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    BSN-BBQSuperStars Shopping Network

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    BSN BBQSuperStars Shopping Network

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    Love Addiction with Sherry Gaba

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    Edie Weinstein and Sherry Gaba discuss love addiction and the journey people often take from addiction to recovery in interpersonal relationships as well as the one we have with ourselves.

    Sherry Gaba, LCSW, is a Licensed Psychotherapist, featured on VH1's Celebrity Rehab as Dr. Drew Pinsky's go-to expert.  Sherry regularly appears on CNN, The Bio Channel, Showbiz Tonight, E!News, and Fox News, Sherry’s the author of The Law of Sobriety, which uses the Law of Attraction to help people recover from addiction. 

    Edie Weinstein is a journalist, speaker, interfaith minister and licensed social worker who invites people to live rich, full, juicy lives.  

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    BSN-BBQSuperStars Shopping Network

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    BSN you one stop to make your next cook out a whole lot better tune in every 7pm EST!

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    Join us as we delve into the dark world of addiction. There are many forms of addiction and also many alternative cures..

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    Prime Threat - Shattering the Power of Addiction

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    Joan Peck Prime Threat - Shattering the Power of Addiction is a book that forces you to look at life differently.  It is a powerful book of channeled discussions between myself and my son that explains his addictions and addictions as a whole in a greater spiritual sense - the whys, the ways, and the solutions.  It is a book that goes even deeper into the understanding of how the energies of the Universe work, ensuring us that we have the power to choose how we want to live - hopefully, one without addictions.  It is a book of hope and possibilities.

    Joan S. Peck

    Having come from a family who loved to read all categories of books, it is no surprise that Joan wanted to write – just not the way it began.  After watching her son struggle with addictions from early childhood until his death at the age of 36, Joan was driven to know how his addictions began and why his life ended up the way it did.  Working with her son, Jay, from the other side, and asking all the questions she wanted answered, she now shares with you their loving true account of his many lifetimes of addictions and shows you how it is possible to live without addictions now.

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    Thanksgiving, Drama, and Holiday Shopping

    in Lifestyle

    Hey EVERYONE thanks as always for tuning into your girls Bambie and Dusty.Today we will be taking about Thanksgiving, some Thanksgiving Drama,and Holiday Shopping! Are you really getting the best deals this holiday season?


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    BSN-BBQSuperStars Shopping Network

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    BSN-BBQSuperStars Shopping Network

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    BSN-BBQSuperStars Shopping Network

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    Get the best their is at a great price

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    Addiction BOSS Episode 2 - AJ Mihrzad - Online Super Coach

    in Self Help

    AJ Mihrzad is the author of the best selling book,
    “The Mind Body Solution: Train your Brain for Permanent Weight Loss.”

    His writing has also been featured in The Huffington Post, Men’s Fitness,
    and Bodybuilding.com.

    AJ is a keynote speaker at high end entrepreneurial and personal development
    events. He is also the host of the popular podcast, the Online SuperCoach Podcast,
    available on iTunes. Along with inspiring the lives of the general public, he is
    dedicated to helping Fitness Professionals and Health Coaches create an ethical
    and profitable online income through his business mentorship program
    available at OnlineSuperCoach.com.

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    Online Shopping

    in Current Events

    Learn shop onlin shoppiing no only has become the best way to shop but how is can benefit non profit charities. On our show today you will be introduced to one of the leaders in the industry of on line shoppiing and dedicated to helpng people succed in this wonderful new world on Online Shopping. 

    Sponsored by GRCN Conecting Comunities. Feel free to visit our on line store and do you shopping with the knowledge that the proceeds will go towards our support programs for our youth. Click here: http://www.shop.com/search/grcn

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    in Spirituality


    Addiction is all-pervasive within the realm of illusion and is how the field of illusion appears and prepares its ensnarements: through the consensual inverted responsiveness of fear.

    SPELLBREAKER breaks this agreement to liberate the spiritual body through casting out the affliction of the virus of addiction from the soul and genetik code within the corporeal structure of the human sentient being, releasing the binding of fear and extracting essence lost through the predation of the intensive negative spiritual energy of perversity that afflicts the body, heart, mind, family, community, institution and society with the spiritual disease of addiction through the corruption of the fire element.

    Osel Jason Jennings and Farida Gipson burtt with Mia Souvannarath will offer the liberating Empowerment of the Energy Matrix of Primordial Purity to facilitate the release and transmutation of the spiritual virus of addiction through the purification of the fire element, revealing the nature of maya and how the field of illusion appears as the inversion of the actuality of truth. From there we will invoke and activate thoroughgoing soul retrieval and restoration of the vital life force to bring balance and harmony to the seat of the WILL. Finally we will access the Energy Matrix of Primordial Purity directly to receive conference of the wisdom mind empowerment and wisdom seat enthronement within the heart of Lotus Speech, Primordial Purity, releasing tremendous ocean waves of forgiveness, healing and LETTING GO worldwide!