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    Welcome to Rave Reviews Book Club's BlogTalkRadio production of RAVE WAVES: BEHIND THE PEN, where host Shirley Harris-Slaughter is joined by RRBC Board member Michelle Abbott! We are discussing Michelle's adult contemporary romance, JEM. Join us as we go behind the pen and learn more about the work, the author and the inspiration.

    This segment of BEHIND THE PEN is sponsored by Bruce A. Borders, the very talented author of OVER MY DEAD BODY.

    If you'd like to know how you can get your own commercial recorded or read live on one of our shows, please visit RaveReviewsByNonnieJules.wordpress.com.

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    Sharyn Abbott on The Mompreneur Model with Dori DeCarlo

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    Sharyn Abbott joins me on Thursday, October 10th at 11amPT/2pmET on The MOMpreneur Model Show sharing the evolution of her dream. This is why Word of Mom Radio is the show for MOMpreneurs - the NEW Business Woman!
    Sharyn is an author, coach, trainer, talk show host, entrepreneur and now, the creator of the upcoming Ultimate Business University that will be opening in Belize in 2014! This is the culmination of a 13 year journey to make a difference! 
    Join us and find out why you should NEVER give up on a dream - it is not how long the dream takes, it is what the dream does that matters!
    Thanks to today's show sponsors Safety First Bags and Everything Family. Be sure to visit our website and meet all our sponsors in our MOMpreneur Marketplace.
    Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and email us at wordofmomradio@gmail.com with questions, comments and info on how to be a guest.
    Word of Mom Radio - sharing the wisdom of women.

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    "Up Close & Personal" with "Gregory Abbott" & Saxophonist "JaZmin Ghent"

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                       Gregory Abbott

    Platinum recording artist, songwriter and producer Gregory Abbott’s roots stem from Venezuela (his mother) and the Island of Antigua (his father). Raised in Harlem in New York City, he is a dual citizen of the USA and Antigua. Abbott released the single and album “Shake You Down” shaking up the music industry with countless honors and awards.

    “Shake You Down” has the distinction of reaching one million radio air-plays faster than any song in the history of BMI (now well over three million), and won BMI’s Pop Song of the Year award as the most performed song. Gregory has also won two ‘Soul Train” music awards for Best Male Singer and Best New Artist.

    JaZmin Ghent

    Jazmin Deborah Ghent is a gospel, jazz and contemporary saxophonist. Born in Heidelberg, Germany and raised in Huntsville, Alabama, she became interested in music at age 5 when she began taking piano lessons. She became the Sunday School pianist at the age of 8 and often practiced with the adult musicians and church choir members. After being introduced to the saxophone in Middle School, she progressed to becoming the church pianist and saxophonist. Once in high school, she discovered her passion for performing and teaching and began playing professionally in the Huntsville, Alabama area

         Jazmin won National awards such as the NAACP's ACT-SO competition and was chosen to perform at the NAACP closing ceremony in Orlando, Florida in 2008. She was chosen for 3 consecutive years as 1st chair tenor saxophonist for the All State Jazz Band. Jazmin was offered a full tuition scholarship in 2009 to Berklee School of Music as well as Florida State University School of Music.

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    MALNUTRITION: A Highly Preventable Illness

    in Health

    8p ET/7p CT Wednesday, September 30, 2015: Dial 347-850-8486 to discover natural & scientific ways to overcome Malnutrition. According to the World Health Organization, malnourished children tend to become adults who have smaller babies, and deficiencies in vitamin A or zinc causes 1 million deaths every year.  

    D id you know that malnutrition can affect a person regardless of where they live or how much food they consume?  Malnutrition is the insufficient, excessive or imbalanced consumption of nutrients. A person is at risk of being malnourished even if they look plump or overweight and consume three-full-meals every day. In fact some of the sign and symptoms of malnutrition include:  depression, loss of fat, breathing difficulties, longer recovery from illnesses, tiredness or apathy, lower sex drive, irritability, and higher probability of feeling cold often.  Do you or someone you know struggle with malnutrition? 

    Root Cause Radio interviews Dr. Maxwell Nartey, founder of Symtometry, on September 30th to share: 

    whether a healthy daily diet is enough to prevent malnutrition  
    what breast-feeding moms & bottle-feeding moms should really know about malnutrition
    if moderate weight loss is a hidden benefit of malnutrition

       Access this show and all podcasts at www.RootCauseRadio.com.

    Root Cause Radio ~ Sharing the Secrets of Optimal Health


  • Chocolate -- What's there not to Love? Uncover Hidden Truths About This Treat

    in Health

    8p ET/7p CT Wednesday, September 23, 2015: Dial 347-850-8486 to discover little-known facts about chocolate. Learn about whether chocolate is considered to be a scientific food.  Chocolate is consumed by both the very young and those young-at-heart.

    Do you or someone you know enjoy the taste of chocolate?  Millions of people worldwide consume dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate on a daily basis without fully understanding the health risks and benefits associated with this particular treat.  The potential benefits of eating chocolate are said to include: lowering cholesterol levels, preventing cognitive decline, and reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems.  However, most people have not yet heard about all the health risks associated with eating chocolate.   

