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  • Finding a Peaceful Solutions for Family Challenges with Sharon Ann Wikoff

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    Welcome everyone to the Voice of Change! On today's program host, Sharon Ann Wikoff, will talk about peaceful solutions for family challenges.  If one of your family values is PEACEFULNESS, then you will seek to find a peaceful solutions to the challenges that come up.  Today I will share with you a couple personal stories about solving issues peacefully, from both the home perspective and the classroom setting. In addition, I'll share with you a beautiful story from Thich Nhat Hanh's book, Peace Is Every Step, The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life.  Tune in to hear my ideas & I'd love to hear your thoughts.  To share your ideas, call 646 929 1995 during the LIVE show time. 

    Learn today, how you can begin Parenting my CHOICE...not Chance beginning today!  Just by making a couple of decision about what is important to you and your spouse, you'll be able to easily parent by Choice not chance! 



    Sharon Ann Wikoff is mother to three gorwn children and has wokred with children as an educator for over 40 years. She is author of The ART of Communicating with Infants and Young Children and The Art of Listening to Children: The 10 Minute Miracle.  She offers private consulting, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) sessions and Teleclasses supporting families in creating peaceful and happy environments.  For further information visit: www.SharonAnnWikoff.com 




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    Creating Peaceful & Happy Environments 4 Children with Sharon Wikoff

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    Today on the Voice of Change, Sharon Ann Wikoff, will share and discuss her parenting and classroom teachings on creating a peaceful and happy environment for children.  A foundational decision that underlies numerous other decisions for parents and educators is the choice to create such an environment...one of peacefulness and happiness!  Such a decision is essential!  Then, discovering the values you hold most dear and explore way of living and teaching those values, you do create an environment of cooperation, compassion and caring.  In addition, Sharon will discuss other factors such as:  looking at what is already working for you in the environment, the role your unique "bottom lines" play in this process and well as how challenging situations can be "moments of impact" which can create significant change.  These principals are specific enough to address present-day situations and flexible enough to use well into parenting your adult children!


    Sharon Ann Wikoff is a teacher, mother, consultant, writer, EFT Practitioner, and radio host. She holds two teaching credentials and has been working with children and families for over 40 years.  Her column, Listening 2 Children, appeared in the Sonoma Gazette for several years. Sharon's first two years in radio focused on bringing her parenting philosophy to the radio at KGGV in Guerneville, California, where she hosted the Family Hour and Kids Hour.  She is passionate about bringing great attention to the state of PEACE so families and educators can create such environments.  When we live in a peaceful and happy environment on a regular basis, we can bring that into our outer world and learn to appreciate, honor and respect the importance of finding peaceful solutions to all situations. 

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    What is Happening to Children Today? Sharon Ann Wikoff

    in Family

    Today on Heart 2 Heart Listening, Sharon Ann Wikoff will speak about today's children. Why do we have so many drop-outs? Why do we have so many children not doing well in school? Are "we" imposing a system "on" them perhaps? Can we listen to our children in a better way?
    We welcome your calls...and you to participate in the chat room. Tune in! And Call in!

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    How to Be Happy in Today's Unsettling World

    in Self Help

    Today Sharon Ann Wikoff and  Jyude Allbright will talk about "How to be Happier in Today's Unsettling World", creating a Joy-filled world from the inside out. Most of us have been encouraged to believe that it's the "things" in the outer world such as the people in our live, our   career, our "toys", our success and/or our money that make us feel happy or not. However, many people from many different cultures are VERY happy and have very little material possessions. So, what makes the difference?  Tune in and learn how your choices, moment by moment, can make a difference in the way you see your life and circumstances.

    Sharon Ann Wikoff has worked with children as an educator for over 40 years. She is passionate about supporting families and educators in creating PEACE in their environments. For more information please visit:       www.SharonAnnWikoff.com  

    Jyude Allbright: Jyude nurtures her audiences and clients in creating peace and joy in their relationships & living spaces - personally, professionally and romantically. Using her skills as a public speaker, an NLP Master Practitioner, Addiction Recovery Coach, Access Bars facilitator, Certified Prevention Specialist, and spiritual teacher, she has authored several  books on addictions, parenting, and dating.
           Her books can be found at www.jyudeallbright.com, She currently co-hosts the radio show, "Awareness Changes Truth," on Blog Talk Radio -www.awarenesschangestruth.com

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    Today's Indigo and Crystal Children with Sharon Ann Wikoff

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    Peter Kline was not able to be on the show today so Sharon Ann Wikoff, shared her experience working with "Indigo" and "Crystal" Children, as well as the characteristics of each. Although Sharon does not believe in "classifying" children, she does believe that an understanding of the traits of these types of children is useful in understanding them. Tune in to learn more about these special children and the gifts they bring to the planet. NOTE: To listen, fast forward into the program about 15 minutes. This is where the hour of "Our Children" begins.

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    Awakening is Not a Path with Sat Shree

    in Spirituality

    The Voice of Change, hosted by Sharon Ann Wikoff, welcomes Sat Shree to the program today. The title of the show is Awakening is Not a Path. 


    There is a current misunderstanding about the relevance of the sudden spiritual awakenings that are occurring on the planet these days. These are wonderful, sudden shifts in one’s reality where we break out of the content of us and become the context in which the content of our lives arises. Awakening can temporarily break us out of our identification with our body, mind and personality, providing us a witnessing presence that is free. But this awakening will not last unless one understands what one has awakened to.


