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    Dan Rockwell - The Leadership Freak: Empowering Leaders 300 Words at a Time

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    The Leadership Freak: Empowering Leaders 300 Words at a Time by Dan Rockwell

    This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Dan Rockwell. The original live interview was 1/30/15.

    Leadership Freak blog began in January of 2010. Dan started writing because he felt a deep need to share the leadership lessons he was learning. Although he started leading at a young age, the last ten years of studying leadership changed his life.

    Today, Leadership Freak is read in virtually every country on the globe and has been recognized as the most socially-shared leadership blog of 2012 and 2013. There are over a quarter million subscribers to Leadership Freak’s social media channels. Dan boasts over 301,621 Leadership Freak followers, fans, and subscribers.

    Dan also owned two businesses and served fifteen years as a Workforce Development Consultant for a Penn State University Special Affiliate. In that capacity, he designed courses, hired and mentored instructors, and delivered hundreds of presentations for local, regional, and global organizations.

    His website is leadershipfreak.wordpress.com/                 

    For more information about the Executive Girlfriends' Group see: http://www.executivegirlfriendsgroup.com

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    Turn It Up Tuesdays - Listening Session: [Freak Show] by Sir Nasty

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    Turn It Up Tuesdays hosted by Magi Love, the spot to get connect with aspiring individuals worldwide.

    Playing some of the best indie artists, interviewing individuals from all walks of life and discussing random topics.

    Exclusive Listening Session: American Horror Story: FreakShow by Sir Nasty

    A few times in each entertainment era, the game gets an anomaly. January, 1983 in Berlin,
    Germany such a star was born. Residing now in Macon, GA. after years of
    worldwide travel, Sir Nasty developed an affinity for music at just five years
    old. Now a father, songwriter, and devoted Christian, Sir Nasty is breaking
    every mold known to industry with his new genre, “Horror Music.”
    Praised by fans as a “Gothic Gangster,” Sir Nasty goes against the grain that
    most mainstream are wooed into following. Connecting early on with the
    gothic nation, and saving lives with one on one interaction, influenced Sir
    Nasty to mold and create within his own genre of rap music. Often wearing
    skulls, masks and black threads, Sir Nasty makes a clear statement that his
    individuality is not for sale.
    Sir Nasty and his label “Graveyard Entertainment” dismiss the notion that one
    has to sell out to make it. The skull gang, and urban gothic movements, are
    more powerful than ever. Putting to rest the cross cultural theories that are
    manipulated by media. Sir Nasty's out of the box style has fans from all over
    roaring for more. "Horror Music" makes bold, stand alone statements that not
    just any artist can live up to.



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    Season 4: Live interview w/ Young Shorty

    in Women

    Tonight we will be interviewing hip hop prodigy Young Shorty! She will be sharing her life story about her stardom and more interesting facts! ladies dont miss this! 

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    PQW Interview w/ Shorty of Da Lench Mob & Sylk E. Fyne

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    The Platinum Queens West family warned you that were coming out swinging in 2015 and far too many seriously thought were playing...but wait; there’s more; While there are those whom are placing that ice pack over their wounded egos, this week’s special guest will be none other that Shorty of Da Lench Mob. This Crenshaw, California native is renown as one of the members of the award-winning Gangsta Rap group featuring the infamous works such as Guerillas In Tha Mist and Planet of Da Apes. This weekend, we have an extended sit down with West Coast royalty about his ongoing journey as a man, an artist and everything pertaining and beyond...

    Never to be out done and responsible for blazing the trails for all...not some, female West Coast legend Sylk E. Fyne coming though to show love to the PQW family and let the world know what's all good with her back then, now and in the future. The 1st West Coast female artist to earn Gold will bless us and the people with her flawless yet genuine self. An undeniable talent that is looking forward to come home and get it in.

    Per usual, the following views and opinions are unedited and can be deemed flammable to ears, hearts, minds & egos of a ‘delicate’ nature. Listener’s digression and full body flame retardant armor is strongly advised. Standard issued Pepto Bismol is available for those with moderate or severe cases of heartburn...

    To those black businesses, artists and entrepreneurs abroad, looking to get put on or advertisement; your information must be sent to platinumqueen1@gmail.com. We take care of our own here as we all must stand up and represent. Also, comments, show topics and all things pertaining are most welcomed and will possibly be read on the air. We broadcast live each Sunday at 6PM Eastern Standard Time/3PM Pacific Standard Time. See you there...

