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    in Relationships

    Tyson and Stephanie discuss dating with a disability.

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    A Significant Life with Aaron Walker

    in Entrepreneur

    Are you successful?  But are you significant. Often in our pursuit of success we sacrifice the very things we are trying to succeed for.  What if you reach all of your career goals and have no one to share it with?  Is that worth it?

    On this episode of Thriving Entrepreneur host Steve Kidd is joined by the creator of the View From the Top coaching program  Aaron Walker  to talk about how to be successful and significant.   Learn how to not sacrifice your life and those you love on the road to success

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    Ask Dr. Applewhite About Perceptions of Beauty and Disability

    in Education

    Do most people perceive disabled persons as beautiful and productive? Ask Dr. Applewhite. People with visible and non-visible physical disabilities are reminded constantly by advertisements that able-bodied persons are beautiful, productive, and successful. However, most people hold the perception that a physically or mentally disabled person is just the opposite. Supermodel Beverly Johnson, Spokesperson for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation 2014 and recipient of the Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award,  is our Special Guest and will share a unique perspective of how perceptions of beauty and disability can be changed. Host Dr. Danita Applewhite, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and Educator, encourages fellow Veterans, students, and employees with Disability to change their self-perceptions and images to enhance education and workforce success. Our show also features VET2VET Talk with Co-Host Mitch Caviness and other Veterans sharing their perspectives and nationwide announcements. Your tax-deductible donation of $5 or more monthly at http://whiteappleinstitute.org will support our men and women Veterans with school and workforce challenges. Click on RADIO to listen to archived episodes of the Ask Dr. Applewhite (formerly Student2Teacher) Radio Talk Show anytime 24/7. This episode is a rerun previously broadcasted live May 2015.

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    News Headlines for News Junkies-Election Issues: Illegals & Welfare Disability

    in News

      What to do about the illegals!   This is the biggest question facing this nation -  that big bad storm called Hurricane Patricia is drawing our attention to this big big problem.  Natural disasters are the inevitable result of winds of change.  I am going to propose some changes that could be solutions to the problems of the illegals.   Also, let's look at the welfare disability programs in this country.  Do these programs really help or do they perpetuate a situation that needs to change?

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    How to Live a Successful and Significant Life

    in Business

    Denise Griffitts Interviews Aaron Walker

    Aaron Walker is, without question, a veteran entrepreneur. Starting his first business at 18, and selling to a Fortune 500 company nine short years later, demonstrates Aaron’s passion for success. Unwilling to rest on past success alone, Aaron started, bought, and sold eight successful companies over the past 36 years.

    Having a strong desire for personal development has kept Aaron in a weekly mastermind group for more than a decade with Dave Ramsey, Dan Miller, Ken Abraham, and seven other notable Nashvillians.

    Pursuit of Excellence:

    For 19 years and counting, Aaron has taken classes from and has been coached personally by his friend, financial guru, Dave Ramsey. Spiritual mentors David Landrith and Bob Warren have impacted his spiritual life beyond measure. Two other disciplined mastermind groups, 48 Days led by friend Dan Miller and The Torch have played a role in his understanding of how to live a significant, successful life. Aaron incorporates education and learning opportunities into his daily routine, remaining informed of the latest tools and trends available.


    It only took a few years as a partner with David Patton Construction LLC for Aaron to help take the business from doing one to two projects per year to a multi-million dollar company, voted number one builder for three consecutive years by Nashville's House & Home & Garden Magazine's People's Choice Awards. He sold his retail business to Cash America USA, a Fortune 500 company. 

    Today, Aaron spends the majority of his time helping men grow in success and significance as President and Founder of View from the Top, a premier life and business coaching resource.

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    AMCPress&Co #524 "Veterans Day Special: Disability News and More"

    in Comedy

    We are the #1 disabled satirical news program  in the world (65,000 and Counting) that provides uncensored news on numerous topics worldwide.   AMCPress & Co is the brainchild of Redhood and Alison.  Johnnie is our resident Tech Wizard. Redhood is our resident international news satirist along with Alison who is the feeder of jokes and frank opinions.  Tonight’s episode: we are focusing on topics that relate to Veteran's issuses and other issues that surround the miltary. AMCPress & Co is also apart of the Uncensored Radio Network on Blog Talk Radio. You can find out more about Uncensored Radio at http://myuncensoredradio.com/.  Check out our new website at amcpressandco.com.

