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    The Indy Cafe; Jonathan Levine , Art and Jonathan Levine Gallery , NYC!

    in Art

    As a youth in the 1980s, LeVine recognized the appeal of countercultural aesthetics including punk flyers, comics, graffiti and tattoos. Beginning in 1994, LeVine became an independent curator, organizing exhibitions at punk and alternative rock venues in the NY/NJ area such as: CBGB, Webster Hall, Max Fish, and Maxwell's. By promoting these visual art forms through group shows in venues that were home to their musical counterparts, LeVine gave a home to this nascent art movement, early on.

    In February 2001, LeVine opened his own gallery Tin Man Alley in New Hope, Pennsylvania. The gallery relocated to Philadelphia in late 2002. In January 2005, LeVine renamed and moved his gallery to the epicenter of the contemporary art world, Manhattan's Chelsea district.

    Jonathan Levine Gallery is committed to new and cutting edge art. Our roots go back to 1995, when Jonathan's life-long participation in punk and underground music grew into a curatorial experiment with the visual culture that surrounded him. We moved to Chelsea in 2005, with an eye towards honoring and connecting with the history and context of Post War art. In 2014, the gallery opened a second space on the ground floor of 557 West 23rd Street. We contribute to the dialogue by challenging the conventions of the canon — exploring the terrain of the high/low and everything in between. Our success in nurturing the careers of Shepard Fairey, Invader, Olek and others motivates us to continue being the voice for this cultural shift. The catalogues we publish, prints we distribute, and museum shows we help to produce reflect our dedication to our artists and community. At the same time, we aim to create an accessible and engaging gallery space.  http://jonathanlevinegallery.com

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    Dr. Wayne Anders Beauty For Ashes

    in Spirituality

    Tune In Thursday 25 June 2015 At 10:00 AM And Hear A Wonderful Message From Dr. Wayne Anders Titled: " Beauty For Ashes".  God Wants To Take The Ashes Of Yesterday's Ruin And Give You Beauty In Every Area Of Your Life.

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    in Spirituality


    June 24th  – Wayne Booker


    Wayne has been with FedEx in Memphis for 29 years but works closely with the Shelby County School System – speaking to youth about the value of persistence in pursuit of their objectives.  He was cut from his high school team every year for 3 years but went on to be named a hall of famer with both Itawamba Community College and South Eastern Louisiana University.  His book is Two Time Hall of Fame.

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    Dr. Wayne Anders The Power Of Your Words

    in Spirituality

    Tune In Saturday 20 June 2015 At 10:00 AM And Listen To A Great Message Titled:  The Power Of Your Words By Dr. Wayne Anders.  Your Words Have Power.  You Ignite Supernatural Power Every Day Of Your Life, For Good Or For Evil, Through The Words That You Speak!

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    in Music

    Happy Summer! Today you'll get a special treat with Musician James Olmos 's performance at Gallery Rouge. Tune in for some awesome music! You can follow James on twitter.


    About James Olmos

    Songwriter & Photographer who finds creative outlets through life's moments. My inspiration and muse, along with my medium often changes as I discover and cross new paths.

    I take chances with my art and I'm constantly evolving.  I'm curious and can't sit still. I get anxious and crave exploration on many levels.

    My social network posts range from songs I've written, photographs I've captured and blog ramblings about my philosophical thoughts and life's moments.

    I also enjoy a healthful lifestyle and I'm passionate about obstacle course racing (OCR), mud runs, trail runs and the all-out, kick ass times I have while breathing, living and journeying through life's moments.

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    Travis and Vic's Drunken Horror Adventures: John Wayne Gacy

    in Entertainment

    It's time to return to the world of real serial killers as we talk about arguably the most notorious serial killer of all time in John Wayne Gacy. The "Killer Clown" is the topic of conversation as we return with a new panel of experts. Joining us will be the writer of "Johnny And Me", Barry Boschelli who was actually the childhood friend of Gacy. Also re-joining us will be "The Chicago History Cop" Ray Johnson who has some interesting theories to discuss and/or dismiss. As always, this show is loaded! Lastly, Adam Selzer will be joining us as he has a unique perspective as he lives in Chicago and researches quite a bit of the spooky history of the city.




    Intro music: Sufjan Stevens "John Wayne Gacy Jr"


    Our email is tandvhorror@gmail.com

    You can find us discussing the show along with some horror-related topics on Twitter @TravNVicHorror

    You can find Travis on Twitter @PhenomenalTLD

    You can find Vic on Twitter @vicvonerich

    When things get out of control…that’s when you’ll want to check our YouTube channel as we do EXCLUSIVE  “Travis and Vic’s Drunken Horror Adventures” videos on there from time to time as well. Subscribe to TandVHorror and watch the chaos take place.

    Last, but not least, give us a “like” on Facebook at: Facebook.com/travisnvichorror

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    Wayne and Arthur.

    in Relationships

    Two men of God who Devine providence brought together . Minister Wayne from West Dallas. And Pastor Arthur from West Africa.  Listen to these two men of steel sharpen their spiritual Witt  through deep conversation  and  a keen sense of the sign of the times. You will gain a clarity of scripture and divine purpose you never thought possible. God in us. Tune in and listen to  the voice of God as he speaks through his humble servants on your life

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    Authors Supporting Authors with Wayne Clark

    in Self Help

    Montreal's Time is the same as Eastern Time (New York, NY, USA)

    Award-winning author Wayne Clark was born in 1946 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, but has called Montreal home since 1968. Woven through that time frame in no particular order have been interludes in Halifax, Toronto, Vancouver, Germany, Holland and Mexico.

    By far the biggest slice in a pie chart of his career would be labelledReaders' Favorite International Book Award including newspapers and magazines, as a reporter, editor and freelance writer.

    Wayne, author of he & She, a literary fiction novel published in October 2013, is the recipient of the Readers' Favorite International Book Award.

    The other, smaller slices of the pie would also represent words in one form or another, in advertising as a copywriter and as a freelance translator. However, unquantifiable in a pie chart would be the slivers and shreds of time stolen over the years to write fiction.

    Visit him at: www.wayne-clark.com  or at:


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    Dr. Wayne Anders Joint- Heirs With Christ

    in Spirituality

    Tune In Mondat 28 June 2015 at 10:00 AM And Listen To A Great Message By Dr. Wayne Anders Titled:  Joint-Heirs With Christ!   I Intend To Get My Inheritance As A Joint-Heir With Jesus Christ, The First Begotten and...I Want You To Take Hold Of Your Inheritance!

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    Dr. Wayne Anders The Priest Of Your House

    in Spirituality

    Tune In Friday 26 June 2015 at 10:00 AM And Listen To A Great Message By Dr. Wayne Anders Titled: " The Priest Of Your House".  Satan Is Destroying Our Children.  Young People Are Going To Hell Because They Do Not Have Christian Parents.  Fathers Are Designated By God As The Priests In Their Homes.  They Are Responsible For Bringing Their Families To God!

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