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    Sharing is Not Always Caring

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    Olivia and Emily discuss how sharing isn't always a good thing.

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    Living, Caring, Learning and Sharing W/Don Durant

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    Deliver Sound Doctrine...And the People will follow.   How many of our faithful leaders are still standing?  How many of our strong Pastors are still leading? How many of our people are lost due to faulty Teaching. There are many wonderful Pastors: David Walker, Donnie McClurkin, Sedwick Easley, Phillip McDowell, Ernest Barnett and so many others. These men stand out among the crowd,and we will speak on s o many others. Our  broadcast will also focus on  our political leadership as well, to weed out those who fail to consider the needs of the people.  Join us online: blogtalkradio.com /don-durnt  or on the phone: 718-305-6322.  6:00 pm est.  Lend us your ears. 

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    Living, Caring, Learning and Sharing W/Don Durant

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    Today's broadcast will speak on teh benefits of writing a book to reflect on the life, and times of you and your family.  THE STORY OF THE DIMES is just such a book, on teh life and loves of Reverend Lillie Mae Ragland.  She has experienced a personal response to teh loss of her husband and in observance of his passing.  A Soul mate never leaves and when they  leave this life, there is always a touch, a remembrance, and a communication from them to you.  Join us as we share the benefits of writing a book.  My latest book is a reflection of my daughter Danielle, a young successful business professional with a zeal to grow.  Join us online blogtalkradio.com /don-durant  or on teh phone: 718-305-6322 at 5:00 pm est TODAY!!

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    When You're Dating, Sharing is Caring!

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    Join @Soon2BeCatLady and @A_Dude79 as they bring you all of the latest and greatest dating advice, online or off.  Tonight's episode deals with sharing, more specifically, sharing your kink.  When is it too soon to share you kink with the person you're dating?  We'll discuss it and we want your feedback.  Tweet in!

    Plus, we have information on the classic bait and switch.  Tune in to find out what we mean.  (Thanks to our listener @MadMike4883 for the tip).

    Don't miss out on this special, sexy show and don't forget to check out Soon2BeCatLady's blog!

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    Sharing Is Caring

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    Sharing Is Caring
    This month we thought about all of the wonderful people who give from their hearts and never expect anything in return. Do you know individuals like that? This month we have invited a few of them on to share what they do out of PURE PASSION. What is Purity? How does someone’s Passion impact others? 
    This Weeks Topic-Sharing is Caring with Family and Community
    Meet our panel this morning; Ms. Feona Huff and Elder Margarita Young. Powerful and thoughtful women who believe in giving to families and communities; out of the purity of their hearts!!!!
    What you do, how you perceive what you do.. makes a difference for families and communities.
    Feona Sharhran Huff is the Publisher & CEO of Solo Mommy Magazine, a monthly publication dedicated to empowering single moms with savvier ways to live a simpler life. Through her magazine, she also produces an Annual Mother’s Day Brunch & “You Go, Mom!” Awards Program, in which she honors 3 to 5 single moms for being the epitome of strength, tenacity, savviest, and fortitude.
    Margaretta Young is a leader in her own right.  She is The Founder/Executive Director of Women of Strength Resource, Development & Foundation, Inc. and Ready For Success, Inc. The Chief Executive Officer of Garden of Eden Creations International, Ready For Success Group and Expressions of The Heart Publications.  She also formerly served on The Advisory Board of Directors for Black Women’s Breast Feeding Alliance, Project Beautiful and Italian American Civil Rights League a former President of The Business and Professional Women for The Gold Coast District of The Church of God in Christ and a dedicated Learning Leader.

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    Hugh Traulsen: Caring/Sharing

    in Motivation

    Through the creative utilization of information, Hugh attempts to connect all individuals and organizations together for the greater good of all. The name Traulsen is well known in the food service and restaurant industries and after years of association with the company Hugh has branched out to do more good for humanity through the spreading of  information and connectivity and unconditional love.

