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    Worked Shoot Wrestling Podcast Episode 103 International Recruits

    in Wrestling

    The first week of wrestling of 2016 has been a roller coast of news. New Japan continued its run of quality Tokyo Dome shows followed by news of the possible departure of major players to the WWE. WWE has shaken up the Royal Rumble with adding the World Title as the prize to the winner, which followed with news of John Cena going under the knife again. TNA Impact debuts on an non High Defination quality Network with the return of a Cowboy and a Miracle.

    Check out the latest episode of 2015 Nominee for Best New Wrestling Podcast "The Worked Shoot Wrestling Podcast" with hosts Corey Richman and Jason Brookes talking all the latest wrestling news of the week.

    Twitter: @workedshootpod

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    Work & Shoot The Wrestling and MMA Podcast

    in Sports

    Join MMA Star Mike "Downtown" Bruno and the controversial Jay Pagliaro for discussions on TUF 21, and WWE Extreme Rules! We will deliver talk that is worth listening to, while cutting no corners, pulling no punches and delivering discussion in a no holds barred manner. Feel free to give us a call to make your predictions for Extreme Rules, to shoot the shit or to give your insight on anything in the world of pro wrestling/sports entertainment or Mixed Martial Arts. Come on.. You know you want to! Follow the buzzards, pick up your phone and call now!

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    Worked Shoot Wrestling Podcast Episode 101 Best of 2015 Awards

    in Wrestling

    Worked Shoot Podcast Best of the Year for 2015 is here. Hosts Corey Richman and Jason Brookes take to the microphone to spread some positive thoughts on the year in wrestling on Christmas Eve. Will we agree with the Slammy's (probably not)?

    Wrestler of the Year 

    Match of the Year 

    Breakout Star of the Year 

    Tag Team of the Year 

    Promotion of the Year 

    Feud of the Year 

    Standout Moment of the Year 

    Announcer of the Year

    Who do you choose?? Let us know on Twitter @workedshootpod or @paladin808

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    Worked Shoot Podcast: Episode 99: Tater Tote Blues

    in Wrestling

    The Worked Shoot Podcast is back with another fresh take on the week of pro wrestling with hosts Corey Richman and Jason Brookes. Triple H talks to the wrestling media following another lackluster WWE Raw. The WWEi s back with TLC PPV should we care? What will be better NXT London or WWE TLC?

  • 01:13

    Worked Shoot Wrestling Podcast Episode 100 Return of the Chairman

    in Wrestling

    The 100th episode of The Worked Shoot Wrestling Podcast talking Reigns' title win & what this means for future storylines. We also discuss improvements to RAW and preview ROH's Final Battle PPV and NXT Takeover.

  • 01:13

    Worked Shoot Wrestling Podcast Episode 97 Despicable Entertainment

    in Wrestling

    New edition of The Worked Shoot Podcast with hosts Jason Brookes and Corey Richman talking the week in wrestling. WWE once again uses a death to foward a storyline and have they gone to far? Destination America will be out of the wrestling business shortly so what is next for Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor Wrestling?

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    Worked Shoot Wrestling Podcast Episode 96 Who is the Man!!

    in Wrestling

    The Worked Shoot Podcast is back with a look at another crazy week in the landscape of wrestling. With the injury to champion Seth Rollins what has the WWE decide to do and is it right for business. Does Roman Reigns take his spot as the MAN at Survivor Series or will the Authority find a new pawn to take Rollins place? Ten years ago this week the great Eddie Guerrero passed away we take a moment to look back. Hosts Corey Richman and Jason Brookes talk these topics and a whole lot more on this brand new episode of the podcast!!

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    Work & Shoot

    in Sports

    Episode 4 we discuss the passing of Corey Hill . The Ultimate Fighter season 21 episode 3&4. Mark Hunt receiving the most strikes, a new record. Frankie Edgar v. Urijah Faber. Plus Daniel Bryan dropping the I.C. Title due to injury , Raw , Riegns, Rollins & Ambrose, The Wyatts & more

  • 01:10

    Worked Shoot Wrestling Podcast Episode 95 MEX AMERICAN WWE

    in Wrestling

    The Worked Shoot Podcast is back with your hosts Corey Richman and Jason Brookes talking the week in wrestling on a Football Sunday while watching NFL RedZone what is the worst that could happen? Is it finally Roman Reigns time to be the "face of the WWE"? Alberto Del Rio is back in the WWE is he a short term fill in for John Cena or is he the Mexican star the McMahon family has been hoping for?

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    Worked Shoot Wrestling Podcast Episode 94 HIAC and a Gorgeuos Smackdown

    in Wrestling

    Tyler Breeze debuts on Smackdown and it is awesomeness and gives the The Worked Shoot Podcast a truly positive moment this week in wrestling. John Cena is taking sometime off and what will this mean joined with the injury to Randy Orton. WWE presents WWE Hell in a Cell on Sunday why does it feel so unimportant? Join host Corey Richman and Jason Brookes talk the past two weeks in wrestling.

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    Worked Shoot Podcast: Episode 105Phenomenal and Electrifying

    in Wrestling

    With the arrival of another New York Blizzard it must be time to recap the WWE Royal Rumble and the return of the Rock in Miami. Hosts Jason Brookes and Corey Richman discuss the returnn of the "Great One" and the debut of the "Phenomenal One" to the WWE. This week the WWE crowned Triple H as champion and announced the main event for Fastlane to start the build for Mania. AJ Styles is finnaly made it to the big time, how high is his ceiling can be!

    Do you believe in MIRACLES, Jason does....