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    SERIAL-Susan Simpson

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    In 1999, the body of Hae Min Lee was found in a shallow grave in Baltimore's Leakin Park. Six weeks later, her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was arrested and charged with her murder. The state's case against Syed hinged entirely on the testimony of Jay Wilds, who said that he had been with Syed on the day of the murder, and that he had assisted with the burial in Leakin Park. At trial, the prosecutor argued that although Wilds had repeatedly given false and inconsistent statements concerning the crime, his story was corroborated by Adnan's cell phone records. Syed was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison; Wilds pleaded guilty to accessory after the fact, and was released without serving a day in prison.

    Last year, the creators of This American Life covered Syed's story in the popular podcast Serial. In order to better visualize the events that were being described on the show, Attorney Susan Simpson put together a series of maps comparing the location data from the cell records with the various witness statements concerning the location of the phone throughout the day on which Hae Lee was murdered. The result showed just how fragmented and incoherent the prosecution's case was, as none of Wilds' multiple stories can be reconciled with the cell phone data. It also highlighted many of the gaps in the prosecution's evidence, and showed how numerous witnesses who could potentially have confirmed or denied Jay's stories were never contacted by investigators. SERIAL-The On-Going Story-Susan Simpson






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    Did O.J. Simpson Commit Murder?

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    Twenty years after the acquittal of the century are you still convinced O.J. Simpson commited the murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman? 

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    SATURDAY 3 / 3 / 2015 @ 5.00 PM


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    The Rich Simpson Show "Radio for the fun of it!!

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    Hey folks,

    This note is all about technical compatibility between your computers and the Blog Talk Radio Network. I have been told, by people at Blog Talk, that Internet Explorer is not the way to go in seeking out the network. Yes, some people, including me, have used it, successfully. However, on average, it doesn’t work. I have been advised to tell listeners to use Google Chrome, or Firefox. If you use Firefox, make sure your Flash Player is up-to-date. Go to Adobe.com to update your Flash Player. I’m just repeating what I am told. I am certainly not an expert………(1) Put the following in the search engine:  blogtalkradio.com/rwsimpson4  (2) Look for “Upcoming Broadcasts.” (3) Under those words look for “The Rich Simpson Show (hyperlinked in light blue letters). (4) Click those letters. You then have the option of (a) listening, or (b) calling the number (646-595-2404) on the screen……….The archived version of the show is now posted, daily, on Facebook and Twitter. For any off-the-air questions, please call my cell phone: 770-634-8286. Wednesday's topic: "Famous Pairings." Martin and Lewis, Ham and Eggs, Bogey and Bacal. Join us on Wednesday! Thanks, Rich

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    Ines Simpson - The Simpson Protocol of Hypnosis

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    Ines Simpson - The Simpson Protocol 

    James Esdaile was the first man to discover mental anesthesia and its benefits. Esdaile did work in India and decided to employ mesmerism to help his patients deal with pain.   The method he used required a very long preparation time, sometimes taking ten to twelve days to condition the person to go to what we call the Esdaile State today.
    The Esdaile State has not been used for therapeutic or change work in the past as it was thought the client was in a euphoric state with no motivation for change work.  This advanced training course will teach you all you need to know about this new paradigm shift in hypnosis.  You can now communicate directly with your client's Superconscious mind and direct it to release all the issues that are not in your client's best interest or benefit.   

    Another advantage of working in the Esdaile State using the Simpson Protocol is that through the proper questioning, direction and communication with the Superconscious mind, your client doesn't have to verbalize the issue, if that is their wish.  It is a wonderful tool for clients who are sensitive to the issue that they are working on and are uncomfortable with verbalizing the problems that they want to deal with.  With the Simpson Protocol, you will be able to give the client unprecedented access to the Superconscious mind in order to help with physical healing, emotional healing, spiritual healing and soul retrieval.  


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    The Rich Simpson Show

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    I did call-in characters for “The Gary McKee Morning Show, on WQXI, Atlanta,  back in the seventies: “Nasal Person,” (Paul Lynde), “Little Jimmy Carter,” “The Reverend Billy Grahamcracker,” and Henry Kissenger. I did the same for The Ludlow Porch Show (WSB, Atlanta, and The Funseeker’s Radio Network) in the 90’s and early 2000’s. “Ron D’Vou,” “Luke Warm,” and “Ted Koppel.” I am in the process of building “The Rich Simpson Show” partially with the former listeners of those two shows. Please join me for my live broadcasts, weekday mornings at 11AM, Eastern Time (U.S.), or the podcast/on-demand broadcast, 24/7. The link for my streaming/internet show is:  www.blogtalkradio.com/rwsimpson4

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    The Rich Simpson Show

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    Wednesday morning, again, will be wide open for chatters, everywhere! The Rich Simpson Show “Chat Room” will welcome anyone and everyone! I always look forward to watching caller phone numbers appear on the screen! 

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    The Rich Simpson Show

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    If you happen to be a podcast/on-demand listener, I would like to have you call the show during the live broadcast, between 11AM and 12 NOON, Eastern Standard Time. Please go to my site, call the number on the screen (646-595-2404) so I can learn some things about podcast listener habits. Thanks for listening!!! Rich Simpson

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    Episode 24: WR Jimmie Logan Simpson: Hardin-Simmons University

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    On tonight's 24th episode of Inside the War Room we will be joined by WR Jimmie Logan Simpson of Hardin-Simmons University. He plays in the slot and holds value as a returner and special teams player. He runs great routes and shows a nice pair of hands to catch the ball naturally. He is a leader within the locker room and is respected by coaches and teammates alike. He gives 100% everday on the field and wants to do the best in everything he does.

    Jimmie Logan Simpson

    WR 5'9 190

    Hardin-Simmons University.
    Follow his journey going forward toward the NFL at: @JLS_ix

    If you missed any of the past episodes of Inside the War Room check them out at


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    Radio For The Fun Of It w/Rich Simpson

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    Show Sponsors ($50/month) (Contact Rich Simpson at: 770-634-8286)
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    WILL BE AIRED JANUARY 31, 2015 @ 5:00 PM 


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