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    HEALING LIGHT - The Magic of Crystals

    in Spirituality

    Tonight we'll be discussing The Magic of Crystals - How & Why Crystals Work For You.  Crystals have been used by mankind for 1,000's of years and now we know exactly what it is they do for us and how they work the way they do.  In tonight's session, we'll be discussing some of the scientific reasons crystals work and raise our vibrations, as well as discuss some of the many ways that they can help enrich our lives.
    We'll end our session with readings, letting our callers know what their power crystals are and why.
    Healing Light – A place where we will discuss and explore the many facets of energy work, including healing, psychic communication, manifesting, getting to know your Angels and working with crystals.  In our sessions, we will visit a variety of topics… we’ll explore the world of crystals - how and why the work for us and the amazing things that they can bring to our lives.  We’ll discuss the art of energy healing and ways it can improve the quality of our lives, the importance of psychic protection, Shamanism, Angel communication and ways to manifest the life you desire to live.  We want you to live the life you came here to live! 
    In addition to these subjects, we will also provide healing and intuitive sessions with your pets – helping you to create the perfect life for them.  We’ll have inspirational stories about animals that we have helped in the past, as well as those that we are continuing to help today.
    We will provide intuitive readings for our callers, as well as bringing in thought-provoking guests from a variety of backgrounds to help enrich your live and ours.
    You can learn more about Teri and the services that she provides on her website www.healinglightonline.com

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    Diamond Light Grid Special Guest: Julie Umpleby

    in Relationships

    Inspiration From Spirit with Lea Chapin
    Julie Umpleby is the originator of the Diamond Light Grid Work in Co-creation with 
    Spirit. Emerging from a successful corporate scientific career, she reconnected with her innate healing gifts in 1997.  From a foundation in energy work that began with in 1997 with Reiki, she went on to qualify in Colour Therapy, Antaneea Soul Integration Bodywork, PNI (Psychoneuroimmunology) as well as a number of other modalities in the healing arts. The profound information about the Diamond Light Grid began with a series of messages from Spirit (Source, Higher Self - whatever you wish to call it) in 2002,  that initiated a fascinating and often challenging journey into the understanding of the diamond as a lightbody form and its deep connection with our Soul or Core essence. Your personal diamond 'grid of light' IS your transition tool, a sacred architecture to a new and higher level of being. Julie is deeply committed to bringing you as much insight and understanding as possible to assist you in moving forward on your spiritual journey. Her own journey has been coloured with many amazing experiences and teachers, both in this dimension and beyond. Ultimately, as the ancient wisdoms tell us, our greatest understanding comes from our own source connection and from going within. This is the purpose of the diamond - to reconnect you with the very heart of your essence, and to allow that to be your navigator. The diamond is the heart, the love, the joy, courage, wisdom and deeper knowing of your own Soul. People around the world are connecting with the diamond energy in many ways as humanity unfolds its heart and evolves at an ever increasing pace. Be a part of the change by igniting your own diamond spark within!

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    The Riot

    in Sports

    It's the sports you know but in a whole different light. Alex and Mike tell it like it is and don't hold back. This is sports like it should be opinionated and completely off the wall!

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    Talk-N-Angels RAdio with Rita and Mike

    in Spirituality

    Get your weekly dose of positive love energy from this pair of inspired seekers.  Rita is highly intuitive and channels messages from angels, guides and high-vibrational beings of light.  Mike is a full measure of positive thinking, driven forward by practices he develops through his "Be Your Own Wingman" philosophy.  Try us out for size and see if you like how you feel after.  We do guided meditations, offer advice to callers, Rita can provide psychic messages and answers to your questions with the help of the angelic community.  Come have an hour of refreshment and laughs with Talk-N-Angels!  Every Wednesday from 7pm to 8pm Eastern time.  Visit us at www.talknangels.com

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    Peacefully Overcoming Failure, Part 2

    in Spirituality

    In light of our recent cancellation of the 2nd annual Global Harmony Conference and Concert, we present a three-part series on Peacefully Overcoming Failure.  In Part 2 we continue the discussion  of what we tend to think failure means vs what it really can do for our future success.

