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    Silver Screen & Rollcast Season 2, Episode 1: We're back, baby!

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    After the longest Lakers summer in almost a decade, the Silver Screen & Rollcast is back, baby!

    Ben Rosales, Blake (The Great Mambino) and Dakota Schmidt open up season 2 of the Rollcast with all the preseason talk you could possibly want, including discussions about new head coach Byron Scott's in-game strategy, how the newcomers look and of course, Kobe Bean Bryant. We'll also have our mailbag, so shoot us some questions via Twitter or in the comments section!

    The Silver Screen & Rollcast makes its triumphant return tonight at 6pm PT/9pm ET!

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    Silver Screen & Rollcast, Episode 17: New writers on new Lakers!

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    Got the mid-August-no-NBA blues? Bummed out because training camp is still a month away? Kobe ruining your day with a Sports Illustrated cover? Well, we got your cure right here!

    It's the Silver Screen & Rollcast! A Lakers podcast! In August!

    Join Ben Rosales, Drew Garrison and Blake (The Great Mambino), as they not only talk through the various contracts the Lakers doled out this summer, but introduce you to our new staff of writers, as they hop on the pod and chat with the crew.

    Get it on with the Silver Screen & Rollcast at 6pm PT/9pm ET!


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    Silver Screen & Rollcast, Episode 16: Wrapping up the offseason

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    With the offseason all but finished, the SS&R crew takes a look at the moves the Lakers made--both on the roster and off of it--and gives their grades on just how the summer turned out for the Lake Show.

    Join Drew Garrison, Ben Rosales and Blake (The Great Mambino) as they dish their thoughts on the Lakers's new free agent pick-ups (or lack therof), trades and plans for the future.

    The final Silver Screen & Rollcast of the 2013-2014 season is on tonight at 9pm ET/6pm PT!

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    Silver Millennium Radio - Episode 18: So many deaths :(

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, we mourn the loss of Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino, Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru Chiba/Prince Endymion & Zekken/Yuuki Konno. Very sad weekend in the anime world. :(

    Non the less, we're going to talking about the latest Sailor Moon Crystal episode, talking about Sword Art Online II for the final time as we're moving on to Kill La Kill after the new year & we're discussing the 2014 Trolley Awards, the unofficial successor to the Ghosties! We have the award show next weekend, hopefully joined by PonyToast and other guests! Last show of the year! If you want to vote, go to this page: http://goo.gl/forms/rxIA5W67SP!

    If you want to call in, please call in at (516) 418-5668, click the Skype button or call our alternative phone line at 218-936-4971 & enter PIN 227528# I promise we'll have the problem with the alternative line fixed tonight!

    Don't forget, everyone is invited to the Internet Graffiti Festivus Special on Tuesday! Details to follow!

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    Silver Millennium Radio - Episode 17: Now on Sundays!

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    We're going to try doing episodes on Sundays! If it works out, we'll probably move the shows to Sundays permanently. If not, we'll move back to Saturdays. I'll be asking everyone how they feel about the change tonight.

    Also tonight, I'll be asking callers for their opinions on the new Sailor Moon Crystal & Sword Art Online II episodes and even probably discussing Summer Wars which aired on Toonami last night.

    I may or may not have a solo host show tonight. It's been awhile since I did a solo radio show without any co-hosts. So expect a very bored Homer & a shorter show if there's no other callers.

    Anyway, if you want to call in & discuss Sailor Moon, SAO or General Anime, please call in at (516) 418-5668, click the Skype button or call our alternative phone line at 218-936-4971 & enter PIN 227528#

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    Just Scream

    in Religion

    a message special broadcasy testimony of sorts

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    The Literary Corner Weekly Lineup-1st Monday: Clean Poetry Scream

    in Entertainment

    Our Program: The Literary Corner-Weekly Lineup-Each & Every Monday From 8-10 PM EST.Call in 347 884-8924 or listen from your computer> http://tobtr.com/s/7147759

    Showcase Your Work With TLC-Blog Talk Radio That Was, Is & Will Always Be Dedicated To YOU! Follow The Show Through Your FaceBook Page!

