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    Bad is doing Good....and WINNING!!

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    Romeo is dead and Bad Girls killed him.

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    The Radio Jihad Show4/16/12- Guest: Shlomo Fleischmann

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    On Today's show our guest will be Holocaust survivor Mr. Shlomo Fleischmann.
    Listen to his radio show  The World from a Jewish Perspective.
    Check out his blog and biography
    The Radio Jihad Show on the Radio Jihad Network is show led by Vito Esposito that explores the current events of the day and how they apply to our enemies both foreign and domestic.
    RJN defines who our enemies are, their ideological doctrine, tactics of operation inside the United States and overseas, who the operatives are, and what motivates them from a military, religious, tactical, and operationally.
    Our enemies are Communism, Socialism, Marxism, dictatorships, totalitarian regimes, and political Islam.  
    The world is full of people and governments that want to see our Constitution and Bill of Rights weakened or destroyed.
    The RJN Network is watching and not afraid to comment on political winds affecting our country.
    God Bless America and God Bless Our Troops
    Mama Mia No Shariah

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    Radio Presents Michelle Finegan Saunders

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    As we grow up, there’s the concept of a life plan to follow to assure level of success is being reached.  From school to personal events in life, there’s a path that’s expected to be followed to reach your personal best.  Michelle Finegan Saunders, a certified executive and professional coach, helps individuals and organizations achieve fast, measurable and sustainable results in the areas of performance improvement, team building, communication, self-awareness, building confidence and leadership skills development.  In essence, Michelle helps her clients think for themselves in terms of “a brand,” what they stand for and how their brand will be successful, evolve and endure over time.
     Through her passion and purpose, she shows people their true potential by enhancing their leadership skills and creating a well-rounded team to back up exceptional work.  Michelle blends 23 years of hands-on experience as a senior manager/executive with the first hand knowledge of the pressure people are under to perform and show ROI in everything they do.  Her mantra is “my client’s success is my success!”
     She is a member of the National Association of Professional Women and the Professional Women in Healthcare, where she mentored other professional women.  Michelle is also an active member in helping find a cure for Diabetes and works with Difference Makers International Organization, which works to eradicate bullying in schools.

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    64th EMMY AWARDS!

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    A discussion about the Emmy awards tonight

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    Respecting Yourself and Others

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    A discussion on the importance of integrity and respect, with a call for donations to made for Milton Bennitt.

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