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    The Simple Joy of Outdoor Living

    in Moms and Family

    Do you really want to spend your summer cooped up inside? Breathing only the stale air put out by your iar conditioner? NO, you don't1 Even if you think you do, your really, really don't. Especially when it is so easy to create an outdoor living space that you & your family can enjoy all summer long. In this episode, Jean Ann offers tips & ideas to help you design & create your outdoor living space for little or NO cost, just by using things you already have around the house, things that are going unused anyway!

    Jean Ann also has a wonderful summer recipe that's perfect when you have friends over for lunch or perhaps that shower you agreed to host this summer.

    Sit back & relax this summer as you enjoy My Simple Joy Life!

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    The Simple Joy of Gardening

    in Moms and Family

    Stay on top of garden maintenance this summer with 2 simple hand tools, trowel & cultivator. How to choose the proper one for the work that needs to be done? In this episode, Jean Ann discusses trowels & hand cultivators, how to choose them &  how to use them. You may even want more than one of each to get the job done easily.

    Summer afternoons are perfect for naps. What do you do when your kids refuse to enjoy the pleasure of a relaxing nap? Jean Ann offers tips to help you, and your kids enjoy summer naps.

    Three bean salad has been a picnic & potluck favorite for generations. Jean Ann share a recipe for 3 bean salad passed down to her by her grandmother, the infamous Lena B.

    Take a break this summerby living your own life of simple joy!

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    The Simple Joy of Halloween Part 1

    in Moms and Family

    The ghosties & goblins are preparing to make their annual journey from house to house, hoping for a wonderful treat! Time to prepare for the visit with a little help from Simple Joy!

    This week, Jean Ann is discussing Halloween. She shares the history of Halloween, offers tips for picking pumpkins, decorating ideas & much more.

    Take the fright out of your Halloween preparations this year when you make it a Simple Joy!

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    Celebrate Back-to-School with Simple Joy

    in Moms and Family

    Back-to-school can be stressful for families... especially Mom! so much to do! So much to buy! So much to remember! It's easy to become overwhelmed by the whole thing. this year, keep your stress under control with Simple Joy!

    Jean Ann Duckworth offers you tips, ideas, advice & more to make back-to-school time easier for the whole family. in this episode, Jean Ann has tips to help everyone in the family stay healthy when heading back to school, shares ways to "Mind Your P's" when shopping for school & has a fabulous recipe the entire family will love!

    When heading back-to-school, remember:

    Make Life a Celebration! Make it a Simple Joy!

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    A Life of Simple Joy with Jean Ann Duckworth

    in Moms and Family

    Autumn is here & winter is just around the corner! Time to prepare your home for the cold weather ahead! In this episode of A Life of Simple Joy, Jean Ann discussues ways to prepare your home outside for cold weather. Jean Ann then shares a favorite family recipe & offers some inspirational thoughts to boost your joy this week. Join Jean Ann for this brief, information filled program to begin & build YOUR Life of Simple Joy!

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    The Simple Joy of Comfort Foods Part 1

    in Moms and Family

    The weather is turning colder. Soon, the frost will coat the ground, followed by blustery weather & snow. When the weather turns cold outside, nothing helps keep us warm inside like comfort food. Comfort food offers us fond memories of favorite family meals. Comfort food allows us to share those warm memories with our family everytime we prepare one of our favorite recipes.

    This week, Jean Ann is talking about comfort foods, sharing recipes for a variety of dishes for you & your family. Pull your chair up to the table! Supper is ready & it's a Simple Joy!

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    Filling Your Summer with Simple Joy

    in Moms and Family

    The kids are out of school & summer is finally here! Get a handle on the lazy, hazy days of summer when you join host, Jean Ann Duckworth for this episode of My Simple Joy Life.

    In this program, Jean Ann share tips to help you with vacation packing, offers ideas for starting a garden with your kids. Jean Ann also tells you how to host a fabulous, & simple, summer tea for your friends. This show also has recipes, ways to keep your family healthy this summer & rainy day ideas to help you prepare ahead of the showers!

    Sit back & relax with a cool beverage as you begin to live Your Simple Joy Life!

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    Celebrating the Simple Joy of Autumn with Jean Ann Duckworth

    in Moms and Family

    Autumn is the perfect time to slow down & enjoy life more. The weather is cooling down. The trees are showing their beautiful colors. Your family is always busy with school, sports, activities & more. Now is the time for Simple Joy! In this episode, Jean Ann discusses ways to preserve herbs so you can not only enjoy them longer but throughout the winter. Jean Ann also talks about the joy found in afternoon naps. Not just for kids anymore. Then she shares a great recipe for chipotle chili that has a few surprises in it. Sit back with a cup of spiced tea & relax with this episode of Simple Joy!

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    A Life of Simple Joy Introduction

    in Moms and Family

    Jean Ann Duckworth presents an overview of her new talk show, A Life of Simple Joy. This introduction helps listeners follow the program format simply & joyfully! Of course!

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    The Simple Joy of Dining

    in Moms and Family

    Gee that sounds so elegant. In truth, you need to prepare your dining room & serving pieces for the busy Holiday season. Now is the time to check everything out & make certain your are ready. Nothing worse than making a fabulous dish only to realize at the last minute that you don't have a serving piece to put it on!

    In this episode, Jean Ann suggests 5 key things you need to check right now before your guests arrive for the celebration. This Holiday season, we are working smarter, not harder. That means never waiting until the last minute to prepare. This Holiday season, eliminate the stress & make it a Simple Joy!

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    Celebrating Memorial Day with Simple Joy Part 2

    in Moms and Family

    Traveling this Memorial Day week-end? You're not alone! Memorial Day week-end kicks off the summer travel season with many peple taking to the skies &, more important, hitting the roads.

    Host Jean Ann Duckworth continues her Memorial series with a program on Holiday travel. She offers ways to make your travel safer, shares tips for traveling with pets & takes you into her kitchen to whip up a simple summer dessert your family & guests will LOVE!

    Join Jean Ann as she packs hours of information into one short program! Take this stress out of your Memorial Day week-end when you begin living Your Simple Joy Life!