    His motives are altruistic and he is simply trying to make the world a better place. His background has been varied and interesting. There are numerous other stories which will eventually be brought out on this blog. But for now let us state that he has a poem in the Ronald Reagan Library, has received a letter from President Obama and is well known in numerous social and media circles.







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    Fresh Manna Our Daily Bread: Sharing and Caring One for Another

    in Religion


    Today’s Topic: Sharing and Caring One For Another

    Sub Topic: Love in Action!

    Discussion:  Are we too busy taking care of people who we have never met, talked to or even seen just because some charity or television commercial made a plea for your help and financial assistance? Many times we neglect hurting and needy people who live right in our communities, even our neighbors who we see on a daily/weekly basis.  The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and there are many ways you can put your love in action! Listen to this program and share it with family and friends, let it be a reminder of the importance of sharing and caring one for another, especially the people we know, love and care about.

    Scripture Text: (1 Thessalonians 4:9)  But regarding brotherly love, you do not need that I write to you, for you yourselves are taught by God to love one another.


    Apostle Williams is available for Conferences, Seminars and Workshops that will build your ministry or church group.  Our Ministerial Team is comprised of educational and motivational speakers for your church meetings and special events to strengthen members, individuals and families, within the community or church.  Her goal is to provide Educational Seminars and resources for victims and families dealing with domestic violence, mental and emotional stress, and substance abuse that weaken the family structure and values.  These seminars are to help improve parenting skills, promote abstinence among our youth, and provide Christian counseling relating to family values and issues.  To strengthen, encourage and motivate men and women.

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    Living, Caring, Learning and Sharing W/Don Durant

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    Our conversation this week has been all about torture, and now the Congress is fighting against reconciling with Cuba.  We have accepted Torture as a way of life even though it is not how we as a nation have operated in the past.  130 Children shot dead in a school in Pakistan, six members of a family in Pennsylvania, killed by an ex-husband, before he commits suicide, and young Black men shot dead in the streets of our cities and in the parks and in Wal Mart.   There needs to be a reconsideration of what is right as we pass through this life.  We need to respect each other and wish only the best for one another.  Join us at 9:00 am est 12/18/14 on blogtalkradio.com /don-durant  online or on the phone: 718-305-6322

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    Living, Caring, Learning and Sharing W/Don Durant

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    Today we will spek on the failing schools in our communities.  Hempstead High School is one of these schools in a failing District.  Principal Stroghn called a meeting of concerned citizens and professional together to  discuss a range of issues pertaining to the school.  What are the Characteristics of the students and their families?  What will our students learn and how will they learn?  What are our aspirations for the school?  Most important, what distinguishes us from other schools?  Change is necessary and our student today more than ever need a High School diploma.  Our students are crying out for change and it is up to us as a community to bring this change about>  Tune in 9:00 am est  on Monday 12/15/14 (blogtalkradio /don-durant) or listen in on your phone: 718-305-6322  Join us and hear what is being spoken on by our school leadership.

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    Living, Caring, Learning and Sharing W/Don Durant

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    Our broadcast today will focus on the incarceration of innocent prisoners, who have been locked away even when DNA PROVES THEIR INNOCENCE! Kent Leroy Clark is just such a person, DNA conflicting with his own, was not enough to prevent his incarceration, and he has fought his fight for almost 20 years, with the able assistance of many outside those walls.  This assistance included the work of Professor Ali Al-Rahman, former Warden at Rikers Island  Jail  in New York.  Tune in and hear the story of Kent Leroy Clark.

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    Living, Caring, Learning and Sharing W/Don Durant

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    Today's Broadcast we will focus on the Rockaway Reunion...This special  Seaside community after many years is continuing it's tradition of celebrating the family.  The family found in a community of caring people. I attended church in this community for the majority of my life and have friends that I attended schools with.  It is unfortunate that many if not all of the schools I attended have been torn down.  The change in the neighborhood is awesome.

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