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    Simple Self Defense for Women

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    Charley and Tracy Vega are the owners of Simple Self Defense for Women® a company that promotes the personal safety of women through their PBS TV Show, Guest Speaking, DVD’s, and their very popular Seminars and Workshops. They specialize in self-defense for women from ages 9 to 91 with a focus on How to Simply Escape an Attack, Not Stay and Fight! Charley & Tracy are the TV shows stars and hosts.
    Tracy is an experienced martial artist who is also the business manager who is responsible for market development, contract acquisition and social media. Tracy’s professionalism has awarded her the support of many major corporations who are investing in the personal safety of women as clients and corporate sponsors.
    Charley Vega has 28 years’ experience in the martial arts. He is a Master Instructor of Combat Hapkido and has taught self-defense to thousands of men, women and children. Charley has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Nova SE University and has taught Business Management classes at a State College. He is a published author and guest speaker. Charley is the writer and executive producer of the TV Show Simple Self Defense for Women®. Together Charley & Tracy have designed and created the unique Simple Self Defense for Women® program.

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    Women Warriors - Emotional Self-Defense

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    Our special guest on Women Warriors for our first show in September (Sept 3rd, at Noon ET) will be Jennifer Riis-Poulsen.  Jennifer will discuss the topic of “How Emotional Self-Defense NOT ONLY prevents you from becoming a statistic, but can also lead to your success”.

    Jennifer Riis-Poulsen, Founder & CEO of Powerhouse Self-Defense, is from London, England, and moved to the United States in 2004.  She is a 2nd degree black belt in martial arts and has a Psychology background.  Jennifer formed Powerhouse Self-Defense in November 2011 as a response to the ever-increasing statistics on the number of females that are physically and emotionally assaulted each year.  She made reducing these statistics a passion and personal goal and has developed a comprehensive and holistic Personal Safety and Empowerment Program to ensure ALL girls and women live safe, healthy and empowered lives.  To find out more about Jennifer, visit her website at www.powerhouseselfdefense.com.

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    Simple Self Defense for Women

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    www.SimpleSelfDefenseForWomen.com is a fun & empowering program for women & children ages 9-91. Learn how to Simply Escape An Attack, Not & Fight! Charley & Tracy Vega make the program unique with their "Sonny & Cher" approach to self defense. Twitter: @defense4women and Facebook: Simple Self Defense for Women.   Simple Self Defense for Women® advocates the personal safety of women through its PBS TV Show, Seminars, Workshops, DVD’s and personal safety products. Simple Self Defense for Women® takes a unique approach to self-defense. It is designed specifically for women who want to know How to Simply Escape an Attack, NOT Stay and Fight.

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    Simple Self Defense for Women

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    Charley & Tracy Vega are the owners of Simple Self Defense for Women an award winning company that promotes the personal safety of women through their PBS TV Show, Guest Speaking, DVD’s, and their very popular Seminars, Workshops & Professional speaking engagements. They specialize in self-defense for women from ages 9 to 91 with a focus on How to Simply Escape an Attack, NOT Stay and Fight! 
    Tune in as Charley & Tracy share a few self defense tips with us!

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    Positive Self Defense for Women

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    BWE interviews women and men who will inspire, encourage and uplift through their gifts and talents. We are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

    If you woul like to suggest a featured guest, email a bio, several photos to bwelive@gmail.com

    Suggested topics:  healthcare, education, unity, empowerment, self love, fashion etc.


    Visit us online at blackwomenempoweredjournal.com

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    Zurriane Bennett Positive Self Defense for Women

    in Self Help

    Zurriane Bennett comes to the show to help us put an end to the cycle of abuse to our women and girls.

    This is a show for both women and men. The number of violent attacks on people is going up at an alarming rate. Today we are going to speak with a expert on the area of personal protection. We have to stop being reactive and become proactive. Rape, assault, abduction are real on the street, schools, college, universities, jobs an even in homes. The goal of positive self-defense is to give you a better understanding of yourself, your abilities and your ability to protect yourself from harm. This book is about taking action and taking control of yourself and life today.

