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    'Arrow' 4x07 - 'Brotherhood' Review

    in Film


    'Arrow' 4x07 - 'Brotherhood' Review


    So Andy Diggle is back.  Not as a ghost... well, I guess he his, kinda.  So Diggle wants to take him back, but doesnt want the team to help.  Of course the team is going to help!  Even Ray! Also, Captain Lance grows some big shiny balls, and Damien Darhk continues to be one scary mother!  Until Thea shows up... Speaking of Thea, she's dating Oliver's campaign manager and receiving offers to kill pedophiles from her dad--all in the name of sating that damned bloodlust.  Sigh, good times.

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    Bill Tatro--Survival Is The Key #2878

    in Finance

    Bill Tatro is concerned about survival, both economic and physical. He's concerned about the prospects of deflation. All the money being printed doesn't get out there, it's on the balance sheet of the banks. Traditionally, the only way to get out of deflationary spirals is through war. Is that where we're heading now? 

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    Data Analytics and Global Talent Gaps

    in Business

    It is said that what is measured, is what is capable of change.  But everything can be measured and everything can be changed overnight.  However, 65% of change efforts fail and yes, some of that is attributed to the change management process, but come on let's not put all of the accountability on the change management folks.  What about the data analysis and findings that gave life to the change?  Yes, data does lie.  And that's because numbers can tell you what you want them to tell you.  There are a lot of qualitative data that are overlooked everyday in organizations because they are easier to put into an excel sheet and present for buy-in decisions, not because they are the whole truth.  During this episoce, we will discuss one area that Data is highly used, yet not necessarily in the most effective way.



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    A Kind Voice on Books

    in Books

    This week on A Kind Voice on Books, we are so happy to be speaking with Kita Szpak, Happiness Expert and Author. She will tell us all about her Children's books, her more recent publication, The SIMPLE Life; Shiny Objects Not Required, and her upcoming 2016 Happiness Road Tour. We hope you can join us at 7EST on Wednesday, for our enlightening conversation.

    Hosted by Erin Rae

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    The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - Elizabeth Chryst

    in Politics Conservative

    Conservative Review's Daniel Horowitz writes, "We can always count on Republicans to take a 90/10 winning national security issue and turn it into a shiny object.  Instead of listening to their constituents and following the calls of 30 governors to shut down Islamic refugee resettlement, Republicans are about to pull the classic bait and switch: pass a phony standalone bill and decline to defund it in the budget bill.

    Much like the “Gang of 8”, the bill, sponsored by Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC), calls for the administration to certify that any refugees brought here from Iraq and Syria are not terrorists. As long as Obama says they are not terrorists he can bring in as many as he wants. Updated language in the bill also requires the FBI Director to sign off on each individual refugee.  However, the bill fails to stop the program and focuses on the wrong issue while giving Obama much-needed cover for his egregious plan.  The House plans to vote on this bill Thursday and has no plans to defund the program.

    Our Capitol Hill Insider Elizabeth Chryst sorts it out.

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    DFS Weekly Show for Fantasy Sports Advice for Fanduel and DraftKings

    in Sports

    Dailyrotohelp.com wants to help you become a very successful DFS player. We helped turn a $25 investment into a 2nd place $25,000 win last season to a lucky subscriber. RotoBraden wants to help you become a better player on both Fanduel, and DraftKings. We will be bringing you our DFS Breakdown on Sundays for the MLB until NFL comes along. Once the NFL comes along, we will put baseball on the shelf until next season and focus on NFL. So join us for MLB action Sunday and start winning money today! Good luck and bring home that bacon.

    Show Breakdown:

    1.NFL Player Updates

    2. NFL DFS Week 10 Fanduel Value Plays

    3. NFL DFS Week 10 Fanduel Cheat Sheet Breakdown

    4. NFL DFS Week 10  Lineup Creation

    5. NBA Player Updates

    6. NBA DFS 

    7. Our Sponsor

    8. End show

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    Oh Look, The "Holidays" Are Coming!

    in Comedy

    People are upset that Starbucks made plain red cups for the holidays. SO! At least they aren't putting ISIS flags on them! Besides, Starbucks is shitty sewar water coffee.

