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    Simone Wright and the Power of Your Intuition

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    Part of the problem of trauma is that it disconnects you from who you are in deeply resonant and powerful ways. One of the elements you can most lose is your self-trust, which then causes you to become even more disconnected from your "first intelligence," as today's guest, Simone Wright, calls intuition. How do you reconnect to your intuition during your trauma recovery process? That's the subject we'll explore in-depth!

    Simone Wright, “the Evolutionary Mind Coach for Elite Performers and Visionary Leaders,” is the author of First Intelligence. She has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show and uses her intuitive skills to assist in police investigations, missing children cases, and corporate business strategies.

    Michele Rosenthal is a popular keynote speaker, award-winning author and post-trauma coach. Her shows combine scientific research, cutting-edge guests and personal stories that highlight the challenges and successes of deliberately deciding to change the direction of your life. For more ideas about how to create change you choose, visit ChangeYouChoose.com.

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    The Sandie Sedgbeer Show with Simone Wright

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    LIVE Broadcast

    Intuition – Our First Survival Skill

    “Intuition is a survival skill,” writes author and evolutionary mind coach, Simone Wright, who calls this sense “our first intelligence’ because it develops long before we possess the ability to reason or learn anything the external world has to teach us.”

    “We all have the ability to use our intuition,” says Wright. But in order to be able to  use it at will, instead of by happenstance— we must develop the skill. How do we do that?

    In this episode, Sandie and Simone Wright explore:

    *The biological foundation of intuition
    *How to hone this skill
    *The 4 levels and the language of intuition
    *7 steps for accessing your highest wisdom
    *Simone’s extraordinary work with the police
    *Practical tools for putting your intuition to work in your daily 
    And more…

    Simone Wright is an “Evolutionary Mind Coach” who works with elite performers and visionary leaders, and the author of the book First Intelligence. She has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show and uses her intuitive skills to assist in police investigations, missing children cases, and corporate business strategies. Visit her online at http://www.simonewright.com.

    Listen to the show on The Awakening Zone Network here:


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    2014 Convocation Speaker Judge Simone Marstiller - 'Stetson will change you'

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    The 2014 Convocation keynote speaker was Stetson University double-degree alumna Judge Simone Marstiller. She welcomed incoming and returning students with a talk about Stetson University's positive influence on her life. Stetson, she said, is not just an academically outstanding institution of higher learning, it is a community and a family. "Stetson will nurture you, change you and prepare you for the path that is uniquely yours," she said.

    Background on Judge Marstiller:

    Born in Monrovia, Liberia, Judge Marstiller earned her Bachelor of Business Administration from Stetson University in DeLand, Fla., and her Juris Doctor, cum laude, from Stetson College of Law in Gulfport, Fla.

    In 2010, then-Governor Charlie Crist appointed Judge Marstiller to the First District Court of Appeal. Her varied legal career, which began in 1996, has been exclusively in service to the State of Florida.

    Judge Marstiller was serving as executive director for the Florida Elections Commission when she was appointed to the appellate court in 2010. She oversaw the investigation and prosecution of complaints filed with the commission and was the chief administrative officer for the agency.

    Prior to that, then-Attorney General Bill McCollum appointed Judge Marstiller associate deputy attorney general for the State of Florida in 2007. She served on the executive management team for the Office of the Attorney General, while serving as the agency’s general counsel. She was responsible for overseeing four agency divisions, including the Civil Rights and Opinions Divisions.

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    The Tailgate Zone w/Chele. Guests Victor Allen and Sexy Songstress Leo Simone.

    in Sports

    Sports, Sports, Sports with Chele, her co-hosts Flite,  High Octane, Terry, Lamar and 6th man Tim's Hot Topic.

    My Question: Do you think Ole Miss or Mississippi can dethrone FSU.

    6th man Tim Goldman's Hott Topic tonight will be Jameis Winston and the alleged autograph selling. Should the athletes get a piece of the pie, or not?

    Terry Spain Do you think anyone will break the NFL TD record once Manning gets it.

    The Naked Truth with Comedian L Lamar Blakney.  SPECIAL GUEST: Songstress Leo Simone.  "Crazy Karma" " The Worst" "He Loves me Not." With copycats and generic music and artists Leo Simone truly stands out. The native New Yorker brings fresh new look and sound mixing pop, rap, dance, and rock into a package that’s truly undeniable.https://twitter.com/QueenLeoSimone

    Our Resident Streetballers High Octane and Flite will talk about various sports and other issues in their segment FUEL UP AND TAKE OFF.

    SPECIAL GUEST:  Chele's special guest Victor Allen will tell you how he went from owning a record company, to co-creating Pax Stereo TV. They stay in front of technology and on the cutting edge. If you are interested in video streaming your product, this is the show for you.




  • Critical Discourse – Black Men, the Mayor of NYC and the NYPD; Viva Cuba?