    An architect and community activist living in Nevada, Sat Shree experienced a sudden awakening to the spiritual dimension of existence in 1998. “This state arose suddenly without any effort on my part in the midst of an individual human life in one night in 1998.  This ‘awakening’ was a glimpse of an utterly different and radical state of being that I now reside in. However back then it was just the beginning of a process that set in motion a transformation that utterly changed reality as I had known it, a process that continues to this day.”

    Sat Shree will be in Nevada City, California and is offering a program on Friday and Saturday, August 21-22. For details please visit his website:  www.newdharmayoga.com 


  • The 7 Practices for Peace from "Peace Is the Way" by Deepak Chopra

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    Today on the Voice of Change, Sharon Ann Wikoff will share with you the 7 Practices for Peace from Deepak Chopra's book, "Peace Is The Way".  Would you like to create a daily Peace Practice for yourself or your family?  These practices from Deepak's amazing book are easy to learn and practice.  

    Sharon Ann Wikoff is passionate about sharing practices for Raising Peaceful Children. She is mother of three grown children and has worked with children and families for over four decades.  She is author of The Art of Communicating with Infants and Young Children and The Art of Listening to Children: The 10 Minute Miracle.  


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    Daddy, Why Are We Different? wtih Sharon Ann Wikoff

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    NOTE:   After the first 20-25 minutes of the program, there is a period of silence.  Please fast forward about 15-20 minutes for the remainder of the program.  I'm so sorry for this inconvenience.  I will edit the program as soon as possible.  Thank you for listening! Sharon Ann Wikoff
    Today on the Voice of Change, I will share with you a story I wrote several years ago, entitled, "Daddy, Why Are We Different"?  This story is a gentle and loving story, telling a little boy of 5 why he was not circumcised, so he could look just like his Dad who was circumcised.  Circumcision has grown into a multi-million dollar business.  However, the rate of circumcisions performed in the USA has been greatly reduced over the last 4 decades, going from a 76 % rate down to a 33% rate, as parents learn that it is an unnecessary procedure, which is extremely painful and tramatic for the infants.  There is not one health organization in the world that promotes having a routine circumcision performed.  Today, more and more parents are questioning circumcision.  In addition, I'll share a remarkable story of a Jewish family who had their heart set on having their son circumcised until they learned the truth about the procedure. 

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    The Oneness Blessing with author Paula Rosenfeld

    in Spirituality

    The global phenomenon of the Oneness Blessing, also known as Deeksha, is an energy transmission passed through the hands of one person to another. The Oneness Blessing is not a religion and requires no allegiance to any beliefs, doctrines, or practices. With surprising simplicity, it opens the door for ordinary people to join in the extraordinary flow of life’s natural abundance, unity, and miracles. 

    In her book, The Oneness Blessing, Paula Rosenfeld interviews permanently awakened Oneness Trainers whose lives have been transformed through Deeksha. Their clarity, humor, gratitude and inspiration, intimately illuminate what it means to live an awakened life. 

    Paula Rosenfeld, Awakened Certified Oneness Trainer, is passionately dedicated to helping people become happy, healthy, and fulfilled. She launched her private practice, From The Heart Center, LLC, in 1992. Her vibrational tool kit includes ancient shamanic healing techniques, energy balancing, intuitive consultations, coaching, teaching Oneness courses and meditation, and inspiring people through the written word. Additionally, she leads shamanic journey circles that support direct experiences of healing and guidance through individual communion with spiritual guides.  Paula's awakening in 2013 at Oneness University in India ignited an even deeper desire to assist in the transformation of world consciousness. As a Certified Oneness Trainer, she initiates people to become Deeksha Givers, giving the m an opportunity to rapidly grow in awareness and happiness, and to help others grow as well.  

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    Rose of Sharon Faith Ministries L.V.NV.

    in Christianity

    Welcome to Rose of Sharon Faith Ministries (Song of Solomon 2:1)

    Las Vegas Nevada we are at the heart Hartland Mansion 525 Park Paseo Dr. & 6 Street

    Corners of Las Vegas Blvd. & E.Charleston

    with Apostle Willie J.Frink III. (702) 601-5948 or

    Pastor Jesse Charo @ (702) 931-1221

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    Teaching PEACE as a Priority to Children with educator, Sharon Ann Wikoff

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    Teaching PEACE as a Priority to Children is the topic for this program. I'm Sharon Ann Wikoff, host of the Voice of Change and delighted to be talking to you today on this subject. Recently, many books, experiences and conversations have led me to thinking more about this extremely importance topic. The book: Stop the Next War NOW edited by Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans; Deepak Chopra's book: Peace is the Way; and finally Red Grammer's musical CD Teaching Peace are some of the materials that have surfaced, calling my attention to this important subject. In addition, the essay, "The Challenge of Educating for PEACE by Joan Almon, US coordinator of the Alliance for Childhood" (www.allianceforchildhood.org) from the book, "Stop the Next War Now" played a key part in me taking a closer look at the subject of PEACE and children. Have you observed the 'games' children play on the computer or DVDs for the television or television cartoons and programming in terms of "war", "fighting", "killing" and "winning"? Recently, I unexpectedly viewed several children 5-9 years of ago using such 'games' and was shocked by their excited yells of: We got him! We killed him! He's out! and so on. Deepak Chopra opens his book, PEACE is the Way, with the statement: Today is a good day for war to come to an end. I believe that TODAY is a good day for the exposure of war games to children to come to an end! I strongly believe that parents and educators need to take a stand for Teaching PEACE as a Priority to Children, beginning TODAY! Tune in to hear more about this important subject and to learn 12 Principles for Teaching Peace to Children, in the schools and home environments.

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