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    Educated Fools, Peeing in the Shower and Who is really getting it on?

    in Romance

    Sheeeee's back!! Come rock out with the Queen of Wetness as she dives deep into the "Educated Fool"


    Peeing in the shower and more...Live at noon EST.

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    Refuge Culture - Dealing with Others

    in Christianity

    Refuge Culture is looking at issues and news from the refugee crisis, the California School district ban on drawing religious cartoons, the attack on Christmas by Starbucks and the federal government telling schools that male students have to shower with female students. 

    In these stories, we see the different views and stances taken by the world. How are we as Christians to deal with their views. What does God's word instruct us to do. 

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    Obama and Hillary Versus God

    in Religion

    The voters of Houston soundly defeated a LGBT bill that could have led to grown men in the bathrooms with little children of the opposite sex! The federal government ruled against a school that would not allow a boy who they call transgender to shower with girls. Daycare workers fired because they would not call a little girl a boy! Obama and Hillary are leading the LGBT revolt against God thusly making themelves the chief enemies of God. Join us as we defend the faith once delivered.

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    Facebook says you cant use the name Pastor! - Showering with transgenders!

    in Politics

    Hr1  Do we really need to use foul-mouthed kids cussing at Donald Trump in a video to make a point? Is this really what we've come to?

    Radio host, Pastor Greg Young says Facebook won't let me be titled Pastor without govt ID, but I do have 21 genders to choose from.

    Should Christians run for public office?

    If the Bible were still read in schools, we wouldn't have the issues that we have in schools today.

    Hr2   Forcing girls to shower and change with transgenders is causing an uproar.

    Gov. Cuomo is begging companies to stay in New York. Gee, I wonder why they want to leave? **sarcasm**

    Media personality, Xander Gibb talks about shared school facilities and transgender teens. Why not make accommodations by revamping the shower stalls to be more private rather than forcing the shower issue? Common sense.

    Woman of the Year and heroes... does it mean anything anymore? We've watered down the meaning of heroes and bravery.

    Using foul-mouthed children to get back at someone is the lowest of the low. Why would a parent allow their children to be involved in something like that?

    Hr3  Jobs report... it's not looking good.

    NY Gov Cuomo begs companies not to leave the state and take jobs with them. Over-regulation kills jobs.

    Nearly 20% of NY's insured about to lose health plans. Gov Cuomo blames Obama. Another Obamacare FAIL.

    NY is learning the hard way... $15 minimum wage is not going to work. The cost? 200,000 jobs!

    Sexting in schools surpasses epidemic proportions... now it's just an everyday occurrence.

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    Lipstik N Lies in the Ladies Room

    in Entertainment

    Health and Beauty

    Make Up Do's and Don't and WTF's.  Most common mistakes used when applying make up. 

    Love and Relationships

    Join the ladies as they Let Go and Cleanse spiritually.  Sometimes we just need to clean and release.

    Blurred Lines 

    When is it okay for your child to interact with the opposite sex?  Should your son or daughter be able to have their boyfriend or girlfriend pend the night

    Celebrity Gossip/Spilled Tea in the Ladies Room

    Chinx Drugz murdered, wife attends baby mama's baby shower after his death

    What happened with Jurnei and Jose?  

    Rick Ross former fiance suggesting that she was beaten

    August Alsina and mother beefin or is he trying to sale records.

    More talks about the Game and his IG photos

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    WwMStyle Studio Presents:

    in Spirituality

    Tonight at 9 pm eastern time,it's going down WayWalker Style! Join us as we give you the 411on the most wickedest civilization to have lived with exception to The days of Noah, and our now present age.

    What did they do to deserve a hellish shower by God Almighty? What does this warn for us today? Much will be shared tonight. Please join us and tell Michael J to bring the popcorn :

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    Team YAHWEH Radio presents: Paul Washer 'Taking the Message to the World'

    in Christianity

    Team YAHWEH Radio presents: Paul Washer from HeartCry Ministries preaching the sermon 'Taking the Message to the World'.' This is a powerful sermon, and has essential themes relevant to growth In Chist; and preaching the Gospel to others In LIGHT of Scripture.

    What does TRUE Christianity look like? How can you tell if you are a Christian? Are you a Christian? If so are you living as a Christian?

    @ALiftedVoice @TeamYAHWEH

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    Power Moods for Success

    in Self Help

    Continue creating space to win by paying attention to your sense of smell. Pat Council will share the types of scents that will help you relax or energize you.  Also, find out ways to increase your productivity.  Shower yourself with success ideas that will help you win big during the month of April.  Use what you already have to achieve success. Repeat

    Visit our website for more ideas that will improve your mood and your productivity. Click Here. 

  • The Shower Cap Is For The Shower

    in Comedy

    On today's show, Brian shares about his quest at Six Flags.

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    Alchemy, Angels & Insights with Pam Rennie and Author Fran Shaw, Phd

    in Spirituality

    Join Alchemist and Way-Shower Pam Rennie in a humor filled enlightening conversation that makes a difference with Fran Shaw, Ph.D. 

    Fran is a longtime practitioner in a spiritual discipline, a professor teaching writing at the University of Connecticut, and an award-winning author whose works include Notes on The Next Attention, Writing My Yoga, and 50 Ways to Help You Write.

     Her new illustrated humor book Lord Have Murphy: Waking Up in the Spiritual Marketplace explores with great fun how contact with a finer Attention awakens us to a completely different level of being alive.While there may be a plethora of books on consciousness, none is quite like the new Amazon #1 bestseller, Lord Have Murphy: Waking Up in the Spiritual Marketplace. It’s a funny, sardonic commentary that’s also a brilliant entrée to a new level of consciousness unknown even to many people who have dabbled in meditation, mindfulness and even yoga.

    Join us for a fun filled and inspiring conversation.

    For more about Fran click here: 

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    Fuck me over and i will burn your shit to the ground: Krama is a bad bitch

    in Books

    What's good in the Classy Bish house Boo's and Bae's sooo today let's get this nigga back for all the hurt and bullshit he put you through!!!! 

    Let's get down and dirty with the fuckery about these with men and "girl" bestfriends??

    And those annoying ass boyfriends that make you want to beat the fuck out of them yesss but most importantly we gonna talk about the L word and how to accept it and embrace it what to look for? is it fuckery or is it real 

    what would you do if your bestfriend has this "new boo" and every time y'all chop up about her boo she tell you how he killed the box and varoius positions he put her in so one day your man come home all sweaty like he been workin out honey!!!! so he goes in the bathroom to shower and that phone ring guess who calling your bestfriend?? what would you do if your bestfriend became your husband mistress??? oh don't get salty felicia you telling all your business smh