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    Not Your Typical Funnies - 'Go Get a Roomie's Chloe

    in Art

    Having explored lesbian storylines in multiple forms of both writing (novels, fan fiction) and filmmaking (movies, webseries), for the first time F4F Radio looks at another fusion of the written word and the visual arts - the webcomic. Comic strips have been a part of newspapers for decades, but the Internet gave creative minds with a knack for both writing and graphic design to reach an audience without muscling onto the funny pages. This was especially important for people interested in pursuing adult, risque storylines and hitherto taboo topics such as homosexuality, transgender, and sexual fetishes. To varying degrees, tonight's guest has explored all three. "Go Get a Roomie", the webcomic created by the artist Chloe, follows the adventures of Roomie, an irresistible lesbian free spirit without a home of her own, and Lillian, the surprisingly indifferent girl with a penchant for narcolepsy and VERY vivid dreams who eventually shares friendship and an apartment with her. Surrounded by an equally oddball supporting cast, GGAR has become increasingly popular since it started a few years ago. Chloe has also created a wide, varied gallery of fanart, from Xena/Gabrielle to Harley/Ivy to the Kim Possible/Shego graphic novel "Anything's Possible". And we're going to talk with Chloe about all of it. Joining us will be cohost Rae D. Magdon, who also cohosted last month's show on "Dragon Age".

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    Kim Possible - King in Yellow, Sobriety, and TempestDash Discuss PG-Rated Lovers in a G-Rated World

    in Television

    Even after being canceled a few years ago, Disney's Kim Possible continues to be one of the busiest and most popular fandoms in American animation today. A successful combination of action and comedy with a healthy dose of female empowerment, the animated series eventually attracted a devoted audience far wider than just the target demographic of 8- to 13-year-olds. Not since Gargoyles in the mid-1990s has a Disney program had a fan following with almost as many adult fans as children. And of course, since adults are much more likely to begin 'shipping romantic pairings than children are, it wasn't long before main characters Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable fell in love in thousands of fanfics. Naturally plenty of alternate pairings followed, but none captured people's hearts, or provoked such controversy and debate, like the good girl/bad girl femslash pairing of Kim and nemesis Shego. Since 2004 dozens of fanfic authors (including, I'm proud to say, yours truly) have helped Kim/Shego, quickly dubbed "Kigo", grow from just another niche pairing to the second-biggest couple in the fandom. We'll talk to three of them tonight - King in Yellow, author of the ongoing episodic Best Enemies series; Sobriety, writer of such recent classics as "Most Wanted" and "Best Sidekick Possible"; and TempestDash, who wrote "A Period of Silence" and the will-they-won't-they "Possibility Engine".