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    The Business Spotlight Shines on "Keep it Simple" With Renee on WoMRadio

    in Entrepreneur

    Keep it Simple with Renee is a 6 week Lunch and Learn in the trenches look at how to grow your online business. In her debut show, Renee Sullivan is sharing how to chose a sponsor/mentor that gets you started simply and shows you how to make money with your business. 

    In this show Renee will give a brief intro to how she got started as an online marketer, and how she had her breakthrough by finding the right mentors. She will talk about what qualities to look for in finding a mentor that shows you how to get started simply and into profit as quickly as possible and will also give a rundown of upcoming shows in this 6-week segment in the Business Spotlight on WoMRadio - the show for mompreneurs - the new business woman!

    Thanks to our sponsors today - Safety Bags LLC and their new division StadiumBags.com and Jersey Cookie Girl. Meet them and all our sponsors in our mompreneur marketplace on our website.


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    There is much debate about what we call The Gospel. The package and delivery seems to be points of contention. We simply need to share what God's Word has to say and let the Holy Spirit do the work.

    We'll begin with Act 8:27 and walk through a sharing of the plain and simple message of salvation.

    I just want to urge you that when you come together; wait on the Lord. Encourage each other to be led by the Holy Spirit. Assure each other that its ok to just be together and invite God to manifest His presence. One has a hymn, another a testimony, another a psalm, another a Word, all are edified and God get's the glory.  Amen!

    Join me as we immerse ourselves in the depth of understanding of the Word of God. I'll also be taking your questions and/or comments live on air at (646) 652-2905. See you there!!!

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    keep it simple (revised)

    in Spirituality

    Your reward for doing right is the allowed privilage  to comprehend the light

    that shines bright in your darkness. The mysteries of rightousness will slowley unfold on your Journey to

    understand,  you must first grasp an understanding before you are permitted to overstand.  Comprehension of the

    light will began to unfold as you continue on the path that has been highlighted for you. It is a privilage to be of

    the elect, and it is your duty as a newsbearer to protect the information that has been allowed to you. The credit

    will never be yours because all things are created and apointed by all and as all does you do. Our missions are 

    rooted from the same principle but the orders are fitted to the individual, and as individulas the task at hand is to

    figure out ways to unite so the light becomes like kryptonite to our adversaries.   

    All are being watched even when you think not!! 

    SGE Slaves of Good for Ever!!!

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    Empower Online Success With These Simple Proven Tips

    in Social Networking

    Join Mike and Ken today at 11AM Eastern/8AM Pacific. We're going to discuss a couple of topics that can make a big difference in your results from social and blogging. Not what we "think", rather what the data proves again and again.

    Let’s talk about POPUPS and PUSH notifications…we love to hate them but every serious study of the data speaks loudly in favor of them. I suppose we can add email DRIP campaigns, too. link

    Apps that push notifications are opened 27% more often than apps that don’t
    Click-through rate on in push is 28% average (TWENTY EIGHT!)
    Apps with push retain 46% of users for at least three months (apps that don’t retain just 13%)

    Instagram Officially Adds Support for Multiple Accounts link (This is big for me because I have multiple clients who use Instagram – no more logging out and logging back in)

    Less engagement during this year’s SB50 as compared to last year link

    WTH is SnapChat and how are businesses using it?

    New product release
    Special events
    Highlighting milestones
    Customer Support (yep)


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    Says Who? How a Simple Question Can Change the Way You Think -Coach Ora Nadrich

    in Self Help

    From an early age, Ora Nadrich, a certified Life Coach, and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, had always been a seeker of knowledge, with a particular interest in questioning how our thoughts work.  She is a frequent blogger for the Huffington Post on Mindfulness, and leads workshops on “Living a Mindful Life.”

    Ora was an actress and screenwriter, where she worked in film, television, and commercials for more than a decade. During that time, she simultaneously embarked on a two-decade psychological and spiritual journey towards self-awareness and transformation. The National Association of Professional Women recently honored Ora as a 2015-2016 inductee into its VIP Woman of the Year Circle for her leadership in coaching.

    Ora’s new book is entitled, “Says Who? How a Simple Question Can Change the Way You Think Forever.”  Visit www.oranadrich.com, watch Ora on HuffPost Live & You Tube.

    Get the Off the Grid Into the Heart CD by Sister Jenna. Like America Meditating, Visit us at the Meditation Museum & Download our free Pause for Peace App for Apple or Android.


