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    Sid Haig Interview

    in Entertainment

    Join Michael and Jamie on Wednesday June 6th for our Official debut episode of The Horror Hour w/ very special guest, Mr. Sid Haig. Sid has been in the entertainment business for over 50 years. With over 50 films and over 350 television shows under his belt, this man has definitely made his mark in entertainment history, including being inducted into the Horror Hall of Fame! He is most recently recognized as the vile Captain Spaulding from Rob Zombie's "House of 1,000 Corpses" and "The Devil's Rejects" as well as Rob's upcoming film "Lords Of Salem". Listen in as we discuss everything from politics to the evolution of horror. Sid is graciously giving us his time for the full hour, so we will also be able to take a few calls from the fans. Don't miss history as The Horror Hour begins its journey into the depths of true horror

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    SID-Late Night-Live From Met-Life-Rex Hex Jets Lose/Rangers Win/*TRUST*IN*GOD**

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     Well here it is again that late night,early morning fan favorite,informative and enlighting late night,early morning segement,'SID-Late Night'.
     ''Where you get it Last,First and Right''.And tonight and this morning,''Live'',from Met-Life Stadium in East Ruherford,New Jersey comes the,''Wingman'',Cedric''C-Wings'' Raymond. ''Wings'',joins the,good''Docthah'' and gives us all the 411 on the Jets 22-17 loss to their former head coach,Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills.Both teams are now 5-4 and Buffalo leads the season series,1-0.
    And Buffalo is now in sole possesion of second place in the division and the Jets have now lost three of their last four games.
     On the hockey front,the Rangers won their seventh straight game with a 6-3 win at MadisonSquare Garden against St.Louis.
    And for the second time in a week the Devils beat the world champion Chicago Black Hawks,3-2 and this time in Chi-Town.
    An unofficial report finds baseball immortal and hall of famer,Lou Brock losing a leg due to diabetes.


    ''Sometimes the Face of  GOD is not what people expect or think it should be.''

    ''You can be looking and still don't see.''

    ''You have to stop trying and start doing.''

    ''Your beauty is surpassed by vanity''

    ''You ain't a lot of things and not being my friend is at the top of the list.''

    Doc Stanley's Words Of Wit And Wisdom




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    SID-Pre-Game-Doc-Wings Ryan Return To Met-Life-Jets Vs.Bills/*TRUST*IN*GOD**

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     Well Doc and the,''WingMan','are back at Met-Life Stadium,in East Rutherford,New Jersey.And so is former Jets' head coach,Rex Ryan.Yes legendary scribe and sportscaster,Dr.M.Lee''Doc''Stanley Sr.,is on the airwaves once again with his renowned and iconic radio show,the award winning,'Sports In Depth'.Doc and the,''Wingman'',Cedric Raymond are at the home coming of former Jets coach and now new current,Buffalo Bills head coach,Rex Ryan.
      SID-Pre-game gets to talk to legendary Jet player,now sportscaster and founder of his Marty Lyons Foundation,(www.martylyonsfoundation.org) and an inductee into the New York hall of fame,Marty Lyons.
    .Another former Jet too joins us on pre-game,Earl Christy,a member of the 1969 SuperBowl World champions.''My quest is to inspire people to perceive and experience the love of GOD'',is the creed of Christy,an Ambassador for Christ.We also thank Frank Stoker,confidant and right hand man of Christy for too joining us on Pre-Game.
    He too another Ambassador for the Master..
    .And both a champion and trail blazer in his own right,is Mr. Thomas George.A recent alumni inductee,and one like Christy and Frank keeps Christ at the fore front of his life,the astute,intelligent and iconic,Mr.T G. graces us with his regal presence once again.We thank you for joining us again,here where,''we Rope the rumors,Lasso the issues and Brand the truth.''

