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  • 01:04

    Horrophile's Horror Talk - Sharknado 2/Troma star Tiffany Shepis

    in Pop Culture

    Join hosts JV Johnson & Ron Bonk as they chat with the sexy and talented Tiffany Shepis - first known as a Troma girl and then moving on to such great horror films as Nightmare Man (see Horrophile Review - Issue #2), Nympha, Chainsaw Cheerleaders, Night of the Demons (2009), The Prometheus Project (The Frankenstein Syndrome) and Sharknado 2.

    Also, we talk underground film making with Writer/Director/Prodcuer Tim Ritter (Killing Spree, Truth or Dare).

    Listen, subscribe to The Horrophile (digital or print) and send us questions/comments/requests to: talk@horrortalknetwork.com

    Also, visit our convention website - SCARE-A-CON

  • 01:30

    Tiffany Shepis

    in Entertainment

    The final show before our hiatus. And who better than to party with than Tiffany Shepis? That's right, no one.

  • 02:05

    TCH Ep. 18: WIHM Ambassador Rebekah Herzberg, Tiffany Shepis & Heidi Honeycutt

    in Film

    WIH Ambassador, Blogger and actress Rebekah Herzberg (Princess (2011), Stay With Me (2012) and The Good Friend (2014)) will be our guest along with several other members of the WIH group, including Actress/Producer Tiffany Shepis and Actress/Cult Journalist Heidi Honeycutt!

    We will also be reviewing Scream Factory's Blu-Ray release of Die Monster Die!, as well as having our Metal Blade Records Spotlight!

  • 02:01

    Baron's Crypt

    in Film

    73rd show, of Horror News & Releases, Honoring this week's Horror Icon Tiffany Shepis! News about Haunted Attractions, a rememberance of those who contribute to the horror genre. The Fan Favorite Spirit of the Week. Updates on Indiegogo & Kickstarter horror projects

    Haunted Real Estate for Sale!

    Internet Horror - FREE!

    Horror Events Galore!

    Special Announcement!

    Bizarre AC III News

    Then Week in Horror History

    The Connections to Alfred Hitchcock

    Music - Horror Themed!

    Shout Outs - Did you make the List?

  • 00:31

    Lou and Dave with Speical Guest Tiffany Shepis Episode 41

    in Film

    One of the ultimate Scream Queens of her generation (or any generation for that matter) Tiffany Shepis calls in the show to discuss her career and future projects.

  • 02:26

    Flesh Wound Radio : News & Reviews - 1/22/1015

    in Film

    Tune in to Horror Society presents Flesh Wound Radio Thursday 1/22 at 9:30 PM Eastern, as we will have brand new reviews including Gnome Alone in which Verne Troyer plays the murderous menace in the scariest thing since Verne Troyer's sex tape. Also we cover the edgy new NC-17 rated Lucky Bastard, Jason Mewes in The Devil's Tower, Post Apocalyptic horror in Antidote, Asylum's Hansel vs Gretel and Buffy's Nicholas Brendon joins Scream Queen Tiffany Shepis in Attack Of The Morningside Monster. All that plus TV Terror Talk and Horror Hot Topics.

  • 00:30

    Daniel Emery "Return of the Swamp Thing"

    in Entertainment

    Daniel is best known as "Darryl" from the 1988 sci-fi cult classic THE RETURN OF SWAMP THING.  The 

    sequel to Wes Craven's original film finds the DC Comics superhero again battling the evil Dr. Arcane (Louis 

    Jourdan) and vying for the affection of Arcane's stepdaughter Abigail (Heather Locklear).  Darryl and his 

    friend Omar constantly find themselves in trouble.  Luckily, Swampy has a tendency of saving the day!

    From there, Daniel did several television appearances (including IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT and the 

    critically acclaimed I'LL FLY AWAY) before finding himself in the 2000 Dreamworks comedy ROAD TRIP 

    opposite comedy stars Tom Green and Ethan Suplee.  More recently, he has become quite prolific in the 

    realm of independent horror and has worked with many of the genre greats such as Robert Englund, James 

    Hampton, Tiffany Shepis, Michael Berryman, Bill Moseley, Tony Todd, and Danielle Harris.

