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    Paul McGuire - Return to Babylon - The Babylon Code

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    We are also broadcasting live on our Official YouTube Channel: CLICK HERE

    To listen to us via our archive, check back after the show.


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    MONDAY 10/05/15 LIVE AT 7pm ET/6pm CT/4pm PT MICHELLE COSTA (BIG BROTHER 10) HOSTS THE MANIC MONDAY SHOW with Special Guest: JOHN McGUIRE AKA JOHNNY MAC (BB17)!!! Join us as MICHELLE COSTA Welcomes JOHN McGUIRE to The Manic Monday Show! We're SO Excited to have him with us! While "Johnny Mac" was still battling it out in the Big Brother House, we had his Brother Jordan, and his Friend Joe on with us right after #Zingbot paid a visit to the House Guests. Now, we can talk to "Johnny Mac" himself to get his take on this season's #BBCast, The #BBAlliances, The #BBTwists, The #BBWhackstreetBoys, The #BBDrama, The #BBFinale, and The #BBMFP! Of course we'll find out what he's been up to since he left the Big Brother House, and what his plans are for the future too! As Always, You're invited to join in the conversation by calling 1-347-237-5506 and/or click our link, then scroll down the page to our Live Chat Room to chat with us there during the Live Show too! Cherry Garcia and Paul from Minn. will be there to Co-Host.   #LetsChatBB17 #TeamJohnnyMac  

    MICHELLE COSTA: from "Big Brother 10", Hosts the most FUN internet radio show about Reality TV! She has been doing MANIC MONDAY'S year round since July of 2009, with AMAZING Special Guests each Monday! And MICHELLE COSTA knows how to put on an EPIC show! The "Portuguese Princess" doesn't hold back ANYTHING! 

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    Kevin McGuire/Rick Worthington

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    Tonight on The Blitz with Bryan and TB,

    Kevin McGuire of NBC Sports joins the program to recap the BYU game as well as preview the Idaho State at Boise State 

    In hour two, Rick Worthington of 670 KBOI joins the program to talk about the Boise State QB's and more. 

    TB and Bryan are LIVE for another edition of The Blitz with Bryan and TB! 

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    Beyond The White Picket Fence by Shari Yantes on Change Radio w/Rhonda

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    Shari’s newest book, Beyond The White Picket Fence” was released April 1, 2015 and is an Amazon best seller.


    Shari was an awkward child who felt like she never fit in and wasn't good enough, She grew up following the rules, the expectations of others & society norms, doing everything “right”. Although she had it all in the eyes of everyone else, a “perfect family”, a beautiful house & lifestyle and an executive role at a public company she still didn't feel like she was where she was supposed to be and she knew she wasn’t being who she truly was deep down.


    After a series of major life events all happening within a few months, Shari found the confidence & courage to say “Screw It” and took control of her life to live the life she desired, being her authentic self.

    Shari helps other women (and men) do the same. We all have the right to live an authentic life and be true to ourselves!


    Her open communication style and thought provoking conversational techniques as well as her diverse life experiences allow you to connect and an intimate, intense and individual level.  


    Coming from a childhood and life rich in lessons; dealing with family member’s addictions, divorce, blended families, physical and emotional abuse, being a single mom, layoffs and more, Shari learned to deal with challenges and move forward quickly and successfully!


    Overcoming many challenges of her own and thriving in spite of or because of them, Shari will help you take control of your life and find your way to an authentic thriving life. 



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    From Paul McGuire - On tonights show I will talk about the exploding economic problems, what is coming in Sept -October and beyond, potential of WWW III over CURRENCY WARS, terror attacks, the plan to destroy America and the need for true Christians to get in the game repent, pray, intercede and believe God in faith for His supernatural power after they have repented and MORE!


    Also, I have a brand new 3-DVD FALL of AMERICA  and WHO WILL STAND IN THE GAP  for your Hagmann listeners it is at a special price normally I sell a 3 DVD set for $60.00 I am offering this to your listeners at a big discount!  which features teaching from prophecy, prayer meeting, the prayer and visuals and teaching on what is really happening in our nation and how to fight spiritually and stand for righteousness peacefully and with WISDOM!  Also, practical preparation.


    I want to mention the Babylon Code as it deals with the current financial crisis and economic crisis and they can buy it now and it will be shipped to them in about 2 weeks as it is being released.  There is a storm of publicity about this book already and Charisma Magazine is doing a cover story on it in the September 2015 issue.


    Lots more - I believe the power of God is going to move! and I have lots of intense information.


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    The Blitz with Bryan and TB: Jerry Palm and Kevin McGuire join the program!

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    Tonight on The Blitz with Bryan and TB, We will be joined at the very top of the program with our weekly segment with Kevin McGuire from NBC Sports' College Football Talk. He will join us to talk Boise State vs. Washington, who he thinks the Huskies will choose as their QB and more!