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    BC Moto Show with Brent Worrall

    in Sports

    Welcome to the *BRAND NEW BC Moto Show with the voice of BC Motocross and Arenacross Brent "Airmail" Worrall. We discuss everything relevant to the world of MOTOCROSS racing and catch up with all the Best up and coming riders industry and experts involved with the sport. We get an inside look at what it takes to pursue Motocross Glory or just to be a Weekend Warrior.
    This week we set the table for the highly anticipated Genta Bella' Future West Arenacross Series that will kick off in Chilliwack under the roof of the Big Red Barn.
    Tyler Medaglia is going to check in and let us now how his Arenacross prep is going and a little of what made this all possible.
    Ross Johnson will check into BC Moto Show Headquarters to let us all know what we can expect to see from the likeable Cycle North rider in the Arenacross Series.
    Leading Edge Kawasaki's Jess Pettis also steps in and talks a little about what's been happening in his world. We also get a look into the season plans for one of BC's up and coming talented young riders.
    Hoping to hear from my favorite Arenacross Legend Kyle Beaton to share a little of his past glory and what who he thinks will Light it Up this weekend.
    Happy to have Re-Max's Team-Hamer Jackson,  Kawasaki Canada & Kal Gard Lubricants on board as Moto Show sponsors.Bike thanks to them to helping ensure we can keep the momentum moving forward.
    Also a lot more last minute pre-race talk, tips, advice, prognostication etc....from those involved past & present with this weekends highly anticipated kick off in Chiliwack

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    Connect With Your Guardian Angel With Anne

    in Spirituality

    My name is Angel Anne My gift is I am able to connect with your guardian angel&recieive a message.In the show I do live meditation&angel message of the new day&take calls.Today's angel message is Celebrate you. Take a moment every day to honor&celebrate you.You are an amazing person.Take a deep breath&smile. Receive the loving energies that swirl around you always.Take it all in.It may make you feel light headed for a moment ....just relax & absorb ,let the illuminated love energy flow thru your sacred,special,amazing you! Love your angels.we love you so much!

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    "Messages of Love from Heaven" Medium Pamela Marie Edmunds

    in Spirituality

    Tonight Pamela will do her once a month show on Mediumship and the spirit world.  Call in to ask her questions, to share an experience or to receive a message from a loved one in the world of spirit. More About Pamela Marie Edmunds;
    Pamela has a Bachelor's degree in Women's Studies, and is completing a Masters degree in Holistic Counseling. She is a Certified Medium, a Trance Medium, a ThetaHealing Practitioner/Teacher, a Hypnotherapist, a Past Life Regressionist, a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, a Lightarian Reiki Master/Teacher, a Lightarian AngelLinks Facilitator/Teacher, a Lightarian Clearings Practitioner/Teacher, a Lightarian Rays Practitioner/Teacher, an Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, and a Lightarian Purification Rings Facilitator/Teacher.
    Pamela has completed the Mediumship Certification Course with the Morris Pratt Institute in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the educational department of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, and is a member of the Summerland Church of Light in Hauppauge, NY.  She travels throughout the country serving many Spiritualist Churches and Healing centers where she does lectures, Mediumship, healing, and teaching.Pamela is the host of two online radio shows on Blog Talk Radio Network on Wednesday nights. "The Pamela Marie Edmunds Show; Tools for Personal Healing" which airs at 7 PM EST and  "Bridge Between Two Worlds" radio show which airs at 9 PM EST.

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    Rob And George Enlightenment Evolution Hour. Ep 25

    in Spirituality

    Rob Gauthier, channeler of Treb, and George Spirakis, creator of the Treb Channeling Open Forum, and spiritual decoder, are here to help the collective consciousness open their minds and their Hearts. I have been channelng for over 3 yrs. We are doing this show out of the want to add to the collective. We want changes in the world politics, and financial systems. BUT we know all this must change within each and everyone of us well before we can manifest this on a mass scale. We are here to start that NOW. Add your love and light and call in. Add to our show as we cover ALL subjects.  Please viset our site on youtube for archived information and here is our youtube pages. 