    “We always need money. If you don’t have money to give, contribute your time.  If you don’t have time, contribute your prayers.”  …Marty Lyons

  • Tommy Henderson and Sid Uncle Jamz Johnson Live On 1st Fam Radio

    in Radio

    Tune in Tonite (9:30pm til 11:30PM EASTERN)as we speak to two Music Business Professionals Tommy Henderson and Sid Uncle jamz Johnson About the Business today and more www.1stfamradio.com (917)889-8297

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    SID Live From MSG-FDNY Vs.NYPD/Cotto Vs. Canelo/**TRUST*IN*GOD***

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     Doc and Dusty Come to You live from Madison Square Garden at the annual NYPD-Cops VS FDNY Firemen Bouts.And again legendary scribe and sportscaster,Dr.M.Lee''Doc''Stanley Sr.,is back on the airwaves with his iconic,award winning radio show,'Sports In Depth'. 
     Also we talk about the big clash tomorrow,Cotto Vs.Alverez.As New York boxing legend and former heavyweight contender and two time Golden Glove heavyweight champion,''Gentlemen''Gerry Cooney chats with us ringside.Gerry besides being ambassodor for the bouts and lending both his support and work ethic with both departments,is also partnered with former New York boxing sensation and GG winner,Tony''Malo'' Santana with,'Brawl House'. Call-908-317-2727-Ext.1013 is their contact number for more information and your avenue to aiding and supporting their work with our youth.Email address:tony@beawlhouse.com.We thank both gents for their time in talking with us and as always a delight being in the company of,''Gentlemen'' Gerry and ''Malo''Santana.
     Both gents are split on tomorrows major clash as you will hear when you listen to their interviews.
    Ringside with Doc,is Dusty''H-Rap-Brown'' Lois Jr.Dusty gives us his views liken Santana and Cooney on tomorrows bout and the forthcoming,Decemeber 5th clash at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn between middleweight champion,Danny'The Miracle Man' Jacobs and Peter'Kid Chocolate'Quillen.
    ''Above all else,I hate to lose.''
    Jack(Jackie) Roosevelt Robinson-Former New York State Boxing Commissoner
    Besides being baseball's first Black Player-MVP-Batting Champ- League(National) stolen bases leader-king





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    SID-Live From Met-Life-Jets Vs.Jaguars/JPP-Returns/Dusty's Back/**TRUST*IN*GOD*

    in Sports

      Well once again legendary scribe and sportscaster,Dr.M.Lee''Doc''Stanley Sr.,and the Wingman,Cedric''C-Wings'' Raymond are back on the airwaves live and again coming to you live from Met-Life Stadium,in East Rutherford New Jersey.At the New York Jets versuses the Jacksonville Jaguars football game.Bringing to you once again that award winning,legendary and iconic radio show,'Sports In Dept'. Hello Rosi.
     Dusty Baker is back in baseball,hired this week and signing a two year deal with Washington.Baker is again the first ever African-American hire by the Caps, as he was so with the Giants,Cubs and Reds.
    His return to baseball makes him again,the only Black manager in baseball.The exact same number baseball had 40 years ago when Frank Robinson became the games' first ever,African-American skipper. As they say,as often as things change,they remain the same.
     JPP has returned to football and the Brooklyn Nets have yet returned to the winning column just yet.
    Kobe Bryant makes his possibly last Madison Square Garden appearance this evening,if for nothing else as  a Laker.And we inch closer to Cotto Vs.Alverez and are not that far from too JacobsVs.Kid Chocolate.

     HBO's,Kareem Abdul Jabber's documentary:Kareem/'Minority Of One',is a must see.A simply great piece and job done on the games greatest center,offensive force and player from both New York and in the history of the game of basketball.
    ''I ain't never loved nobody better than I loved myself.''
    ''To much of a good thing is wonderful.''
     Mae West


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    Networking 101: Tips for Newbies Talking with Alaina G. Levine

    in Education

    Conversations with Deli with your host Verdel Jones, talks to Alaina G. Levine about tips for networking for new college graduates.  If you're a recent college graduate you might be focused on filling out job applications, but Alaina G. Levine reminds you not to neglect good old-fashioned networking. She explains why this technique might just be what lands you your dream job(s). Alaina G. Levine is a prolific speaker, writer, consultant and teacher.

    "Of all the tools in your job-search toolbox, networking should be at the very top of your to-do list," says Levine, author of Networking for Nerds: Find, Access and Land Hidden Game-Changing Career Opportunities Everywhere (www.alainalevine.com). "Networking is so critically important because it gives you access to jobs and other career-advancing opportunities that are not always advertised.  As many as 90 percent of jobs are 'hidden' and are obtained solely through networking." Levine explains that networking makes you known to decision-makers who, once they recognize your value, can engage you as an employee. Not only will these individuals think of you first for an opening on their team; they may even create a job specifically for you. 

