data mining to related collections of datasets generated by computer-aided engineering (CAE) codes. In particular, simulation analytics involves the coupled analysis of the detailed field data and the associated meta-data for a related collection of data-sets. In this talk, Dr. Imlay will discuss the nature of simulation analytics discuss its application to production and exploratory CFD calculations.

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    Simulation Analytics Updates

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    Are you managing CFD projects with multiple simulation cases? Then you should consider Tecplot Chorus. It helps scientists and engineers evaluate overall system performance and visually compare simulation cases in a single interface. Find out how Simulation Analytics can help you.
    And now Tecplot Chorus has been updated to allow you to:
    Manage image views more quickly
    Extract Variables
    Get access to Tecplot Chorus Resources from the Dashboard
    Have more flexible data importing
    Achieve faster physics exploration and visualization
    More easily analyze surrogate models
    Learn more at www.Tecplot.com

  • The Last Lap with Dave and Pat

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    The Last Lap with Dave and Pat is a show all about racing.  We will cover everything from Nascar to the Iracing simulation.  We will discuss anything racing related.  Please join us on twitter @lastlapdp email us at lastlapdp@outlook.com or call the number provided.  Also please check out our partners Fantasy Sports Warehouse and Racegear.com

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    Hakim Bey aka Moorpheus comes 2 "GYIT" 4 The 1st time. Hosted By REVELATION aka.

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    Let’s welcome Hakim Bey aka Moorpheus, creator of OCCOULIA, a computer programming language, for the 1st time to “Get Your, It Together!” REVELATION aka will speak with this founder and prolific author of the bestselling book “Secrets of Secrets: The Revelation of OCCOULIA. Morpheus, states that what we call reality is really a computer simulation, because the inventor of the computer programming language OCCOULIA, says that this is a way to program this reality and to unlock your god given powers that can change your life, and ultimately the world! He has authored a plethora of other books, dozens of lectures and radio shows speaking on the cutting edge dynamics of technology, history, religion, spirituality and the social-economics of our society.  He encourages that you get his book, “Secret of Secrets” absolutely FREE of charge here at www.secretofsecrets.info.  We MUST explore and master the final frontier, SELF! So, let’s continue in the "Get Your, It Together!" tradition of affirming that we’re all activated seeds of pure consciousness, animated by The Spirit of The All That Is! The call in # is 773-897-6555 for your questions, and/or comments live on air. Or, log directly onto the site during the show to chat your questions at www.blogtalkradio.com/gyit You can also email your questions and comments ahead of time to getyourittogether@gmail.com .

  • Sim Standard Radio

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    On tonight's show we will reflect on our surprise call last week from Damon Grow. We will be discussing our thoughts on what was mentioned on the call and our overall thoughts on Joe Montana 16. Does it sound more like a console game now? Will it be a pure simulation game? When will it drop? We will also discuss the recent patches released for NBA Live 15 and NBA 2K15. Last but not least, we will discuss our thoughts on complaints about Tom Brady and other players cursing during games and if they should watch what they say because the cameras are on. In the 2nd hour the phone lines will be open for questions and comments. We look forward to your calls!

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