    DONATE HERE TO HELP WITH COST OF BROADCAST.  .20 to 1.00 per listener will help us keep going. If u do donate on donation notes, please put " Rob & George show. Donate here.  https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=9FCM7MCXFVGCS

    Alos leave questions here at our facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Rob-George-Enlightenment-Evolution-Hour/560415937338567?skip_nax_wizard=true

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    Faith Part 112 And Leaves ***

    in Religion

    We are studying the word faith to see what God's interpretation is.  We are also looking at leaf and leaves. Please call in with your questions, comments, and prayer requests.

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    Divine Messages with Michael and Rev. Kimberly Wilson Ward!!

    in Spirituality

    Let me assist you in...Designing the Life you Wish to Live
    http://www.newbeginningsholisticwellness.com/ http://espsychics.com/psychics/kimberly/
    Kimberly is a Psychic, Medium, Empath, and Reiki Master. She uses cards in her readings as well as clairvoyance to tap into what is happening in your life. Through mediumship and Shamanic work she can identify passed loved ones and spirit guides around you. Kimberly also works on a Shamanic level to identify times in your life you may have suffered great loss and as a result left a piece of yourself within the trauma. Through Soul Retrieval she can assist you with emotional integration of these soul parts. Kimberly also believes dreams are a result of unresolved emotions and decisions and provides dream interpretation.
    Kimberly has been an empath her entire life, just “knowing” things on a deep, profound level. She started working with dowsing at age 9, when she constructed her first pendulum. Her grandmother knew things through dreams, but never acknowledged being psychic growing up in the Bible belt of the U.S. Kimberly moved to upstate New York in 1989 to heal from her own life of trauma and now works to help others find answers and heal.
    Kimberly is a Certified Practitioner of the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums

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    in Religion

    Quite contrary to popular thinking, a world fallen short of the glory of YAH is NOT saved!Abraham believed YAH and it was accounted unto him for righteousness!   Shall men not consider how SPECIAL and what manner of GREAT FAITH this man of YAH had, in that he BELIEVED the EXCEEDING TRUTHS of YAH a WHOLE WORLD of FALSE RULERS would that men NOT ever consider?   Will you have wisdom to do the same?www.hiddengospel.com/early-church-origin www.hiddengospel.com/secret-cityhiddengospel.com/remember-the-promisewww.hiddengospel.com/tribulation-70-365ADIs there salvation in lawLESSness?  Is it hard to comprehend true ramifications of what it means to say a whole world has sinned and fallen short of the glory of YAH? Is there no need for agreement with the Almighty that all in HIM cooperate to believe to obey one voice of authority?James 1:16  Do not err, my beloved brethren.17 Every good and perfect GRACE is from above, and comes down from the Father of LIGHT, with whom is NO VARIABLENESS, (NO LIE) nor SHADOWS of change. 18 Of HIS own WILL begat HE us with the word of TRUTH, that we be a kind of firstfruits of HIS creatures.19  Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be SWIFT TO HEAR, SLOW TO SPEAK, SLOW TO WRATH: 20 For the hasty conclusions ie. WRATH of MAN work not to the RIGHTEOUSNESS of YAH.  21 Wherefore lay aside ALL FILTHINESS and ALL that remains of lawLESSness! RECEIVE with MEEKNESS the WORD which YAH would ENGRAFT in YOU, which is able to SAVE your SOULS. (from all who would lay DECEIT within your hearts)MY BROTHERS! MY SISTERS!   Be wise to UNSELFISHLY PRAY for ONE ANOTHER! For none falling victim to presumptuous sins, the pride of the indiscriminately unrighteousness can please YAH!