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    Weight Loss and Business - The Business Forum Show

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    What would weight loss and business have in common? Join hosts Kevin Hunter and David Ford as they discuss the things you need to succeed in losing weight and the things you need to succeed in business. Goal setting, tracking your progress, and having a buddy to help you along the way are key examples of this.



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    Kevin Hunter features Deb Kay, Vegan Chef, on The Business Forum Show

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    Host Kevin Hunter features Deb Kay, a vegetarian and vegancchef, on The Business Forum Show. Tune in to hear how Deb has taken her personal passion and hobby and turned it into a business. 

    Why tune in? The Business Forum Show is business talk radio at its finest! TBFS is on a mission to help more businesses survive in today’s difficult economy. We teach you the attitudes necessary for survival and give you a steady diet of thought provoking and innovative ideas to help bolster your success. 

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    EP Creative Enterprises featured on The Business Forum Show

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    Join host Kevin Hunter and guest Ellen Palestrant of EP Creative Enterprises on The Business Forum Show to talk breaking new pathways in business and life. You have to give yourself permission to try new things, fail, make mistakes, learn, get better at controlling your fear, and ultimately improve yourself and your business. EP Creative Enterprises is a creativity consultant. 

    Here are some thoughts from Ellen:

    The name of my company, EP Creative Enterprises, reflects what I do which is write, paint, produce, and share my thoughts about creativity with others. At this point, I use both my non-fiction book, HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH, The Importance of Creative Thinking, and my poetic, theatrical fantasy for all ages THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE (WITH ITS ACCOMPANYING DVD) as vehicles explore and discuss what is to me, a fascinating subject: Creativity.

    Know that a concept is not enough. It is important for that concept to reach its full potential be it a completed product - or what ever you hope it will be come. Perseverance is everything and so is passion. I know that in real life, it is not always possible to love what you do every day, but try to set aside some time to engage in your passion.

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    CEO Crash Course from Kevin & Dave on The Business Forum Show

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    Have you ever wanted a business of your own? Going from the "Averge Joe" to a "CEO" is a bit more complicated than you might think, but it doesn't mean it's impossible. With clear goals and objectives, a good strategic plan, and a willingness to get outside your comfort zone, you have a pretty good shot. Then we need to point out that it's imperative that you get an outside voice involved in your business, because you will overlook and miss opportunity every day in your organization, by default. 

    Join Kevin Hunter and David Ford as we look as some of the challenges of moving into business ownership, and some of the strategies in overcoming them.

    Why do we broadcast The Business Forum Show? The answer is as simple as this: Every day, another business owner closes the doors of their business for the last time. Why? Because the truth is that business is very hard, and this statement is supported by the 96% statistic of business owners that never make it to a 10 year anniversary. The good news is that you don't have to be on the wrong side of this statistic. What we've learned is that with good written goals and objectives, a sound strategic plan in place, and your own willingness to step outside of your comfort zone, you can give yourself a 75-80% chance of success.

    On The Business Forum Show, we focus on the challenges of business, and the things that keep you awake at night. That's why our stories are so relatable, because every business owners suffers from very similar things.

    Join Kevin Hunter and David Ford weekdays here on BlogTalkRadio for a 24 hour streaming show of our broadcast.

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    Revive Wellness - Dawn Woods with Kevin Hunter on The Business Forum Show

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    Host Kevin Hunter features guest Dawn Woods of Revive Wellness and Medical Aesthetics in Longview, Washington. Dawn uses her experience and education in the nursing field as a family nurse practictioner to the next level by offering the following services: botox (relaxers), juvederm ( fillers), chemical peels, nutrition services. Dawn is passionate about her business because she can use her skills to improve women's lives and help them achieve their beauty goals. 

    To reach Dawn Woods of Revive Wellness, please call or visit:



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    Hiring Challenges - Kevin Hunter and David Ford on The Business Forum Show

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    At The Business Forum Show, we often hear that business owners have trouble finding the right people to fill open positions. Don't get us wrong - there is a lot to consider in the hiring process. Employers need someone with the correct skill set for the job who is happy with the wages, demands of the position. However, the most important part of the hiring process is the interview and here's why: You can see someone's skills and experience on paper, but you can't tell what their attitude is. We've found that it's much easier to hire a willling participant and teach them the skills they need to know than it is to have a technically sound person who is stubborn or impersonable. 

