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    LIVE interview with Richmond,CA Native Author Shonda Dilliehunt

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    Truth be told, most stories of this gravity are posthumous biographies told long after the hero (or in this case heroine) has passed. However, this was not to be the case for one Shonda Dilliehunt. Instead of being an homage to its subject, Shonda Dilliehunt, this autobiographer was able to make it out of the mean Bay Area streets to tell her own story, and it soon becomes obvious why.

    From the jump her parents knew she was a, “Cold Piece.”

    A Cold Piece is a harrowing, coming-of-age autobiography, told by none other than Shonda Dilliehunt, the “Cold Piece,” herself. In a world filled with gangstas, dope boys, fast cash and the highest of stakes within it, Shonda wasn’t someone who was sworn in but rather born in. From her introduction to the game by her parents in the soulful, yet dope-fueled and filled 70’s it was obvious from the outset that Shonda had all of the odds stacked against her, yet with her disarming looks, charm, and street smarts Shonda was able to rise to the top of a notoriously male-dominated game.

    While so many fall victim to the unforgiving streets, Shonda, using her keen sensibilities as a woman, shrewd street savvy, and innate charm is able to become a victor amidst the chaotic workings of the underworld. This gripping page-turner highlights her entry into the game and rise within it all while holding back none of the gritty realities that define it. As Shonda comes up her world falls down around her, but with her uncompromising determination and unrelenting dedication to make it through it all her story reflects the triumph over tragedy ethos that has the ability to impact and inspire.

    Touching on everything from beef, betrayal, loss, love, and ultimately redemption, A Cold Piece has all of the makings of an instant classic in the burgeoning genre of urban non-fiction. .

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    How to Start and Market Your Own Business with Shonda Goodwin

    in Entrepreneur

           This episode is a discussion about how to start and market your own business.  Our guest, Mrs. Shonda Goodwin, is starting and marketing her customized greeting card business, Shonda's Greeting Cards.  She has also started a marketing business, Women Entreprenuers Marketing Your Own Business, to assist others in promoting their business. 

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    Rock Star Bikini Co-Founder Shonda Lewis

    in Business

    Shonda Lewis and her Business Partners/Renowned Trainer Mike Davies of the www.mikedaviesfitness.com  has one of The World’s Largest Bikini Contest- www.rockstarbikini.com, shortly after creating the contest, they launched the RSB Swimwear and clothing line. This dynamite team also manages the careers of several models and athletes.  Mikes Davies believes, that you should help people take their career to the next level.  When our clients win, so do we! It’s a team effort.”Shonda Lewis had been seen on Tyra Bank Show, and this season Bravo Network’s “Millionaire Matchmaker” due to her busy schedule she hired expert Patty Stanger  to set her up with an potential mate.  

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    Laughter & Confusion: Bill Cosby's Scandal vs Shonda's Scandal

    in Television

    What a wild week in TV and entertainment! From "America's Dad" to Shonda's Winter Finales, there was certainly no shortage of Scandal in the news.

    Did you tune into HTGAWM? We finally found out #WhoKilledSam, sorta. Which leads us to question where they will take the show in its second season.  

    There are also some major revelations in daytime TV, who is getting canceled or who should be?

    Your resident TV talkers (@expertviewertv & @cruzmedia)  are giving you the rundown on what shows we think are worth checking out! 

    What have you been watching? What should we be discussing? Join our live stream at 1:30PM (11/24/14) to get the real-time scoop to send you off into a week of gratitude and grub. 

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    in Spirituality

    Don't miss this week's slice of the Bread of Life - The Wheat Report as we feature SHONDA ENGLISH. You can also enjoy clean christian humor, good gospel music, an inspirational message and BREADCRUMBS (tidbits of news in the gospel world). Come by and let us feed your soul.........for more details www.thewheatreport.com

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    Women Images In Media

    in Entertainment

    As more and more reality stars are created, images of women have become increasingly negative. There are reality programs that show women as money thirsty shopaholics with synthetic weaves, fake boobs and bottoms.  The men are rarely seen in most of the reality shows, and when they are seen, the men appear weak, subserviant or criminal.  Movies are depicting women of color as lonely, overeducated extremely successful beings too arrogant or powerful to have a family.  The women behind the independent lens is fighting for a platform to promote all aspects of womenhood.  Today we will focus on the images in Media and how women can become more responsible in presenting themselves to the masses. FEEL FREE TO ADVERTISE YOUR PRODUCTS GOODS AND SERVICES. SEND YOUR INFORMATION TO DARLENERENEELEWIS@YAHOO.COM 

    Call (213) 943-3736



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    Laughter and Confusion: Breaking Down TV's Hottest Topics This Week

    in Television

    EV & KC - your two resident TV watchers are breaking down what's hilarious, awful and amazing on the small screen.

    From TGIT to The Walking dead, find out what's turning our stomach's or making us fall out in laughter.

    We'll give you a rundown on what's hot and what's soooo should be getting canceled. Tune in to us on Wednesday at 1:30PM (EST) for the latest and greatest. 

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    The Woman Cave with Candice Payne

    in Women

    Shonda Rhimes TGIT. Are the "gay scenes" over the top?

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    Women Leading & Taking Over Entertainment

    in Current Events

    In all forms of entertainment, music, film and television, women are leading and taking over. Some names that come to mind are Shonda Rhimes with ABC, Amy Pascal, Co-Chairman of Sony Pictures and music executive Sylvia Rhome. These women are creating and distributing their own content, while green lighting projects too. Today's guest has started a multi-media brand and organization that celebrates and builds camaraderie amongst women working in the entertainment industry. Ms. Shelia Henley, founder of W.IN.E (Women IN Entertainment), will discuss women in the entertainment industry, Wednesday, October 29th, 2014, 2pm/3pm(CST/EST). Follow show hashtag #4DPRadio. (W.IN.E (Women IN Entertainment) Logo is trademarked 

    Creator & Executive Producer, Dexter Martin

    About The “HotSpot” Radio Show w/Dexter: The “HotSpot” Radio Show w/ Dexter is a current events news show focusing on the “hot” & trending topics, people are talking about. The host, Dexter Martin, is a senior public relations professional and the founder and principal of 4DPR Strategies, a boutique PR firm based in Chicago. The “HotSpot” hits on BlogTalkRadio, the last Wednesday of the month.

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    The Filthy Dish

    in Pop Culture

    The crew from The Filthy Dish is back live! This is going to be a power packed show especially now that Pynk Celebrity correspondent Miles Bloxson is coming through for the Miles Moment and she's got plenty to discuss! On tonight's show we will be covering everything from LeAnn Rhimes and Eddie Cibrian to the latest drama with TLC pulling Here Comes Honey Boo after Mama June got herself in a tizzy with a pedophile. Joan Rivers may be gone but her influence is still here we'll discuss her posthumously released "Burn Book"! That and more so tune in and make your Saturday a little juicier!

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    The Tatum Talks: Refusing a Label

    in Current Events

    Many of you heard the news about Raven Symone refusing to label herself as gay or African-American, and that caused an uproar among many.  Why?  Is it so bad to refuse to identify yourself in any form shape or fashion?  What about all that's happening in Shondaland?  She has several shows with black leads, but are they "black enough"?  We will also discuss the new movie "Dear White People" and how such an in-your-face film could affect race relations?

    Tune in, and let's get it in.

    The Tatum Talks!

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