    At the top of the hour, we will be joined by CBSSports.com's Jerry Palm as he will come on the program to talk about his current bowl projections as well as his thoughts on Utah State, Colorado State and more! 

    In hour number two we will play an interview with Seattle Times beat writer for the Washington Huskies, Percy Allen! What are the realistic possibilities for the Huskies? Tune in and find out!


    All of this and more as we are LIVE!

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    Guest, Shari Peterson Talks About Transactional Funding for Your Deals

    in Real Estate

    "Making Money in Real Estate When You Have No Money" with 60 years of combined experience in real estate and finance, Ken Sheppard & Dana Leigh share real world "How To" actions to use real estate to generate income, build wealth and create a financial legacy for your family  We started out this way and so can you.

    Once you have a property under contract and a Buyer to sell it to at a higher price than your contract, transactional funds allow you to close the property in your business or personal name and sell the property to your Buyer without disclosing what you paid for the asset.  This allows investors to make more money in the deal while still providing a great discount to their Buyer. Our guest, Shari Peterson, who is an experienced capital provider specialist in this area of real real estate, will discuss how and why this is a excellent way to increase profits for an investor in a deal.

    Find our podcasts on the iTunes store under "Making Money in Real Estate When You Have No Money".

    Please join our online community at CreativeFlips.webs.com and connect with us on LinkedIn- Ken and Dana.

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    Random Radio Revolution: Get Your Random On!

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    Join Extreme and the RRR crew as they talk about what else...all that is random! Extreme's heading to Las Vegas next weekend so he'll have some things to say about that, John "The Wire" McGuire will have the Hollywood Minute, and there will be a special guest appearance by one Tommy Valentine. You KNOW you don't want to miss this episode................Viva La Revolution!!!!

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    Shari Shattuck has appeared in more than two hundred television shows, films, mini-series, movies of the week and commercials on her acting resume.  A few of her acting credits are the television shows, ‘Dallas,’ ‘Sisters,’ ‘Life Goes On,’ ‘The Young and the Restless,’ and ‘Babylon Five.’ Her film credits include “On Deadly Ground” with Micheal Caine, “Spy Hard” with Leslie Neilson, and “A Man of Passion” with Anthony Quinn. In addition, she has performed most of Shakespeare’s major female roles on stage as well as a host of other characters, including the lead role in a hit production of “Cabaret.” Shari has also written and directed for the stage. Daily Variety’s rave review of her play, “In Progress,” said,  “Shattuck’s delightfully romantic comedy not only displays her talent as a stage performer, but also as a writer.” Her many years of acting and directing all contribute to her sense of drama, comedy and story as a novelist.

    Her first book, “Loaded,” was selected by Publisher’s Weekly as one of the Best of 2003. She has since published seven novels, co-produced the films  “Redemption” and “Scream at the Devil” with her husband, survived two fires, four mudslides, many rattlesnake relocations, and being the class-room-rep-parent-association-member for her daughters’ classes. Her new book, “Becoming Ellen will be released in the summer of 2015. She lives in the National Forest above Los Angeles

  • Worldwide Educators ~ Five

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    An interview with a Real RiskTaker,
    Religious Control,
    The Endless ISness LifeIS,
    RealAwareness, Recognition,
    The Natural Environment,
    Royalty - The Illusion,
    The PorpoiSEE Club,
    Testing The NU-U Sessions,
    Restrictions of Creation & The Freedom of The RealUNUverses,
    Taplining and Agreement,
    Focusing on what IS Real - The ALLIS

    WE ARE WORLDWIDE EDUCATORS. WE Are Here For The World. WE Provide a RealEducation that surpasses all others. WE have many WorldWide Educator Groups on Facebook and 'You' are welcome to Join US. WE have a RealEducation setup for those who would like to be a part of our WorldWide WakeUp with The ALLSolar Research Vessel Project. See 'ALLSOLAR RESEARCH VESSEL' on YouTube and Facebook.
    WE work with The ALLNatural Environment that Supports ALL of US.


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    The Blitz with Bryan and TB is back!

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    Tonight on the Blitz with Bryan and TB, we are back after 8 days of vacation and we have tons to catch up on! The Rypien era is here and what does TB have to say about him? Tune in and find out! Also, why does Bryan think Ryan Finley will transfer after this season? The answer may surprise you. Here are the guests we have lined up for tonight’s show as well!

    6:30 PM MT: Kevin McGuire NBC Sports’ College Football Talk

    7:20 PM MT: Ryan Krous publisher of http://goldandgreennews.com , covering CSU for Rivals.

    7:45 PM MT: Jeremy Mauss: MountainWestConnection.com

    All of this and more as we are LIVE!