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    Chronology Of Ancient KMT With Bro Sonjedi

    in History

    Brother Sonjedi teaches the chronology of Ancient KMT.


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    in Education

    Join us tonight on on P.O.P.S MOVEMENT RADIO BLOGTALK AT 6:30P.M. With your Host Queen MOTHER Hollywood and Advisor Bo. Prince Geno, Bro. Shaka From Chicago as WE PRESENT DEVELOPERS OF DREAMS PRESENT BLACK MEN UNITED FOR PEACE.WHERE we will discuss the various ways we can bond with the community to change the conditions using a 10 point program for change with Black men united for Peace. Join us Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. by calling 7139550708 press 1 to comment on the program. OR TUNE IN ON YOUR ON PERSONAL COMPUTER AT. Www.blogtalkradio.com/popsmovement

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    Gods And Goddesses Of Ancient Egypt (KMT)

    in Religion

    Team Osiris explains the various divinities of Ancient Kemet.



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    Episode 34 Procreation Portal ReOpened for Revenue and Resources

    in Work

    Mikyia Mo (Greetings !) ,

    Radio Show

    Saturdays at 11am EST.

    Hosted by Dre aka Nefer Kwi

    Co-Facilitator Queen Mother Akua / Sistar Ellen

    Guest Call-in (602) 753-1598

    We are putting Our money where Our mouth is by reinvesting Our energy of revenues, resources, and services back into the black community !!!! The donations will be accounted and accounted for by requested interest. Tools used to investigate are on www.journeyinrhythm.net ....

    This Episode Is To Circulate The Flow To and From Us !!!!

    How do you relate this to astronomy, cosmology, and nature?

    Htpu Seneb ( Offering Life, Heath,Prosperity to the Black Kmt-Unity !!!! )

    All Praises Due to Amen (Nyame) / Amenet (Nyamewaa) the Great Father and Great Mother both sides make a WHOLE !!!!


    Western - Aquarius 20 Jan - 18 Feb30

    Actual - Capricorn 19 Jan - 15 Feb28

                Aquarius 16 Feb - 3/11 (24-25 days of influence)

    (FUNTUMMIREKU DENKYEMMIREK) Unity- We All Share One Stomach !


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    Terrific Mindz honor History

    in Education

    History is needed by truly knowledgeable people. But the way to understand how to get those who lack a value for their History is a puzzle we shall piece together with Mr. Shaka Barak an others!
    Join in on the dialogue and help us to see the way some of us hate history while others love it almost beyond the present issues and needs...seemingly. Let us see how we can collectively gain a understanding of the process for those who have no clue how to create a passion within for History...in Love & Service

    6:30pm Central/7:30Eastern


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    Mr. President of Marcus Garvey Institute

    in Education

    Special Saturday @ P.O.P.S. Movement Radio Network...
    ...is so very proud to present to our listening audience a Strong Minded Elder from Chicago Illinois! This Brotha has been groomed and is advanced in his cultural relations with self and the Motherland.
    We hope to hear from our listening audience in the way of identifying with his story an elaboration of what has given your life similar purpose and drive...in Love & Service

  • 03:08

    Healing Power of ACACIA TREE by Bro. KT, ZULU HEALING SCIENCES by Dr. Shaka Zulu

    in Self Help

    The first hour will be featuring the forgotten healing science of the sacred acacia tree. Bro. KT will share with us the ancient legacy and useful application of the sacred healing tree called the acacia tree. This is the same wood used in the construction of the sacred ark, the poles that carried the sacred ark, the tabenacle the sacred ark was stored in, the burning bush of Moses, and how the acacia wood was highly revered and applied in ancient Egypt. ACACIA is much revered in religious and magical practice. The ancient Egyptians made funeral wreaths of ACACIA leaves and the Hebrews planted a sprig of evergreen ACACIA to mark the grave of a departed friend. ACACIA wood is the Biblical shittim-wood from which Noah's Ark and the Tabernacle and Altar were made. Jewish legend tells us that the Burning Bush of Moses was an ACACIA. Christian legend links an ACACIA tree with the Cross and its spiny branches with the Crown of Thorns . The ACACIA is an emblem of immortality and of initiation, in the sense that initiation is symbolic of resurrection. Many people burn these leaves as incense or dip them in holy water and sprinkle an altar to communicate with or to memorialize the Dead. Bro KT the Arch Degree, is a spiritual SUN of Dr. Sebi, and is a product provider of various healing herbs. He's is an ethnobotanist researcher. He will share a rich collection of herbal knowledge and personal application for a wide spectrum of healing. For healing consultations, call him at (404)492-2026.