    Whatever the case may be, consider what hosts Kevin Hunter and David Ford have to make the hiring process more transparent for you. Plan for success. Make it happen!

    What makes The Business Forum Show so unique? We aren’t reporting business news or talking about what happened in the stock market today. Our cast has been in and out of thousands of different companies and we understand both domestic and international markets. Regardless of what your business model is, it’s likely we’ve seen it employed in countless other businesses and understand both the strengths and weaknesses of your plan. Every day we witness the sweat, blood, and tears that owners have invested in their companies. Perhaps more importantly, we’ve seen some of the most unique companies, run by some of the most amazing business owners, many of whom are breaking all the ‘traditional rules’ of business. Do you have any idea what unreasonable limits you might have you placed on your own success? It’s time to find out. Tune in today!

  • How to Create Leverage in Life and Business

    in Marketing

    Creating leverage in life and business may sound generic, but I can assure you that this show will be anything but. 

    My guest today, Jason Hartman, is going to give us very specific strategies and techniques for business owners to use. 

    We're going to learn how to mix real estate investing and entrepreneurship. 

    And he's going to share 3 major areas you want to apply leverage in your life and business...one of these I have never even thought of! 

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    Marnie Swedberg joins Kevin Hunter on The Business Forum Show

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    Host Kevin Hunter features Marnie Swedberg on The Business Forum Show. In addition to hosting numerous Google #1-ranked websites generating millions of hits/year, Marnie Swedberg is the author of 12 books, manages the family restaurant and retail store, hosts her own radio talk show plus does media and speaking appearances. Marnie shares her broad experience as she mentors thousands of super busy leaders with her unique approach to being B.U.S.Y. -Best Unique Strategies for You. She is fun and fast-paced, yet peaceful and approachable.

    To reach Marnie, please visit


    To contact The Business Forum Show, please call 360-430-5007 or email stephanie@thebusinessforumshow.com


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    BiCoastal Media joins Kevin Hunter on The Business Forum Show

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    Host Kevin Hunter features Guest Phil Roger of BiCoastal Media, a radio organization that covers California, Oregon, and Washington. Phil is connected with the radio station in Longview, Washington, including the following stations:

    KBAM-AM/FM Now Country 93.5 K-BAM

    KLYK-FM Magic 94.5 Hit Radio

    KRQT-FM Rocket 107 Classic Rock

    KPPK-FM The Peak 98.3 The 80s, 90s and anything else

    KEDO-AM 1400 Newstalk Sportstalk

    For more information about BiCoastal Media, please visit http://bicoastalmedia.com

    Bicoastal Media recognizes that today’s local consumer is mobile and engaged. Our team of professionals have joined Bicoastal Media from a wide range of professional experiences including but not limited to non-profit groups, corporate administrators, business consultants, and media talent from print, television and digital marketing. This diversity ensures a heightened focus on creative legacy and digital marketing approaches and solutions for our client-partners.

    From programming to sales to engineering, IT and administration, we will utilize the resources available and the feedback of every member of our team to provide the necessary planning and execution and monitoring required to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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    The Yelp Bill. How it Can Affect Your Business

    in Education

    Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 2365 into law on September 9. Dubbed by some as the "Yelp bill," it adds a new section to the Civil Code preventing contracts from containing clauses that limit a customer's right to make statements about the business.

    Join Bill, Rick and Steve to examine the bill’s potential affect on your business.

    Bill Bernard – WFBLegalConsulting.com

    Steve Smith – GrowthSourceCoaching.com

    Rick Moscoso – R2VisualStudios.com


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    The Ultimate International Business Radio Show with Erica A Murray

    in Entrepreneur

    Ultimate International Business Experience Radio Show will cater to the needs of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises globally. Erica will show you how to be a successful entrepreneur, who can own and operate your own business have a positive cash flow. The UIBE Radio show will provide you with International News, Informative Talks on Business, Women Business Spotlights, and More. Each week Erica will take you around the world as well as in your own back yard to understand the power that following your dreams and making them happen plays to all entrepreneurs no matter where you are.

    Sponsors:  MWHY Mag   TBAIMS     Rita Ricks     Off The Vine