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    Mindfulness In A Hectic World, Pt 2 with Shelley Pernot

    in Self Help

    The body of scientific evidence continues to grow, and the facts keep telling us that mindfulness leads to better health, wealth, and relationships. Join Angela as she interviews Shelley Pernot in part 2 of Mindfulness In a Hectic World. Shelley will explore meditation in more detail, and you'll get more tips to increase mindfulness, as well as learn about mindfulness blocks.

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    Practicing Mindfulness With Shelley Pernot!

    in Health

    TWU Radio welcomes Shelley Pernot to the show!  Shelley is a leadership development expert, life coach, and founder of True North Development.  Shelley joins the radioshow to explain the importance of mindfulness in our everyday lives.  She shares tools that can help us get a grip on being in the present moment and how this practice enhances our existance. 

    To learn more about Shelly, check out her website: http://www.truenorthdevelop.com/.

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    Roe v Wade and the Continuing Battle for Women's Healthcare

    in Politics Progressive

    This week marks another anniversay of the Roe v Wade decision - yet the battle for safe contraception continues. Advocate and activist Dr. Sophia Yen chats with the MOMocrats about abortion rights, safe contraception, and restrictive new laws, ballot propositions and "religious rights" exceptions that are making it difficult for women who merely want to fill prescriptions for medications they are entitled to receive for free under the Affordable Care Act. Dr. Yen talks about a solution to that problem that she has spearheaded: The Pill Club, an innovative contraceptive delivery service that combines an online pharmacy with tele-health (if you need to update your prescription for the pill).For more information on The Pill Club, please use the MOMocrats' affiliate link: https://thepillclub.com/#/?promo=momocrat. 


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    So what is HGTV's 'Wise Buys'? We're asking hosts Pauli & Chip Wade. Tune in.

    in Design

    HGTV's new show 'Wise Buys' is hosted by one of our favorite DIY couples, Pauli & Chip Wade. They are joining us on this episode of MyFixitUpLife talk to share the story behind the show, what it's like working together, and a few of their expert home buying and renovation tips.

    If you have a question for Pauli or Chip Wade, write in the comments below or Tweet us. We'll include a few of your questions in the interview.

    Tune in to MyFixitUpLife's DIYtalk LIVE! and be sure to RSVP!

    Join us live on Thursday, February 4th at 1pmET to listen live to our interview with Pauli & Chip Wade. Our producers will be looking for your comments and questions to include during the show, so tweet @MyFixitUpLife and be part of the interview. After the show airs, you'll find it on-demand on iTunes and it will be shared on the radio, too.

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    Benchmark Emergency Plan In Action – Shelley Skaggs

    in Current Events

    When Benchmark learned they were in the vicinity of the recent San Bernardino/Redlands terrorist attack, having an emergency plan ready to implement was vital for Benchmark Transitions in Redlands in protecting the safety of students and staff explained Shelley Skaggs who does the marketing and admissions for Benchmark.  In this podcast, Shelley describes what they did when it appeared that the police chase was coming their way, and how everybody was reassured by having a well thought out plan to put into action.

    Contact:  Shelley Skaggs: 800-474-4848  sskaggs@benchmarkyas.com  www.benchmarktransitions.com

    Lon Woodbury 208-267-7717 lonwoodbury@gmail.com www.strugglingteens.com


    This is one of a series of short interviews about new developments in the network of private, parent-choice residential schools and programs helping struggling teens and young adults. The guests are innovative leaders in this network.  To hear other interviews in this series, click on "Follow" above, or click on  The Woodbury Report or www.strugglingteens.com

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    PWTorch Livecast - Wade Keller interviews Justin Credible

    in Wrestling

    PWTorch editor Wade Keller's Interview Thursday Series continues with Justin Credible (P.J. Polaco) fresh off his wrestling retirement. Call in live or email questions to pwtorchlivecast@gmail.com.

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    PWTorch Livecast - Wade Keller & Jason Powell of Prowrestling.net

    in Wrestling

    PWTorch editor Wade Keller and Jason Powell of Prowrestling.net follow up on Monday's Raw with hard-hitting talk and your calls & emails to pwtorchlivecast@gmail.com.

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    ROE v WADE ,DOE v BOLTON, AND UCCJEA as a vehicle to Kidnap and Enslave!!!

    in Higher Education

    It may appear that the U.S.Supreme Court Along with the STATE OF TEXAS and the STATE OF GEORGIA tore the children apart Literally on Paper. Follow our frank discussion about the Roe V Wade and the little known companian case Doie v Bolton that actually has two completely seperate outcomes and consequences. What did these panel of Men U.S. Supreme Court Justices do under the case back in the 1970s?





    Carol Keihn Isaacs Disclaimer THIS BROADCAST IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE. 


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    How to Take Control of Your Inner Dialogue with Sam Shelley

    in Self Help

    Pam Butler welcomes Sam Shelley, inspirational speaker and author of, “I Don’t Dwell”, about how he used meditation, mindfulness and yoga to reverse his incurable diseases. Sam will talk about how an engaged mind, trapped in the past is responsible for 90% of our health ailments. Our thoughts create fear, stress and anxiety, which are the root cause for most health ailments. Sam’s tools will help to remove the past limiting programming, therefore, allowing you to thrive in life!

    Rev. Sam Shelley is a Minister of Inspiration who inspires people to break their cycle of thought addiction.  Rev. Sam is know as an Anti-thought Leader and author of "I Don't Dwell."  A book that details his journey from being sick with incurable diseases including bipolar and multiple sclerosis to good health today with no signs of disease,  no longer needing medicine or the use of his cane. dontdwell.org

    Pam Butler, inspirational speaker, yoga and meditation teacher and spiritual coach. Pam is currently writing her first book Return To Life: part Memoir and part spiritual guide, hoping to inspire and guide readers to find balance and bliss in their lives. returntolife.com

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    PWTorch Livecast - Wade Keller interviews Ed Ferrara

    in Wrestling

    PWTorch editor Wade Keller talks live with former WWE/WCW writer Ed Ferrara with your calls and emails to pwtorchlivecast@gmail.com.

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    PWTorch Livecast - Wade Keller & Jason Powell of Prowrestling.net

    in Wrestling

    PWTorch editor Wade Keller and Jason Powell of Prowrestling.net take your calls and emails to pwtorchlivecast@gmail.com breaking down Monday's post-Rumble Raw and more!