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    in Paranormal


    On this coming Sunday evening, November 22nd , at 9:00 PM (EST), Host and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, LESLEY MITCHELL-CLARKE and Co-Host/Experiencer/Contactee WES ROBERTS will welcome to “CONTACT” for the first time, SID GOLDBERG - multiple Award-winning Producer/Director, and Publisher of the new alternative Media Platform, EARTH MYSTERY NEWS (www.earthmysterynews.com).  On this programme, we will be chatting with Sid about his personal metaphysical experiences and his various, exciting projects – including EARTH MYSTERY NEWS.

    As this show has been PRE-RECORDED, we will not be able to take our usual Listener calls/comments in the second part of the programme, and our popular “CONTACT RADIO CHAT ROOM” will not be open.

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    Sunday Night Novelty songs

    in Podcasting


    Playing Forgotten Music of the old 78 records      S3productions

    Sunday Night Novelty songs

    Yogi Yorgesson ‎– The Bees & the Birds

    Real Gone Galoot

    Cookies, Pie and Cake

    Vot shall we do

    Spike Jones & City Slickers   I'll never work there anymore

    I went to your wedding


     All credit due to the artist, musicians and Record Companies. No profit or income derived from this podcast. Have a historic 78 RPM and story you want to share with my listeners?  Contact me at: www.facebook.com/s3productions2 or curthahn74@yahoo.com

    Yogi Yorgesson ‎– The Bees & the Birds / Real Gone Galoot

    Label: Capitol Records ‎– 78-184   released 1949 -1950

    Country: Canada

    Genre: Pop

    Style: Novelty

    A: The Bees & the Birds


    B: Real Gone Galoot


    Featuring [With] – Johnny Duffy & the Scandahoovians

    Written By – Harry Stewart

    Capitol purple label 1410 released 1950-1951

    A: Cookies, Pie and Cake

    B: Vot shall we do

    RCA Victor 20-5107

    Spike Jones & City Slickers   I'll never work there anymore / I went to your wedding

    A1: I went to your wedding

    I Went To Your Wedding

    Vocals [Refrain] – Sir Frederick Gas

    Written By – Jessie Mae Robinson


    B1 I’ll never work there any more


    'll Never Work There Anymore

    Vocals [Refrain] – Dick Morgan, George Rock, The Mello Men, Ole Svenson Written By – Al Levy  Written By – Sid Robin, Lindley A. Jones

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    The Best of Sid Roth Supernatural Radio

    in Christianity

    Join us as Sid Roth and his team here on Blogtalkradio.com interview some very special guests.  Tonight we are honored to have Dr. Cindy Trimm.   Feel free to call in.

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    SID Sunday Sports Wrap-Up From Fortaleza Brazil/Ali Honored/*TRUST*IN*GOD***

    in Sports

     Well,he's live again from Fortaleza Brazil as the,''Docthah'',legendary scribe and sportscaster,Dr.M.Lee''Doc''Stanley Sr.comes to you live from his favorite city in Brazil,Fortaleza the capital city in the state of Ceara.On his award winning,iconic and renowned radio show,'SPORTS IN DEPTH.'
     The Jets and Giants are both on the same page this week as they both win and away games at that.
    The Jets win in the United Kingdom,England.And the Giants beat the Buffalo Bills again after all these years in Buffalo.Former Jets head coach,Rex Ryan is now their headcoach
    The Yankess join the Mets as both New York baseball teams are now playoff bound.
    Doc talks about Rick Wise no-hitter where he hit two homeruns himself,in a game rarely mention that should never be forgotten.
     Muhammad  Ali was honored again this weekend,this time by,Sports Illustarted.No one deserves being honored more than this great human being.

    ''Somethings you'll never understand and others you will in time.''
    ''It seems you Smile in the day time and Laugh at night.''
    Doc's Words Of Wit And Wisdom
    ''Service To Others Is The Rent You Pay For Your Room Here On Earth.''
    Muhammad Ali