    Root Cause Radio interviews Dr. Charlie Abbott, of Symptometry North Carolina LLC, on September 23rd to share: 

    is chocolate a scientific health food,
    how chocolate boosts sexual drive and energy,
    whether chocolate helps prevent memory loss.


     Access this show and all podcasts at www.RootCauseRadio.com.

    Root Cause Radio ~ Sharing the Secrets of Optimal Health

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    Chuck skulls Golden age of radio

    in Entertainment

    Join your host Chuck skull as he takes you on a trip in time to when radio was King!

    This week show features SPACE patrol Abbott and Costello the Cisco kid our Ms. Brooks and Duffy's Tavern

    As well as our two ongoing cereals the magic island and the planet man

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    Understanding the Truth about Bipolar Disorder

    in Health

    8p ET/7p CT Wednesday, September 16, 2015: Dial 347-850-8486 to discover natural & scientific ways to overcome BIPOLAR DISRORDER.  Bipolar Disorder affects millions of people every year in the U.S.  

    Do you or someone you know struggle with symptoms of bipolar disorder? Symptoms of bipolar disorder include:  a pleasurable sense of heightened energy, needing little sleep yet having great amounts of energy, doing reckless things without concern about possible bad consequences, engaging in inappropriate sexual activity, abusing substances, profound sadness and irritability, low self-esteem, thoughts of suicide, and hallucinations or delusions.   

    Root Cause Radio interviews Dr. Maxwell Nartey, founder of Symtometry, on September 16th to share: 

    what really causes bipolar disorder
    what is the link between bipolar disorder and ADHD in children
    how to overcome bipolar disorder once-and-for-all 

       Access this show and all podcasts at www.RootCauseRadio.com.

    Root Cause Radio ~ Sharing the Secrets of Optimal Health


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    an interview with Matt Dhillahunty

    in Atheism

    Join Kevin, Nancy and Sharyn as we finally present you with our interview of Matt Dhillahunty, one of the hosts of the Austin based show: The Atheist Experience; that we cornered at INR5.

    Nancy takes us through another This Day in History, we briefly discuss the Kim Davis Debacle and we also visit the story of another victim in Another Brilliant Moment Brought to you by Religion

    this episode was pre-recorded

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    Insomnia Cures: Put this Illness to Rest for Good

    in Health

    8p ET/7p CT Wednesday, September 9, 2015:  Dial 347-850-8486 to discover natural & scientific ways to overcome INSOMNIA.  Insomnia affects millions of people every year in the U.S.  

    Do you or someone you know struggle with falling asleep at night? Causes of insomnia include:  emotional & physical stress and discomfort, environmental factors such as noise, light, or extreme temperatures, and significant life stress. Many health professionals recommend that allowing some mental and physical wind-down time is important in treating insomnia. 

    Root Cause Radio interviews Dr. Charlie Abbott, of Symtometry North Carolina LLC, on September 9th to share: 

    why insomnia affects more women than men
    what really causes insomnia
    how to overcome insomnia once-and-for-all 

       Access this show and all podcasts at www.RootCauseRadio.com.

    Root Cause Radio ~ Sharing the Secrets of Optimal Health

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    Life After Divorce - Exclusive interview with Sharyn Shields

    in Relationships

    - Join us Tuesday 09/06/2015 here at LOVE IN THE HOUSE @ 9pm/GMT as we have the pleasure of interviewing Sharyn Shields on Life after Divorce. She will talk about the lessons learned after 23 years of marriage and overcoming the devastating blow of divorce! 'I knew my marriage was in trouble, but I didn't think it was to the point of no return', says Ms Shields.



    - On the SPOTLIGHT SEGMENT, we will have the pleasure of having HANNAH stop by at the studio. Hannah is a groundbreaking UK-based Recording Artist with a 16 track self-written multi-genre hit album - EXPECTATION.

    - Take part in the 'Which Celebrity Relatiosnhip Quiz' and test your knowledge in regards to celebrities round the world and their relationships.

    Don't miss this week's episode. It promises to be another sizzling one.

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    Gwen Olsen on the Biggest Risk to American Consumers Health: The System Itself !

    in Health

    Gwen Olsen is the author of the award-winning book, "Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher." A fifteen-year-veteran pharmaceutical rep from 1985 – 2000, Gwen worked for McNeil Pharmaceutical, Syntex Laboratories, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Abbott Labs and Forest Laboratories. She was a hospital rep and specialist rep for the majority of her career, educating residents in hospital teaching settings and selling prescription drugs to doctors in obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, cardiology, neurology, endocrinology and psychiatry.

    Gwen has a unique industry insider’s perspective of the current U.S. healthcare dilemma, and utilizes both her experience and the insight she received in her extensive sales training with Pharma to illuminate marketing trends and illustrate how current greed and conflicts of interest make the system itself the biggest health risk to American consumers.

    We first 'met' Gwen in Jeff Hays documentary 'Doctored', we know we will have a zesty conversation ! 


    Gwen Olsen's Blog - geat articles 

    Sound Health Options