• Happy New Year

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    Happy New Year from Dr. Sharon Johnson and Comtivate Training LLC

    The Journey of a Thousand miles begin with one single step.  The time has come to step into your Greatness.      

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    Know that you are destined with a purpose through FAITH




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    Career Day at Kidz Choice Charter School

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    Listen to Dr. Sharon Johnson at Career Day at Kidz Choice Charter School in Pembroke Pines, Florida.    Listen as Jay Schwartz, Vice Mayor of Pembroke Pines, inspire and empower the young people with their dreams and goals of ther career.  Hear the children from Grades 1-5 discussed who they plan to become and the what they learned from Career day.

    Kidz Choice Charter is a "A" school which provides quality education in the city.  My daughter has been benefiting from the tutoring and leadership from 6 weeks old to now at 8 years old in the 3rd grade.

    The principal and staff at Kidz Choice exemplify quality leadership and education.  The leadership is the result of the excellence and rating of the school.  Hear what the leaders and children have to say about education and career choices.

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    Stay motivated!


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    Join Sharon Johnson and Randy Zachary with the lauching of the Comtivate Magazine
    Tuesday March 5, 2013 @6:30 pm listen live at www.blogtalkradio.com/comtivate.
    The Comtivate Magazine is designed to inspire motivate and empower readers
    Advertise your products, services, company logo, and articles
    Show your business to thousands
    Mazagine is availabe at http://jsharo9.wix.com/comtivate
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    Move From Average to Extraordinary

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    Join Dr. Sharon Johnson for a great teaching in motivation. Are you ready to move from Average to Extraordinary. What are some things that you need to do in your life to change your position and change your perspective?

    Change your mind, change your life.


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    The Rose of Sharon

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    We've been discussing spiritual Truth vs. Religious Myths; however, this week, join us, as my guest, Cynthia Sligh and I discuss how to "turn on the Mind of Christ" in order to believe and receive the truth as the Truth.  It is imperative that as Believers, we not lean to our own understanding, but exercise daily, our spiritual ability to tap into the grace of God, through faith.   The Rose of Sharon Show is completely dedicated to Ephesians 4:15.  We provide the knowledge that generates understanding and awareness for leading life 'as He (Jesus) is in this world" IAW 1 John 4:17.   

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    Faith Holds the Key to Life's Meaning

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    Welcome to another Moment in Motivation with Dr. Sharon Johnson.

    Do you have Faith?  Faith can move mountains!  Explore your Faith with Dr. Sharon Johnson as she talks about how your Faith can give you the power to develop yourself.   Faith holds the key to Life's meaning.   Faith allows the soul to go beyond what the eyes can see.  

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    You Are In Charge of Your Life

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    Listen to Dr. Sharon Johnson speaking on the importance of taking care of your life.   Les Brown says it best when he describe life and living it with urgency.  This speaking is inspired by listening to Les Brown.  As we think; we are.  Our thoughts are the beginning of our dreams.  Your are the Master of your Fate.  You are the Captain of your Ship.


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    The Rose of Sharon

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    This week we will continue to explore Christian Truths verses scripturally incorrect Myths.  Is God in control...Do All Things work together for the Good?  These are just two common sayings as we sit back and wait for Father God to do something.  Only the TRUTH shall make us FREE, so let's allow the Word to speak for Himself.    The Rose of Sharon Show is completely dedicated to Ephesians 4:15.  We provide the knowledge that generates understanding and awareness for leading life 'as He (Jesus) is in this world" IAW 1 John 4:17.   

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    Sharon Garlock Spiegel,Generations

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    When Edward Garlock was sober, he was a kind, hard-working farmer providing for his wife and eight children, but drinking transformed him into a bully, capable of absolute cruelty. When he stepped into a revival tent in the early 1900s the Holy Spirit got ahold of him, changing not only his life, but thousands of others through Edward. This true story of a family’s troubled past will leave you breathless at the depravity of human nature and amazed at the power Divine intervention.
    Sharon Garlock Spiegel loved writing even as a young girl. She often wrote stories and poetry - a skill she inherited from her grandmother, Jessie May Garlock. Today, the Assembly of God minister, school administrator and self-described "Missouri Yankee" keeps busy pastoring, teaching, and being a wife, mother, and grandmother. Still, one of her favorite activities is writing with purpose, sharing things that bless others. She and Roger, her husband of nearly fifty years, live in western Missouri and have three children and fourteen grandchildren.

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    Bruce and Sharon Mullins

    in Spirituality

    This delightful Pagan couple will be joining us again to get down to some serious talk about our need as a community to be more involved in the world around us. What is the role of the modern witch in today's society? How can we be more involved? What about those that are still in the broom closet? 

    Bruce and Sharon run The Indigo Cresent and coordinate large Pagan festivals in Florida as well as topping our favorite couples list.


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    Vaneese Johnson

    in Business

    Vaneese Johnson is an Executive Coach and Personal Brand Strategist.  Her goal is to help professionals and entrepreneurs to increase their "brand currency".  She does this through her workshops and initiatives.  One of her initiatives is targeted toward women.  That initiative is called, Girl, Get your Business Straight.

    Tune in to listen to some strategies that can help you obtain increased success in your business or on the job.

    You can reach Vaneese at

    Website: www.otmcareers.com 
    Email: Vaneese@otmcareers.com                 
    LinkedIn: www.LinkedIn.com/VaneeseJohnson                   
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/onthemovecareers                 
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/Msonthemove                             

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