    Every 1st-Monday-Clean Poetry Scream: Read Your Clean Pieces(No Restrictions)  Share Your Contact Info, Discuss Current Projects and Be Heard By The Nation! You May Also Get The Opportunity To Be Featured In “The Divine Voice” Magazine, Unsung Poets Section. An opportunity of a LIFETIME for Poets seeking to get published in a thriving Atlanta based magazine with a circulation 6500 subscribers, for more information submit inquiry on our websites “Contact Us” page. 

    Every 2nd-Monday-Musical Madness: With Guest Host JULZ P. of The Zimmerman Music Group. Rap, Sing & Go Hard In the Cypher! Music Producers, Bands, Groups & Music Production Companies, Share Talent, Events, Contact & Booking Information!

    Every 3rd Monday-The Authors Corner: Authors Discuss Literary Projects, The Writing & Publication Process, Your Book Signings & Book Purchase Information…With The #1 Blog Talk Radio Station In The Nation.

    Every 4th Monday-The Business Corner: Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Vendors, Event facilitators and/or People Who Are GRINDING To Make It by Pursuing Their Entrepreneurial Enterprises…This Show For YOU! Share Your Business Information, Events, Advertise, Promote, Recruit & Build Your BRAND...On The Business Corner.

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    Silver Millennium Radio - Episode 16: The secret family of Asuna Yuuki

    in Entertainment

    I got Skype Unlimited World again but for a couple of months, I got a new graphic for the show that I'll be introducing next week, Asuna has a sister. What else is new? Oh yeah! The new Sword Art Online episode! We'll be discussing the episode tonight!

    I'll also be asking people on the horn with us about their Black Friday experience. Perhaps you bought the new Sailor Moon DVD or you bought that Attack on Titan DVD you've alway wanted.

    If you want to discuss the topics, please call in at (516) 418-5668 or click the Skype button! We'll be discussing anime in general as well.


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    Silver Screen & Rollcast Episode 15: Free agency! Live at 6pm!

    in Sports

    Still reeling from a stunningly great NBA Draft, Silver Screen & Roll recollects itself to get together an offseason podcast with one goal in mind: dissect free agency like Kobe in the post.

    Tonight, we'll discuss where the Lakers are in terms of free agency, where they're headed and what the highs and lows are. We'll also recap the NBA Draft and of course, get to our mailbag. Please leave any questions down below in the comments section!

    Join us live for the Silver Screen & Rollcast, Episode 15 tonight at 6pm PST/9pm EST!

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    Scream & Shout: Investigative Journalist Diane Dimond & Att. Stanton Gildenhorn

    in Current Events

    Rene Sandler, Host of "Scream & Shout" is back for another great show. She will be discussing all the legal & political headlines of the day. Rene's Guests today are:


    Diane Dimond, Journalist/Author/Syndicated Columnist will join "Scream & Shout" to discuss the newest sex abuse claim against the Michael Jackson and the other top headlines of the day
    Stanton Gildenhorn, National Politcal Talking Head & Attorney for The Democratic Central Committee

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    The Steve Silver Show

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    Today at 3pm PST on The Steve Silver Show, the College Football Playoffs are set with Alabama, Oregon, Florida St, and Ohio State all getting the nod. While the committe did get it right with the selection of the four teams, the big story comes from the Big 12/10 where TCu and Baylor played to an identical schedule, essentially canceling each other out, forcing the selection committee to look elsewhere. Was that on the committee or The Big 12/10 themselves? Brandon C. Williams will join us in the 4 o'clock hour to shed some light on what the Big 12 can do to expand themselves back into the College Football playoff. 

    Also on today's show, the Hot Stove has definitely been hot as Jon Lester has decided where he'll pitch over the next six seasons. The Chicago Cubs have inked Lester to a 6 year, $155mm dollar deal with a $30mm dollar bonus upfront. Also, the Cubs did bring back Jason Hammel to round out what should be a very good Cubs rotation. We'll dive into the moves made around the windy city, as well as tell you what's up with the Oakland A's. 

    Phone lines are open today, and you can also hit us up on Twitter @InsiderSteve, and @LTRReed. We'll see you at 3pm on The Steve Silver Show.  

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