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    Late night with Angelo and the Gang

    in Entertainment

    We will discuss Sundays game against the bengals and talk about the future of Ryan Fitzpatrick. We will also discuss Vince from Shamwow and the worst name to have.

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    1.40 Nanook of the North Belt Highway

    in Comedy

    The Wonder Show deejays set out to remake the classic documentary "Nanook of the North".

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    ScrappleSandwich.com Show 63

    in Entertainment

    Rob joins late and talks about his wife commiting a crime. Brandon tells a story about a stupid robber and Travis goes off on Netflix!

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    Scam....... WOW! The "stimulus" package!

    in News

    In a short, LIVE, Midnight Marauder Show, Midnight rips the "stimulus" bill, the one he calls "The Command and Control Act of 2009."

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    Hating It Magazine Talk Show Episode 9

    in Comedy

    Cheney's Evil, Letters to Soldiers saying 9/11 was an inside job, Jennifer Aniston, Going Bald, The hating it Economy, Victoria Jackson, TI, ShamWow hooker story

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    Tope Con Coolio w/ Ben & Ben - Episode 4

    in Entertainment

    The fourth edition of Tope Con Coolio is mercifully over, and if we aren't sued by every activist group known to man by next weeks podcast, then thankfully we've flown under the radar. For now, anyways. We thank our special guest third mic John Clemens and surprise guest Matt Ryan, both of the Matt Ryan Internet Programme (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/programme) for their insight, wit, and for keeping it in their pants.

    In addition to the announced topics, we also discussed:

    *How Abdullah the Butcher uses Shamwow.
    *Liam Neeson vs. Patrick Swayze - Who's more badass?
    *Randy The Ram Robinson dream matches (FINALLY)
    *Why midgets make movies better, concept be damned!
    *The debut of our first reoccurring segment, "Where in the World is Tekno Team 2000?"

    All this and oh so much more! If you would like to listen to the latest fresher than Poppin Fresh episode of Tope Con Coolio, our fourth episode is already available to stream and/or download at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/topconcoolio. We also have a major announcement that we will announce after the brea......er, i mean NOW.

    Starting next week, Tope Con Coolio expands to 90 minutes! 30 extra glorious minutes of the dorky craziness you have undoubtedly come to expect from TCC. Our start time of 7pm will remain the same.

    So join us next Tuesday at 7pm for a super mega hyperawesome episode of Tope Con Coolio (now with 30 more minutes!), complete with new topics, a new third mic, and hopefully, a new way to distract you from everyday life.

    Tope Con Coolio w/Ben & Ben - A Wrestling Podcast for Dorks
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