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    Atlantis,Goblet of Truth,Shroud of Turin

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    Atlantis,Goblet of Truth,Shroud of Turin

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    Secrets Of The Shroud Of Turin

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    Full transcript available here: http://christianmoney.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/show2hour2.pdf

    Barrie Schwortz, one of the original members of the team tasked with analyzing and authentication the Shroud Of Turin, joins Jim Paris Live. Discussed on this episode - what produced the image found on the ancient burial cloth? How do we know that it is not a fake? What evidence is there that the man wrapped in the burial cloth was tortured with a crown of thorns (as in the Gospel account)? Does the Shroud contain the DNA of Jesus Christ?

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    VFTB at Pikes Peak: Hitler and the Shroud of Turin

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    ANYONE WHO has watched the Indiana Jones movies knows that Hitler tried to find the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail. But did you know that he also had designs on the Shroud of Turin?

    Russ Breault, president of the Shroud of Turin Education Project, tells us about this fascinating chapter in the history of what may be the most intriguing object in the world today. This interview is one of more than a dozen that will be included on the official DVD set from the Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit. See Prophecy in the News for more information.

    Please join Derek and Sharon Gilbert Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM Central Time (GMT -5) for the Gilbert House Fellowship. Our plan is to study through the Bible in a live webcast every Sunday morning. Log on to www.GilbertHouse.org for more details.

    Please join the discussion at the PID Radio Cafe, visit the VFTB Facebook page, and check out the great Christian podcasters at the Revelations Radio Network.

    Download a smaller, lower-fidelity version of the mp3 of this show by clicking here.

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    Stargates: Shroud of Turin and CERN-Large Hadron Collider

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    The Shroud of Turin is the linen cloth, which covered Jesus Christ after the crucifixion.  This cloth projects a perfect three-dimensional holographic image of Jesus Christ's face as well as his body, suspended in mid air (rather than resting flat on the bottom of the tomb), indicating that he was hovering in mid air, suspended within an inter-dimensional "stargate" to heaven.
    The CERN-LHC is the Large Hadron Collider, which is touted as the device used to discover the "god" particle (Higgs Boson).  The statue in front of the building is of Shiva the Destroyer of the Universe; it is being used to open up a "stargate" to the underworld, and to discover the "god" particle.  Notice: I did not capitalize "god" in this description, as they are not really going to find our true God, rather the opposite is true.

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    Ep#28: Shroud of Turin--Hoax or Holy Relic?

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    In this post-Easter episode, Pastor Brian will discuss the recent discoveries of the Shroud of Turin that seem to indicate whether this relic is a hoax or a holy relic.  Come learn the truth about this enigmatic cloth on Redeeming Truth Radio.

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    The Shroud of Turin

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    Barrie Schwortz was the Official Documenting Photographer for the Shroud of Turin Research Project, the team that conducted the first in-depth scientific examination of the Shroud in 1978. He still continues his research today doing lectures and using the latest imaging technology.

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    Razor Swift: The Shroud of Turin W: Barry M Schwortz

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    Host: Rich Christian
    The Shroud Of Turin has been an object of controversy for centuries. It's been said that the shroud has been the single most studied artifact in human history. The believers say it's the burial shroud of Jesus while the skeptics maintain that there's nothing to the shroud, but just another religious hoax. Coming on the show will be Shroud Of Turin expert Barrie M. Schwortz to give us his analysis on the shroud.

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    Shroud of Turin with Russ Breault

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    The Hagmann & Hagmann Report provides viewers and listeners information about current events and historical topics that transcend the political right-left paradigm and delve into the real issues behind the sugar-coated news. This unique, father-son detective duo uses their investigative abilities and resources to aggressively research and report on issues left untouched by the corporate media. The show addresses many issues once considered mere fodder for “conspiracy theorists,” tracing their roots from the various events that created them through the fabric of history to the present day.

    The program digs deep into current topics that include questions about who is really running America, who is really benefiting from the massive financial bailouts, who and what is behind controversial legislation such as the NDAA, SOPA, Agenda 21, and other issues that are rarely addressed with focus, clarity and accuracy.

    Certain pivotal events that changed the course of U.S. and world history are also subjected to investigative scrutiny, from the start of the Federal Reserve, to the attacks of 9/11 and events taking place through the various presidential administrations.

    Real information. Real truth. Less hype. Click here for website.

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     Mark Antonacci is an attorney who, for more than thirty years, has studied all aspects of the evidence and its relevance regarding the Shroud of Turin.  He gave a keynote address at the international conference held in Frascati, Italy in conjunction with the Shroud’s last exhibition in 2010 in which he presented a series of scientific tests and experiments to be conducted on the Shroud and its samples.  He is the founder and president of The Resurrection of the Shroud Foundation, a non-profit corporation that funds scientific research relating to the Shroud.  He is the author of The Resurrection of the Shroud (New York: M. Evans and Co., 2000) and is writing another book on this subject.  For more information about his book and foundation, email Mark at antonaccilaw@aol.com.
    The call in number for the show is (347) 994-3992.   Host Rhonda Brackett is an advocate and teacher of the Law of Attaction. The reality is that when one understands how powerful the law is, they can recreate their life in an empowering way and if they do not understand the law of attraction, they will still create their life by what they think about, because the law just is. By understanding the law of attraction and harnessing it, one can have better health, wealth or whatever else they want in their lives.  You can contact Rhonda by calling 314-596-3456.  

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    Dr Peter Shield and the Shroud of Turin

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    Dr Peter Shield was in Malta, where he spent 5 years at the end of my military career working with the archaeological Dept. of Cambridge University on the excavation of Malta's remarkable Catacombs with Dr. David Trump and Victor Camilleri. He has photographed and recorded all the archaeological sites on the islands of Malta and Gozo, including the amazing G’gantija (3,600 – 3,000 B.C.), the earliest freestanding stone monument built by man. It pre dates the pyramids of Egypt and are older than England’s Stonehenge. He filmed a pilot program at “Ghar Dalam” the cave of Darkness, for my World of Unexplained Mysteries (Malta) television series. His work on the remarkable “Shroud of Turin” Mystery resulted in the re mastering of my interviews with the Sturp group, researching the results of their investigative study. Some of his ideas are out there but that is part of the fun.

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