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    HR Happy Hour 181 - Wellness for the Modern Workplace

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    HR Happy Hour 181 - Wellness for the Modern Workplace (an update from ShapeUp)

    Recorded Monday, April 21, 2014

    Hosts: Steve Boese, Trish McFarlane

    Guest: Dr. Rajiv Kumar, Co-founder and CEO of ShapeUp

    This week on the HR Happy Hour Show, Steve and Trish talked with Dr. Rajiv Kumar MD, Co-founder and CEO of ShapeUp, an online wellness platform for companies and health plans that leverages the power of a trusted social network to improve the health of large populations.

    ShapeUp is the leading global provider of clinically-proven, social networking-based employee wellness programs that help people exercise more, eat healthier, and lose weight. Founded in 2006 by two medical doctors, ShapeUp has pioneered an innovative approach to behavior change that leverages the power of social networking, gaming, coaching, and financial rewards to improve the health of large populations and reduce healthcare costs. ShapeUp's social wellness platform covers two million lives across 128 countries and is used by more than 200 employers and health plans.

    On the show, Dr. Kumar shared an update on the state of wellness and corporate wellness programs today as well as ShapeUp's approach and vision of wellness as a very social activity at its core. Additionally, we talked about the role of technology in the support of corporate and individual wellness goals. Mobile, gamification, wearables, and social concepts have transformed both the activities and the design of wellness programs in the last few years.

    This was a fun and interesting show, and I hope you check it out. Many thanks to Rajiv and everyone at ShapeUp for joining us this week.

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    Employee Wellness: There's An App For That

    in Health

    The Technology & Employee Wellness Survey conducted by ShapeUp and context in 2012 made it clear employers were gearing up for health technology adoption. 54% were considering the use of sensors and devices. 56% were ready for other mobile-based solutions. Today's guests offer such solutions to employers and their employees. 
    Martha Wofford is the head of the CarePass platform at Aetna. CarePass is a platform that helps Aetna members and nonmembers choose popular mobile health apps and use them to track their health improvement. Derek Newell is the CEO of Jiff, a digital health technology company that recently announced a partnership with Towers Watson on a consumer-driven platform for employers and health care organizations.
    Join us as we talk with Martha and Derek about how employers can use the technology we love to increase our health engagement and improve our health. 

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    How Technology Facilitates Proactive Health

    in Technology

    Join host Ben and Dr. Brad Weinberg, Co-founder of Blueprint Health and ShapeUp, as they discuss how technology, social media, and gamification are changing consumer behavior and making people more proactive about their own health.

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    HR Happy Hour 143 - 'Gaming Health and Wellness'

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    HR Happy Hour 143 - 'Gaming Health and Wellness'
    Sponsored by Aquire
    Thursday, April 26, 2012 - 8:00PM ET
    Call in 646-378-1086
    Follow the backchannel on Twitter - hashtag #HRHappyHour
    In a climate of rising obesity rates and increasing health care costs, workplace wellness has emerged as a way for employers to address the health and well-being of their employees. Although workplace wellness has existed in one form or another for well over four decades, advances in technology have recently and rapidly changed the way employee health promotion programs are delivered.
    In the past five years in particular, companies have begun adopting gaming technology in the service of wellness, making the achievement of healthy goals more approachable, engaging, social, and fun.
    This week on the show we will welcome special guests Dr. Rajiv Kumar the the founder and chief medical officer at ShapeUp, the leading global provider of clinically proven, social networking-based employee wellness programs; as well as Fran Melmed ,the owner of context, an award-winning communication and change management consulting firm that specializes in wellness and health care consumerism to talk about:
    Workplace wellness challenges
    Why wellness can be more than just fun with games
    How insurers and consumers are adopting health games
    Why health games are proliferating and succeeding in the workplace.
    It should be a fun an interesting show and I hope you can join us!

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    Inside the Barbershop Ep. 45 "Birthday Bonanza"

    in Sports

    Ladies and gents we are ready to go into the Barbershop tonight and chop it up with the Barbershop Nation about all the latest and greatest news in the world of sports and entertainment! We want to say a happy early birthday to Barbershop Sports Entertainment co-founder and show host Big Hez as he will be bringing in his 33rd birthday this Friday!
    The NFL Playoffs are shaping up the NBA trade rumors are heating up and in MMA Jon Bones Jones is going to be at it again! Not to mentions the moves made in the MLB with Jose Reyes going to the Marlins and the anticipation as to where Albert Pujols will end up. We also have NCAA Basketball firing up plus the  BCS Bowl shapeup on the table.   We have so much to discuss tonight and if you don't know already nobody does it like the Barbershop Sports boys! So tune in tonight at 9pm EST as Big Hez, Bucco Bruce, B-ri the Sports Guy and Big T break down the news Barbershop Style!

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    What's Hot

    in Family

    Ardyss Life. The body magic

    One of the hot items for the season and beyond!

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    Why fat-free America has NEVER been more obese

    in Fitness

    Go on, say the f word. F-A-T. Its stopping you from enjoying the life your deserve. You've heard all the medical reasons to shape up, but if that didn't work - here are Cat Smiley's Top Ten non-medical reasons why it is your turn to report to duty. And why it's not only for you, it's for your country. Represent!

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    Report to Duty

    in Fitness

    Join Cat Smiley, author of the best selling book; The Original Boot Camp, as she coaches you through the 8 week program and answers any questions you might have about the workout.