    ** Some Media  (sound effects, news clips and other sounds. etc) is protected by Fair Use. Beginning theme song is composed by Redhood & Alison and is owned by AMCPress&Co Digital Entertainment. All rights Reserved.©  No copyright infringement intended**

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    Ep#2 - Catering To Your Significant Other

    in Entertainment

    Tune in Tonight 10/15 at 9pm est. to Hearts Exposed Heart for a stimulating discussion “Catering To Your Significant Other" Join us as we delve deeper into ideals and expectations that come with dating and being in a relationship. What is the concept of "catering" in a relationship? Ultimately what would you do for your significant other?, what determine limitations and boundaries when in a relationship? or When your in a relationship is it a sign of submission or duty to "Cater" to your significan other? Also take a look at trendy news on "What's The Daily?", plus 'Operation Get Right' my new healthy eating journey and much more.

    LISTEN, COMMENT & CHAT CALL-IN 347-989-0691 |

  • Sales Mastery: Overcoming Disability with Michael Babcock

    in Business

    Join us this week, when we interview Michael Babcock.As a blind entrepreneur who never gives up on his dreams, Michael Babcock can help you figure out what’s necessary to make yours become a reality.

    He helps people solve the  Challenges that arise in accessibility while building their own personal brand online, as well as inspiring individuals to make things happen! Being blind, it would be very easy to make excuse after excuse for  why something is impossible. However, finding alternative ways to accomplish difficult tasks and overcoming these challenges is what Michael enjoys doing.

    If you or someone you know is challenged with physical disability and has a dream to grow a business, the invite them to this episode.


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    Ask Dr. Applewhite About Mental Disability and Shame

    in Education

    The shame and embarrassment about any form of disability can be found in most ethnic groups. However, there is a higher prevalence of stigmas over mental and physical disability in African-American,Native American and Hispanic groups. Host, Dr. Danita Applewhite and special guest Dr. E. Douglass Brown, share a unique insight about the stigma of mental illness and how it relates to depression and addiction. Hear students, teachers, and Veterans discuss how to identify symptoms, overcome shame, and get confidential help. Dr. E. Douglas Brown is a clinical psychologist and author.  Your donation of at least $5 or more will support our radio broadcasts, and allow us to continue helping Adult Learners/Students and Veterans with disabilities reach their education and workforce goals? Visit http://whiteappleinstitute.org and click on DONATE.  Click on RADIO to listen to episodes of the Ask Dr. Applewhite™ Radio Talk Show anytime 24/7.  This broadcast is a rerun of The Shame of Mental Illness aired 1-18-14.

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    Keys to being significant with author Franne McNeal

    in Self Help

    Have you ever dreamed of making a significant difference in your career?  Join me as I interview the author of “Significant! From Frustrated To FranneTastic; Inspirational Stories for the Entrepreneurial Woman” Franne McNeal as she shares how women can conquer frustration and have the career and life they want. 

    Franne McNeal, MBA, Significant Business Results Coach, helps business leaders convert market opportunities into significant business results: increased sales, improved cash flow, reduced expenses and greater profitability. Clients choose Franne when they want improvements in plans, people, process, performance and profits.

    As a breast cancer survivor and stroke survivor, Franne's keynotes motivate entrepreneurs who are "infected with frustration" and "paralyzed by fear", to "focus their energy for action and achieve significant business results".

    Franne is affiliated with premiere entrepreneurial programs: Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Initiatives, Tory Burch Foundation Women's Business Initiatives, Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism, and Kauffman FastTrac.

    Want a FREE audio book? Go to Audible.com and you can get one. Listen to today’s podcast to find out which book I recommend for you. 

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    Are you willing to give your spouse or significant other a "HALL PASS"

    in Entertainment

    Toya Wright and Memphitz appeared on Untying the Knot where he was asked has he ever cheated on Toya and his answer was "No, not with a Hall Pass". Wait!, a hall pass? A pass that his wife gave him for 8 days out of the year where he can do whatever he likes!! So would you give your mate a "Hall Pass'' to do what they wanted and it NOT count? We will discuss a "HALL PASS" and also is a cheater worth giving another chance too? Can people really change and be better than they were or more faithful. Max will come too you with the Sports Report and Sasha will be live with the Entertainment report!  Call in and give your opinions at (929) 477-1332 or just to hear the show LIVE!!

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