    Missouri students are protesting racial events from the school. Apparently, someone drew a swastika on the wall of the men's room...with poop. Nothing has been confirmed, but this looks like a shitty situation. The black students don't want the white students to march with them. They're being racist towards the white people, who are trying to protest racism by white people towards black people...what a vicoius circle jerk.

    You know you're getting old when you find new ways to flavor oatmeal.

    You know you're getting old when you can't wait for the after christmas sale on sheet sets.

    Has anyone from ancestry.com actually found their ancestors? I'm afraid mine would be white gorillas in a cave throwing shit at each other.

    Penacostal women are horrendous. Bruce Jenner without make-up would fit right in.

    Weed isn't weed anymore. It's wax. They've taken the fun out of rolling pinners, and make you "dab" out of a fancy glass crack pipe.

    Jihad John has been reported killed...by drowing in liberal tears and unicorn horns.

    An unnamed female student went on tv and said the protests were about free school and debt forgiveness. She needs it, because she was too ugly to be a stripper like most college women.


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    in Spirituality

    Yes its hot and Yes its saucey...its Hot Sauce!  The premiere online live Spoken Word and poetry showcase and outlet for those who just need release.  Even if you don't want to share your rhymes, perhaps just come in chill out and enjoy the vibes.  Seasoned poets and newbies alike are talking about Hot Sauce!  No sign up sheet, just call in live 714-583-6887 and you will go in the order you called in.  This is NOT a slam or a competition, it is Spoken Word for lovers of the craft.  So join us This and EVERY Thursday at 9pm EST for Hot Sauce!!

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    "The UN Sustainable Development Goals: What You Really Need to Know"

    in Politics

    A new show comes to the Coffee Party USA Radio Network joining Lunch with Louden one Thursday every month.  "The Conscious Bridge".  In this episode, host Mark Gilbert talks with Nik Sekhran of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) about the Sustainable Development Goals. Through this discussion, find out what these goals are, how they were developed and why they matter to each and every one of us.  In addition, you will hear a number of ideas as to how you can support the success of the goals through a number of actions in your own life.  Listen, be informed and then help make this a better world for all. So please welcome Mark to Lunch with Louden Thursday 12:00 Noon Pacific/3:00 PM Eastern on Coffee Party USA Radio.

    In the program, you will hear a number of websites referenced.  Here are links to the sites discussed:

    Conscious Bridge website:  www.consciousbridge.com

    United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:  http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals/

    9 Page Introductory PDF Fact Sheet on the SDGs:  http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Factsheet_Summit.pdf

    Simple introductory video on the SDGs:  https://vimeo.com/137728737


    Credits:  Theme Song "Celebration" - Music: http://www.purple-planet.com

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Fred Thompson, RIP

    in Politics Conservative

    The whole world calls BS on Obama over Syria; Fred Thompson passes away at 73; The Antarctic ice sheet is growing ways....Obama's NASA; Did Hillary Clinton push the YouTube video to incite Benghazi attack?; Guess who's on the Presidential Debate Commission?; Another ObamaCare coop bites the dust; Marco Rubio pulls away from Jeb Bush, is reeling in Ben Carson in New Hampshire; Planned Parenthood Cannibalism XII: "Eyeballs Keep Falling In My Lap...."; and King Hussein's latest royal circumventions.

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    The Road to Enlightenment with Kellie Fitzgerald and Sarantos

    in Goals

    My guest this morning has always written lyrics and made up songs. Sarantos' passion for music began before he knew what the word passion meant. He began writing lyrics as a small child while "people watching" in his mom and pop's family diner. That is to say, when he wasn't working and helping his mom and pop at the diner as a cook, dishwasher, waiter or cashier! In those days, he always had a pad of paper, loose-leaf sheet, or even a napkin to feverishly write down lyrics. 

    Sarantos love of music is profound. His lyrics express his love of people and the world around him. While life is fraught with many challenges, it also offers many blessings. His songs span an entire spectrum of emotion. And lest he take himself too seriously, Sarantos has a pretty wicked sense of humor.

    This will be a wonderful show I know everyone will enjoy!

    As always, thanks for listening.

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