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    Special Co-Host Shariff Abdrabbo

    in Military

    Special co-host Shariff Abdrabbo joins Carrie in the studio to talk about Common Core, Israel, and much more!

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    The Team Of "Clipped Wings They Do Fly" On The Danny Tisdale Show

    in Lifestyle

    Today, Danny talks to the team from "Clipped Wings They Do Fly," on The Danny Tisdale Show. Danny talks to producer William Michael Barbee, President/CEO of Prestige Media Producrtions/Barbee Group Films Bill Duke, The Wire's Usman Shariff and legendary award winning director, producer and writer Bill Duke.

    The  "Clipped Wings They Do Fly," discussion covers the theme of the movie Mental health disorder, the challenge of making independent films, how do you know you're on the right track, funding for a movie that's not about pop culture and/or community friendlyand much much more. 

    Listen to the show recorded live on Wednesday, June, 24 2015.

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    KONSCIOUS VIBES W/HOST Rahme'el El Bey- Correcting The Mis-Understandings

    in Education

    KONSCIOUS VIBES W/HOST Rahme'el El Bey PRESENTS: Correcting The Misunderstandings Of The Moorish Divine National Movement.  Join us as we breakdown the words of Sheik Shariff Abdul Ali (Prophet Nobe Drew Ali) in regards to our movement, Moorish Science Temple, Jurisprudence et cetra.  

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    Rebroadcast - Cameo & J Shariff

    in Culture

    Rebroadcast of Cameo & J Shariff

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    The House of Restoration Ministry (T.H.O.R.) WITH Brother Sharif Also Greg Doss

    in Current Events

    the ministry to mainly bring awareness of the debt crisis in this country.THOR has been airing  episode on the state of the country, violence, declining Family, and culture of abusive states and government, agencies. We will continue this series and talks that will help us find ways to rebuild the deteriorated family structure, fatherless children, severed marriages, disconnect of man from woman, economic catastrophy, and lack of spirituality amongst the people. Also Greg Doss from Greg Doss.com Radio is our special guest. He is an acrredited teacher on the Constitutional Principals and Child Support. He will speak to the Men and Women about the abuse of the child support system. He will also educate the Men on how to not be subject to, or abused by the state and federal government under the guise of child support. So get your pens and paper and take notes for you never know when this info is needed.



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    Bert Martinez speaks with Mark Albion, Wendy Axelrod and guests

    in Business

    Mark Albion conflicted achiever who climbed the ladder of success wrong by wrong. A serial social entrepreneur and recipient of a 2010 National Entrepreneur of the Year award, he spent his middlessence speaking about at over 600 universities to build Net Impact, a global progressive leadership organization, and writing a 4000-word newsletter that served millions of subscribers in 87 countries.  Today, Mark chairs an ed tech company that provides an e-learning platform to help users make the transitions to meaningful work

    Wendy Axelrod management development expert, executive coach, and author.  The name of her book is “Make talent your business: how exceptional managers develop their people while getting results.”  Companies and professional associations have been calling on her to speak, develop and coach managers so the managers, in turn, can be exceptional at developing their people every day

    Sharif Abdullah author and advocate for inclusivity and societal transformation.  Shariff’s vision and mission are simple:  we can create a world that works for all beings.  Shariff promotes heart-centered inclusivity and a society based on visionary, localized and alternative economics and politics

    David Lifschultz CEO, of Genoil, Inc. He has long business experience being part of a Lifschultz Family Group dating back to 1899 or 115 years ago.  He has run trucking companies, air freight companies, ocean forwarding companies, brokerage companies for import and export document clearing, and technology companies

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    The Maine Prince Show with Shariff Floyd, DT, Florida Gators

    in Sports

    Joining us this morning will be Shariff Floyd, starting defensive lineman from Florida Gators, graduate from George Washington High School in northeast Philly, and PSTC Client in the Passing Football League.  The Maine Prince Show on the college recruiting process and what it takes to reach the next level after graduating from high school.  We will invite celebrity guests from high school student-athletes to college student-athletes and professional athletes, along with administrators and parents.  The goal of the show is to help parents and student-athletes understand the various ways of how college recruiting works for student-athletes.  to view our upcoming 2-week schedule goto our website at www.PhillySportsTC.com or join our Facebook page to keep up-to-date about upcoming shows.
    If you would like to listen on the go, you can call (347)327-9292.  If you'd like to ask a question LIVE On-the-Air then follow the instruction and someone will be with you to guide you.  If you prefer to ask a question not LIVE On-the-Air there are several ways you can:
    Send us an email to TheMainePrinceShow@PhillySportsTC.com. Join our LIVE On-the -Air chat . Leave a comment on our upcoming show page and ask the question you'd like to cover. Post a question on our Facebook page or send us a Twitter message. If you have a topic that you would like to have discussed or presented, please send us your request.

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    TPS LIVE: Bedok Reservoir Suicides, 8pm (GMT +8)

    in Paranormal

    Bedok Reservoir has been plagued with 7 cases of suicides. It boasts as the highest case of suicides that falls under a localised area. The first reported death was the lower half torso of a Chinese National. That was in September 2011. And the deaths didn't stop there. A few months on, a mother and son's dead bodies were found in the reservoir again.

    Is there something 'sinister' going on here, or is it a simple case of helpless souls crying out for attention?

    Do join Shariff as he tries to get the facts straight and also a recap of the recent investigation they did in February 2012.

    If you have any information to share, do not be afraid to mail to shariff@sghccrew.com

  • 01:02

    TPS LIVE: Strange HDB Noises, 8pm (GMT +8)

    in Paranormal

    There have been many stories of spirits playing marbles on the apartment unit above. Sounds of dragging furniture and other weird sounds, such as the giggling of children. And all of this are happening in the wee ours of the night! What could be causing all this noises? Is it true that spirits are abound? Or could there be a logical explanation about all of these problems?

    Join Shariff as he discusses this topic which isn't happening only in Singapore, but all over the world.

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    Higher Consciousness:The Power of Words in Prose and in Song

    in Self Help

    Higher Consciousness is a program that will enlighten you and expand your consciousness about the physical and non physical dimensions.  
    Tonight's show highlights three exceptional women who will share their journeys.
    Sara Hines Martin,  a professional writer for 57 years,will share the ways her writing has provided  healing for herself as well as for others.  www.saramartin.net
    A native of Virginia, Emilee Hines has lived in Texas, Michigan and Kenya, and now makes her home in the mountains of North Carolina. Listen to her testimony about overcoming challenges. www.emileehines.com.  
      Rahimah Shariff, a talented vocalist, will share her journey regarding her musical resume and the ways that she uses words in song to motivate, inspire, and educate others.  elizcowley@yahoo.com
    Radio Host's Bio
    Professor Jamela Franklin  (770) 808-8051

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    TPS LIVE: The Mysterious Pontianak, 8pm (GMT+8)

    in Paranormal

    Many have claimed to come face to face with an entity which is known to the malays as the Pontianak (Pohn-Tee-Ah-nark). But what actually is this creature...or this female entity?

    Many movies were created regarding her and it has become a custom of such to the Asians, especially the Malays.

    Legend has it that the first pontianak was actually a human being that was forcefully raped and murdered with her still born child inside of her. She is given life to exact revenge on the male species eventually, especially her tormentors.

    How true is the legend and haunting of this mysterious being? Join Shariff as we get to the bottom of this entity that has been terrorizing everyone that crosses her path.

    If you have any experience with her, please do not be afraid to tell the tale so we can understand more about this mysterious creature known as the Pontianak.

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