    In 2012, Daniel and business partner Jim O'Rear formed Deviant Pictures.  Their inaugural project, THE 

    HOSPITAL, is currently available from most online retailers and video-on-demand services.  A controversial 

    film from the beginning, THE HOSPITAL rocked audiences with its visceral content and taboo subject 

    matter.   Taking the sickness worldwide, THE HOSPITAL played several international festivals including the 

    prestigious Festival de Cannes.


  • 01:48

    Domiziano Archangeli

    in Entertainment

    Actor, Producer and Model, Domiziano Archangeli returns for a second round on The Phantom Zone Radio Show to tell Niiki & Jay all about his film company http://www.EMPIREFILMS.net and the movie projects they're about to unleash! In addition, Domi will be seen in the upcoming films, "A Human Race" directed by Paul Hough, which premeires Friday, June 13th 2014. Then there's "A Wrath of Crows" directed by Ivan Zuccon, making it's international DVD release on June 17th 2014, starring Domi, Tiffany Shepis, Debbie Rochon and Tara Cardinal.

    Then in the fall of this year, sprung from the loins of his film company we have the erotic gothic vampire horror film " Orgy of the Damned " directed by Creep Creepersin! We can't wait to catch up with Domi and hear all about these exciting movies and so much more! Music, madness, comedy and mayhem coming your way on this creepy cool episode of The Phantom Zone! 

  • 01:33

    FCN:Astro Radio Z with Guest Tiffany Shepis

    in Movies

    Special Con X Kansas City Countdown 
    FearCast Network: Astro Radio Z
    Join Cory J Udler  as he explore Exploitation Cinema and Independent Horror. Kids: Don't tell your parents that you listen to this...

  • 01:31

    Creep Show Radio Movie Reviews 10/8/13

    in Entertainment

    Creep Show Radio Movie Reviews Halloween Horror Month continues with Daniel Schein and Melissa Walsh Live Tuesday October 8th at 7:00 PM Eastern (or anytime after we wrap) presenting several new highly anticipated releases. On This episode we tackle the brand new Sequel to the remake of the classic Vampire flick Fright Night, with Fright Night 2: New Blood. Plus Danielle Harris, Tiffany Shepis, and Human Centipede Star Ashley C. Williams lead a team of Scream Team faves in the Hallow's Eve, and the highly anticipated new Dracula 3D film from director Dario Argento.
    Also we tackle the latest from Fangoria Films with the Cannibal shocker from Spain, Omnivores, The Sci-Fi Horror Thriller Extracted, The Paranormal shocker Dark Touch from IFC Films, and last but not least the Easter Bunny is actually an evil vengeful Demon in Dustin Mill's Easter Casket.....How can you beat that???????
    All that plus TV Terror Talk with Walking Dead, American Horror Story Asylum, Sleepy Hollow, and Dracula. Don't miss it Creep Show Radio Fiends.

  • 01:29

    Creep Show Radio Movie Reviews 8/13/13

    in Entertainment

    Creep Show Radio Movie Reviews W/ Daniel Schein and Melissa Walsh Live August 13 7:00 PM Eastern (or anytime after we wrap). On This episode we review Gallowwalkers, in which The undead return from their graves and Wesley Snipes returns from Prison to to put them back. Also Danny Trejo and Eric Roberts play Priests who battle Demons in The Cloth.
    Plus the brand new Uwe Boll produced Zombie Massacre, Christian Slater in the Sci-Fi Horror Alien Flick Stranded, Magic Magic, The Horror Anthology Barrio Tales, and last but not least Fright Night's Evil Ed Himself stars with Scream Queen Tiffany Shepis in Do Not Disturb.
    All that plus TV Terror Talk with True Blood, Stephen King's Under The Dome, Dexter, and Walking Dead plus Convention Coverage with Monster Mania and much more. Tune in Creep Show Radio Fiends.