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    The Survival Podcast with Jack Spirko

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    The Survival Podcast with Jack Spirko.

    Episode-875- Rick Worden of Rise and Shine Rabbitry

    Rick Worden has promoting rabbits for homestead use and personally raising rabbits for 30 + years and feels every homestead should be raising rabbits due to their tremendous impact toward greater self sufficiency.   Rick’s company is Rise and Shine Rabbitry a small rabbitry in Mechanic Falls, Maine.

    Their rabbits get premium care since they only raise a small number.  All rabbits are kept in individual raised cages inside a hoop-house, in the barn and some hutches outside. Rabbits are shaded through the summer heat with shade cloth and kept warm and dry all winter while enjoying the company of a flock of silkies for bug control.

    Twice a day the rabbits have pasture plants and grasses and other homegrown produce scythed for them and served up fresh (in season), so even though the rabbits are not “pastured” they are still reaping the benefits of a nutritious and natural diet.

    Through the winter months the rabbits are fed hay and their diet is also supplemented year-round with a pelleted feed and root crops also an herbal hay mix the Wordens dry that and store for the winter rabbit “blahs”. Rick is also growing sprouts and experimenting with other homegrown foods to grow in their short season.

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