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    UFC on Fox 14 recap, new #1 contender at 205, UFC 183: Silva vs Diaz breakdown

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    This week the Majority Decision brings you UFC on Fox 14 recap. Anthony Johnson ran right through Alexander Gustafsson to become the number one contender in the 205 pound division, we will discuss how he did it and how he stacks up against Jon Jones. Dan Henderson fell to Gegard Mousasi in a controversial finish. What is next for the MMA legend? Next week at UFC 183 the greatest off all time, Anderson Silva returns to face Nick Diaz. We will take a look at this UFC dream fight.

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    High Vibrations/ Getting a Better Innerstanding of Your Intuition

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    Offering info on vibrations and its affect on us mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and on our health. We discuss topics ranging from hip-hop, culture, fashion, the foods we eat, people we allow around us and everyday life! We encourage our listeners to challenge themselves to think from a Higher Vibrational perspective on different topics that can add or hinder ones spiritual and physical growth.


    The topic and focus of this epsiode of HIGH VIBRATIONS is about the importance of becoming more in tune with our intuition. We will talk about how to be a better INNERstanding of our Intuition and the crucial role it plays in everyday life! Our intuition plays a major role in spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional state. Please Join us as we start 2015 with info that will nourish the soul!!! Lets evolve into a better us!!! We must put these old programs under the microscope and elimate those thoughts that do not serve us! We will have Mami Chi w/ Standing On the Square, Lady D with Numerology Unscripted & Orb AkB w/ Health is Your Wealth!!! We Welcome you to join us on this journey of High Vibrations!! Would like to thank everyone for your support!!!

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    We can be reached via email highvibrations1313@gmail.com , High Vibrational music, networking, business opportunities, and potential guest inquiries are all welcome



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    Intuition and How To Develop It …

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    Medical Intuitive and Alternative Healing practitioner Marie Matteson, MS of MattesonCommunications.com (and CoffeeWithAClairvoyant.com) and Bonnie Atchley, creator and host of Blog Talk Radio’s Alternative Healing channel will be exploring and sharing their expertise on Intuition - How to tap in to and learn how to truly develop one’s own innate Intuition will be discussed. Join us for this amazing and informative episode.

    Both Ms Matteson and Ms Atchley are highly intuitive Alternative Healing practitioners and want to help others learn how to discover, uncover and reveal their own talents and gifts of intuition. Everyone has intuition --- join us Tuesday, November 25, 2014 at 9:30am PST and receive the tools you need to unleash your own intuitive abilities.


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    The Intuition is the opposite of Illusion

     "That which is the opposite pole of illusion is, as you well know, the intuition. The intuition is that recognition of reality which becomes possible as glamour and illusion disappear. An intuitive reaction to truth will take place when --along a particular line of approach to truth -- the disciple has succeeded in quieting the thought-form-making propensities of the mind, so that light can flow directly, and without any deviation, from the higher spiritual worlds. The intuition can begin to make its presence felt, when glamour no longer grips the lower man, and a man's low or high desires, interpreted emotionally or self-centredly, can no longer come between his brain consciousness and the soul. Fleeting moments of this high freedom come to all true aspirants at times, during their life struggle. They have then an intuitive flash of understanding. The outline of the future and the nature of truth sweeps momentarily through their consciousness, and life is never again exactly the same thing. They have had guarantee that all struggle is warranted and will evoke its adequate reward." (Glamour: A World Problem, p. 67)


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    Chris Boucher on therapeutic uses of hemp; Lauren Silva in L.A.; & Forgiveness

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    We'll be broadcasting from Los Angeles, CA!

    Chris Boucher, joins us from Southern California.  He is the VP of Product Development at CannaVest.  Mr. Boucher is the founder of the Hemp Industries Association (H.I.A) in 1992, in 1994 he became the first person in more than 50 years to grow Industrial Hemp in the USA while at the USDA Research Station in Brawley California. Mr. Boucher co-wrote the first California and Colorado Industrial Hemp Legislation Act of 1995.  He is joining us to talk about the various uses of hemp products, including the therapeutic, nutritional, and medical benefits.

    Musician, Lauren Silva, will join us on-location in LA!

    AND...Forgiveness...why and how?