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    Welcome Back to the Front Row! Crafty & The Adamizer EP 1

    in Current Events

    We're back! And by "we" I actually mean "we" this time and not just speaking of myself in some sort of made-up collective effort as I have been known to do. No, "we"! That's right, yours truly has found a pertner in crime. The yang for his ying, the jelly for his peanut butter....shit, that all sounds a little gay, don't it? Ladies and gents, may I present to you, the Adamizer! He's a fellow conspiracy analyst and also hails here in FEMA Region 1 but to be perfectly honest, that's all we're allowed to say other than he'll be broadcasting to us from an undsiclosed location in the White Mountains, 

    Join the Adamizer and I as we begin this new chapter in the albeit brief but very sordid and murky but occassionaly brilliant history that is, the Front Row At The Freak Show. Tonight, we'll mostly be dipping our proverbial beaks in the freaky waters, getting to know each other a little bit and of course, espousing our views on probably a little bit of everything as we see it in the Front Row. Our main focus tonight will be sort of a "State of the Freak Show" address as we each see it and provide the jumping off point to wherever the hell it is where going with this. 

    Naturally, along the way we'll try to spice it up and takes some entertainement breaks. Comedy this evening will be provide by the one and only, Mr. George Carlin while the muisc portion is still yet, TBD but you can bet your boots it's gonna be something good. Actually, I have something in mind but want to surprise the Adamizer so, can't write it down here. Let's just say you can probably bank on a little, Man in Black. 

    OK you freaks! Wednesday 2/25 8:30, be there! FYI: Our regular show will resume on Mondays at that time. 

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    A Conversation with Keisha River Shorty

    in Christianity

    Keisha A. Rivers Shorty is a strategist, consultant, speaker and author.  She wears two hats-as the founder and Executive Director of The KARS Institute for Learning & Collaboration, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide training, resources and support to nonprofits, community organizations, churches, schools and small businesses--and also the founder and managing consultant of The KARS Group, LTD, which specializes in providing personal and professional strategic development services to small businesses, organizations and individuals.  Ms. Rivers Shorty is a grant writer, adjunct instructor, former foundation executive director, educator and administrator.  She is a motivational and inspirational speaker and published author.  She assists clients in fueling their passion, aligning with their passion and building their legacy through Knowledge of Self (Released & Ready); Knowledge of Strategies (BeastMode Boot Camps) and Knowledge of Systems (The KARS Institute).  Discover more information about her services and programs atwww.karsgroup.com, www.releasedandready.com andwww.karsinstitute.org.

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    The Mark-Alert: The Everything Wrestling Show

    in Wrestling

    On today's show we will breakdown the 13th Anniversary card for ROH (Ring of Honor Wrestling) for this Sunday.

    Also, we will be breaking down PWG From Out of Nowhere this Friday night.

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    Fantasy Sports With Shorty T and LT!!!!

    in Sports

    Well folks that's right, it's that time again for Football season to reign supreme on the weekends. So Shorty T and LT have taken the off season to study the teams and get our crystal balls nice and warmed up so we are ready to give you the run down in anything going on in Fantasy football this season, also our weekly picks in Pro football each and every week....So call us up, ask a question or two and debate on who will do what this season with our resident guru's of fantasy football...Also follow us on twitter @Blksheep_Radio and like us up on facebook at www.facebook.com/blksheepradio

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    Please read this article my Empath skype friend sent to me http://www.myfoxtwincities.com/story/26687514/charges-omegle-chat-meet-up-turned-into-nightmare-in-burnsville-basement

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    Doctor #14's BEST SF: 2014 in Review; FLASH; CAPTAIN AMERICA; AHS: FREAK SHOW!

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    You want to get "all the poop" on syfy, fantasy, thriller, and horror series & movies currently out there? Well, you've come to the right place! James Iaccino, the soon-to-be regenerated Doctor #14 of Time & Space, discusses all shows that are fantastic, including more of the AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAK SHOW series!  Plus for this New Year's Special, we do the 2014 Year in Review of THE BEST SyFy/ Fantasy in Movies and on TV!  So tune in and be amazed by what you hear from Doctor #14! Rest assured, it will be way out- but fantastic and always awesome!

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    The Freak Show; Anything and Everything Sex

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    Dating and relationships overall in the millennium can be confusing. One thing you should be pretty sure about though is your sex game! Have you figured out what type of sexual creature you are and if so what makes you hot under the collar? How do you lay your stunt double down! Let's have a random and candid conversation about sex in the millennium! Are you getting any? Call in and tell Ms Kitty about your MEOW

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