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    The reverberations from the Richmond County Grand Jury’s decision not to indict Daniel Pantaleo, of the NYPD, continue to be felt.

    While protests on behalf of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, have been largely peaceful, if not very inconveniencing for New Yorkers, there have been sporadic instances of violence,

    During a protest on the Brooklyn Bridge last Saturday, two men, both white, one a college professor, allegedly triggered a melee and assaulted police.

    In the meantime, the events and reactions from that fateful day has caused tension between Mayor DiBlasio and the head of the Patrolman’s Benevolent Association, Patrick Lynch, who has accused the mayor of making remarks that are disrespectful of the police.

    In fact, some of the NYPD have supported a pledge to disinvite the Mayor to their funerals.

    On the international front, Barack Obama has decided to establish diplomatic and economic relations with Cuba, citing that the embargo, in place since 1961, has “not worked”.

    Again, as expected, the reactions vary, with intense criticism from Sens. Marco Rubio Robert Menendez, both of whom are of Cuban heritage.

    On the other hand, Jimmy Carter praised Obama’s “political courage”. Perhaps he sees this as a sort of redemption from the Mariel Boatlift?

    I wonder out loud, what this means for black people economically, with an anticipated influx of Cubans to this country, just 90 miles away.

    For those old enough to remember, this conjures memories of the Bay of Pigs (1961) and Cuban Missile Crisis (1962).

    By the WAY, Obama says that black people are “better off” (HE said it, NOT me!)

    So be prepared to discuss these pointed issues on the Critical Discourse University of the Blogosphere.

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    Simone Wright

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    SIMONE WRIGHT: Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition

    While many have touted the value of intuition, few have explained and taught it as pragmatically and convincingly as Simone Wright does in her new book, First Intelligence: Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition.

    In this interview, Simone will address:

    The protocol for activating and using your intuition
    The difference between intuition and instinct; and
    The four levels of intuition

    Simone Wright, known as “the Evolutionary Mind Coach for Elite Performers and Visionary Leaders,” has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show and uses her intuitive skills to assist in police investigations, missing children cases, and corporate business strategies. Visit her online at http://www.simonewright.com to learn more about her fascinating work!

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    The Winding Road: Leading to great adventures

    in Family

    Simone McKelvey talks with us today about how life can be a winding road with challenges that can, if we allow it, lead us to some great adventures. Simone's belief is that when a dream seems to die, it is tempting to allow ourselves to die with it. While walking that winding road is not easy, there are adventures to be had if we choose to get up and continue living. Will this be you? It is true what Proverbs says: "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life" (Proverbs 13:12)

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    Simone Henry, Founder & CEO of Eche Music

    in Entertainment

    This Week on "TheMusicBox" with National Recording Artist Tanya Dallas-Lewis!  Meet CEO & Founder of ECHE Music: Simone Henry!

    Join us THIS THURSDAY and find out how Simone Henry and her new company "ECHE Music," is changing the game for independent artists! ECHE is a ground-breaking, innovative service for independent Christian artists, internet radio stations, promoters, venues, churches and organizations. Founder, Simone Henry will join us in our virtual studio to tell us more!

    Plus, the BEST in gospel music, news, interviews, updates, how-to's and so much more! Grab your favorite flavored tea bag, hot water, lemon and some honey, and I'll bring the bag of caramel and cheese popcorn! Meet me at 8pm EST *THIS THURSDAY!* Be there, ......or I will FIND YOU and beat you down! [so loving, aren't I?] :0)

    -Tanya, Stellar/Dove Nominated Recording Artist


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    Is Being Colorless & Gay "Thee American Way" Raven Simone Thinks So

    in Spirituality

    Amongst all the glamour, glitter of Hollywood there just in the corner of the world is a thing called "Reality"!  So we're talking about knowing thyself and loving thyself for who God designed you to be, not the world and all its tricks and lust  of colorizing yourselves into these so called unique creatures but the God that you are.  Being black and oppressed is a fact and trying to erase your heritage and history simply by painting a colorless world is dilusional for any human being.  We didn't event slavery devils did and we must never forget that if we as a chosen people do not represent the kingdom to the fullest in spirit and  in truth, then soon and very soon we shall cease to exist!  Wake up  and stand up for God and not for personal lust and reasons...




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    Simone Battle's Suicide - When the Joy of Living Seems Unreachable

    in Self Help

    Tonight's Episode honors singer Simone Battle, best known from the X Factor who completed suicide the other day (a few weeks after Robin Williams). Tonight Dr. Kemp will offer FREE BOOKs to anyone suffering with depression and feeling suicidal. She will share her personal bout with depression and how she overcame it through Sacretherapy. She offers a challenge to her audience tonight with hopes of helping other souls come back into alignment with the joyful life they meant to live.

    Please feel free to call in toll free with your questions or comments during the show to 1-347-677-0795 or send your questions through the live chat room



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