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    Ken Silva - Apprising Ministries

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    In memory of Ken Silva, founder of Apprising Ministries who recently passed away to be with the Lord we bring you this special interview we had with him. 

    The following was posted on Ken's website http://apprising.org/ : 

    It is with mixed emotions that I take this time to write on behalf of Connecticut River Baptist Church to let you know of Pastor Ken Silva’s passing. Yesterday morning at around 10 a.m., 29 September 2014, Ken was found at home, having passed away. He had succumbed to the strain of the pain he had been enduring for the past few years.

    The mixed emotions are sadness at losing our dear brother in Christ – I shall miss his wisdom and guidance – but also joy. Joy because, as Paul noted in 2 Cor. 5:8, ‘We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.’

    Yes we know that Ken is now present with the Lord. We can also be thankful in knowing his pain has ended.

    We will still miss him deeply.


    David H. Moses
    Associate Pastor
    Connecticut River Baptist Church

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    Crystal Healing Therapies: Using Gemstone to Increase Psychic Intuition

    in Spirituality

    Pre-recorded, Originally aired 4/9/2014

    Join internationally known psychic, Dr. Lauren Cielo and the Healers and Teachers of Golden Rose Psychic Services: Victoria Bustillos and Ishtar, The Golden Witch with Special Guest Bonnie Jean Knill.

    In this episode, Dr. Lauren, Victoria and Bonnie discuss crystal healing therapies and how to use gemstones to increase your psychic intuition. Learn which crystals we recommend to increase psychic clairvyance. Call in and get a FREE Psychic Reading on which gemstones make you more psychic.

    Golden Rose Psychic Services is powered by 3-Point Virtual Services

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    Fearless Generations 12 Steps to Freedom: Step 4 Compassion: Intuition

    in Self Help

    What does it take for you to follow your intuition? Having compassion for yourself will allow you to embrace your intuition and dream bigger. Follow it to a new job or scary conversation or on a date. You will listen to the nudges to speak up or stand or walk away. Your intuition is a powerful tool to cultivate and become freinds with. Whether it's your heart or your gut, it will lead you to the life your soul yearns for. Share on the website www.letshatch.wix.com/fearlessgenerations

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    Intuitive Readings by Suzanne

    in Self Help

    Call in with your questions and allow Suzanne to connect intuitively to answer questions about: career, relationships, personal growth etc. All information given is to assist the listener to live life on purpose with complete joy and self fulfillment. All shows are about assisting the caller to trust their own knowing and is never to replace the listener's inner guidance but to enhance and clarify it.

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    How Intuition Saved my Life and What's really Important

    in Spirituality

    Join Tina in this New Year of 2015.  She will explore her experience of the last days of 2014 and how she trusted and listened to her Intuiton.  How listening to her spirit allowed her to move swiftly to get to the right answers and allow for a healthy outcome.  Tina gained valuable insight and clarity that she feels blessed to carry her forward into this unlimited New Year! 


    Second half of show phone lines will be open 516-387-1936 for Readings



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    Intuitive Heart Radio with Abigail Noel... The Art of Medical Intuition

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    Join Abigail and special co-host and guest, Kelli Clark, Spirit Communicator and Channel as they dive into the fascinating world of medical ituition.  There is a dialogue, a conversation if you will between every cell in the body, between every organ and system. The body speaks and our soul has the ability to tap into this conversation.  God who Is Love, is the greatest healer and this incredible Divine Guidance and healing source is available to us All. This episode will cover the science and the art of intuitive healing.  Kelli and I will be taking calls toward the end of the show... (646) 200-3060     We hope to "see" you there!  

    Intuitive Heart Radio is an 'out of the box' platform where spiritual Truth can be explored with out judgement. The topics each week will vary and listeners are encouraged to call in with questions and comments. All beliefs and views are welcomed as long as spoken from a place of personal truth and Love.  

    Abigail Noel, the host of Intuitive Heart Radio is an evidentiary medium and conscious psychic channel. Aware of her abilities and connection to Heaven since birth, she is a direct channel for the soul expression of Jesus Christ whom she Lovingly calls J and God The Father whom she most often refers to as Dad. Abigail has been in private practice as an intuitive therapist/medical intuitive since 2010. She divides her time between her home in Northern California and her home away from home in Memphis, Tennessee.


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