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    3 Simple Habits That Can Instantly Skyrocket Your Productivity

    in Business

    Time management is an age old topic. It feels like with todays distractions and various demands on our attention that our ability to cope has decreased. Studies now show that 5 out of 8 hours are not productive. The world health organization has declared stress a world wide epidemic. On todays show you will learn the following:

    - The Little-Known Reason Why Most People Aren´t Able To Stay Productive Over Time

    - 3 Simple Habits That Can Instantly Skyrocket Your Productivity

    - The True Power Of Saying No

    Todays Guest: Tor Refsland
    When Tor Refsland worked for one of the biggest companies in Norway, earning six-figures, he managed to increase his own productivity with 200%. In other words, he managed to complete in 2 hours what he used to complete in 8 hours. 

    After almost falling 393,7 feet into a certain death while parasailing on a vacation in Turkey, he needed to re-evalute his life.

    He decided to start his own business TimeManagementChef.com where we helps online entrepreneurs to SKYROCKET their productivity and INCREASE their profits.

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    Simple Interviewer Training - Part 2

    in Management

    Part 2 of our guidance on how to teach directs how to interview candidates for hiring.

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    How Shaq O'Neal and Gainsville police can teach us simple steps on how to lead

    in Business

    NBA super star Shaq O'Neal recently teamed up with Gainsville police to create a memorable experience for some unexpecting kids. From this encounter, we can learn a simple, yet valuable lesson on our ability to use our leadership positions to positively impact others. To see the video on this, please go to: http://www.theironjen.com/shaq/

    Please contact me if I can serve your team's needs through trainings, workshops, or keynotes or find out more about my limited 1:1 coaching at www.TheIronJen.com.



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    Simple Solutions for Healthy Living

    in Education

    Sync up with host Maje Lloyd Hogan El and hostesses Chrishara Seyanna & Nova El as we finalize the segmant on healthy eating within the family. We've covered so many things already with guest star Brother Terrance who will be joining us again Saturday January 22nd. We will be discussing some final solutions to obtain a healthier diet. We promise to dedicate the last hour of the show to or listeners so please feel free to start asking questions and adding your comments at 10pm EST. We look forward to hearing from you! :) Dial 424-222-5250 Press 1 to Speak.  Also "Like" our facebook page to stay updated on future shows! www.facebook.com/The-Best-Kept-Secret-430595603804162/

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    Code Connection - Raw & Simple With Wayne Chater

    in Spirituality

    Jesse interviews Wayne Chater - singer/songwriter and busker based in Sydney, Australia. Born and raised in Calcutta, India, his journey has definitely been one reflective of the wide eyed Slumdog sans the millionaire bit. His life was shaken to the core when his father was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Wayne was left feeling empty, lost and confused and saw the world as he knew it crumble around him both professionally and personally.  Searching for the true purpose of his existence and as a means to cope with the emotions pulsing through him, he found his outlet in songwriting. He reconnected with his passion for poetry and singing, following his dream to share love and experiences with the world around him through song.  Wayne’s songs will speak to you in their simplicity and touch you with their rawness and an honesty that comes from experiences where life has brought you to your knees and then shown you just enough to know what is truly important.  He is currently working on his first project called Tunnel Vision. Wayne has reveals himself without smoke and mirrors. Each day he remains committed to living his true purpose .... which simply is ... be love  https://www.facebook.com/waynechatermusic/ 



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    Plenty! Some althernative thoughts about Abundance

    in Spirituality

    If we are always in REaction mode we are not filled with peace of mind. We are not maturing into our higher self we are filled with reactive emotions, drama and no able to DElight in the Diving within. As we journey further within we learn through our daily simple practice that we are no longer as reactive, in our hearts, homes, on the roads we are more at ONE with ALL and life becomes DE lightful: Filled With Light! How can we continue to enhance our self through our meditative practice? Can we clear the way for something even better to experience? YES we can and we are with this breath, Now. Join me and lets ramp up our practice and move into ACTION fearless, loving, light and moving toward Purpose, Peace of mind and FULL propserity! No matter what is happening, simple! Not always easy.

    Get your free GIFT http://www.lisagiroux.com 

    FREE FEbruary! Call to book your FREE abundance elevation meditation! 719.293.4157 lets get clear about what we want and where we are going and what and how to attract and intend for better. Quck effective coaching calls you can enjoy from the comfort of YOUR couch!! namaste