    Know that you can protect yourself and the people that you care about. Women, it does not matter. You must know and truly believe that you can. PSD can help you with this goal. The Positive Self Defense for Women book will be available on Amazon. This will be our third published book and a amazing book for any women looking to get great information on how to be more aware and to protect herself.

    Mr. Bennett is a self defense expert and the author book and the creator of the Positive Self Defense series. He is also available for speaking events.

    Book (s) can purchase at link:http://amzn.to/1dSt3c6

    E-mail: positiveselfdefense@aol.com 

    Web: zurrianebennett.com

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    PSD Ice Bucket Challenge - Positive Self Defense for Women

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    The PSD Ice Bucket Challenge - Proactive and Positive 

    Every 2 minutes someone is Raped in the united states.  That translates in to 237,868 people are Raped each year note that number is based on the number of reported incidents. This is totally unacceptable and this has to stop now.  This is something that effects each and everyone of us on the planet. Please share this show and movement with everyone that you know. Take action and become an active member of the movement to help keep more women safe. 

    Purchase 2 copies or more of the book, Positive Self Defense for Women, then give them to women you know and like or donate them to a college, university or organization. Then pass the PSD Challenge on to others to share and help more people. Your action can save thousands from RAPE, Sexual assault and assault. #PSDChallenge

    Positive Self Defense for Women, PSD-W
    Book: Get you copies and share them - http://amzn.to/1bkndQA

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    Professor Curry: Women Self Defense

    in Sports

                                                                                            Professor Curry:  Women Self Defense

    How effective can a female defend herself, against a larger opponent?  We'll discuss the "Truth" about woman self defense, and include what the "Law" says about self protection.

                                                       Call in tonight at 9pm to join in on this much needed topic:  Call 646-716-6825

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    Self Help Made Simple: How To Stay Positive

    in Motivation

    At times, being positive can seem like a task, but are we making it to be more difficult than we need it to be?

    Come join Jason as he discusses simple tips on how to maintain a positive attitude without much effort.

    Visit Self Help Made Simple for more great life tools!

    Jerome & Jason AKA The Self Help Brothers broadcast weekly on Angel Heart Radio every Thursday 7 PM US CST.

    Please LIKE us on Facebook Self Help Made Simple

    Angel Heart Radio is Global Radio with more for you. More Inspiration, more support, more opportunities to feel heard and cared about. Why? Because you matter in the world.

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    Self Defense Training, The Realities

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    Self Defense and Reality
    on American Preppers Radio!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to:
    Prepper Broadcsting Listen & Chat

    We all hope for the best and prepare for the worst. When it comes to self defense most preppers/survivalists would rely on their stockpile of weapons and ammunition. What if for one moment your weapon was not at your side and the unexpected happens? Would you have the ability to defend yourself? Would you know what to say or do when confronted by would-be assailants or would you cower down hoping for the best but not prepared the the worst that could now happen?

    This is a good time to also remember that your child or children may be with you. Who is going to protect them when accosted by a stranger or strangers? These are all possibilities we do not care to think about but exist and are very real. It does not have to be a societal collapse or disaster that brings on this type of scenario. This can happen today in the parking lot of your local grocery store or even in your own front yard.

    Learn what you need to know and as much as you can. Self defense, It’s not just about the fighting.

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    Biblical Culture Part 3 - Carnal Self Defense

    in The Bible

    Pro_3:30  Strive not with a man without cause, if he have done thee no harm.

    What is the basic understanding of this week’s verse?

    So does that mean that if there is cause then we can engage in strife?

    Could Moses have handled it differently?  Was death the only answer?  Should he have walked away and allowed the beating to continue?  What would you do?

    Can you think of any other instances, where it was ok for others to come forth and help in a fight or dispute?

    What is just cause?

    What about self defense in Prophecy?

    What about spiritual defense and turning the other cheek?

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