    The second hour will feature Dr. Shaka Zulu. He is a licensed Chinese herbalist and accupuncturist, Martial Arts Instructor, and speaker of multiple forums related to Zulu Nation, Music, Cultural and Community Activism. Dr. Shaka Zulu is a living icon within the Harlem community and beyond. Tonight, he will be sharing words of wisdom, knowledge, and insight on the critical times related to the various needs of our community.

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    Black Kings Appreciation Month Episode 3

    in Motivation

    Today is our 3rd episode of the "Black King Appreciation Month" Celebration!

    Hosted By: Sis Misty and Sis 

    We will be discussing the past and present contributions and greatness of our Kings from many different sects. (Kemet, RBG, Hebrews, Islam, Nuwapians, Afrikan Spiritualism, Black Nationalist and Christianity.) 

    Today's Featured Kings of the past we will honor "Malcolm X" and "Shaka Zulu"

    Also giving special appreciation to Kings of Today: Professor Carl Tone Jones, Benjamin Nije, Garfield A. Reid and Amara Camara

    CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR KINGS: Ivan Irby and Hafiz Udeen Bey (last week raffle winners) 

    We will also be discussing how we as Black Queens can elevate our Kings and how we can assist them with their goals in life because they live in a society where they are hated, not appreciated, not recognized and destroyed at the hands of White Supremacy. 

    During the program we will raffle 2 names from the call in numbers of the Kings who participate in the dialogue! The question is simple! "Black Men what do you need from the Black Woman?" Our Kings are often felt like they are not heard. Well the Queens are hear to listen!  Call (914) 803-4571our listen via internet @ www.blogtalkradio/mauricemuhammad.com @ 7pm est. Stay connected to "King Appreciation Month" facebook page for all updates and future celebrations!  

    The raffle winners will win a gift from a black owned business and we will ship it to your door to show how much you are appreciated. 

  • 03:56

    KTL RADIO presents MASTERING THE MEDU NETER ft Mfundishi Jhutyms

    in News

    Join us tonite on KTL as we bring forth the Master Teacher, Mfundishi Jhutyms to build on the importance of learning and mastering the medu neter. Tonite's program will be a continuation to the prelude to this weekend's Kemetic Armegeddon War Conference. 

    Tune in for tonite's powerful build. Class is in session. 

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    Black Kings Appreciation Month

    in Social Networking

    Today is our first Episode of the Celebration of Black Kings Appreciation Month. We will be discussing the Past and Present Contribution and Greatness of Our Kings from many different sects(Kmt,RBG, Hebrews, Islam, Nuwapians, African Spiritualism, Christianity, Black Nationalist etc). We are going to discuss how we can as Black Queens elevate our Kings in a society where they are destroyed and hated and not appreciated nor recognized? We're also going to discuss, "what are the things we can do to help our Kings accomplish their goals in life?" At the end of this show we are going to do a raffle with the kings numbers that call in and among those we will pick two. Each of these 2 Kings will go into a 5 questionaire test just to pick their brain to see how deep they are in their knowledge. Whether you get the question right or wrong you still receive a gift. Kings your presence and participation wipl be greatly needed. Call in at 3478269457 or listen in at www.blogtalkradio.com/itsrealtalklive at 6pm Eastern.

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    Wanda's Picks Radio Show

    in Art

    1. This morning we speak to Mama Pam Williams, Council of Elders, about Wo'se Community of the Sacred African Way Spiritual Center located at 8924 Holly Street, Oakland, CA, (510)  which is having its 35th Anniversary celebration this weekend.

    2. Our next guest is Dr. Sekham Heka Maat Ra of KRST Unity Center in Los Angeles. He is going to be speaking with Professor Manu Ampim, Sat., Dec. 5, 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on the topic: "Maat: Ancient Wisdom and Contemporary Strategy. The talk is at the Golden Gate Branch of the Oakland Public Library, 5606 San Pablo Ave., in Oakland.

    Professor Sekhem is a disciple of Stokely Carmichael aka Kwame Toure and has been working over the last 35 years as a teacher of history, organizer and labor lawyer, championing the rights and dignity of the working class. Professor Sekhem is presently Executive Director of the Black Employees Association, a labor Union, and instructor of African Spiritual Science at KRST Unity Center. He is also the Director of the Sunday and Friday classes at KRST. He is a KMT focused researcher and Black Nationalist who posits that Nation Building, centered around the teaching and practice of MAAT, is the solution to the ills and malaise that besets the current conditions of  African descendants in 21st century America. Visit http://www.krstunitycenter.org

    3. Amy Mueller, Bay Area Playwrights Foundation and playwrights: Arisa White, Michael Gene Sullivan, and Nick Nanna Hadikwa Mwaluko; The FlashPlays Festival will be held over two days on Sunday, December 6 and Monday, December 7, 8 pm at Brava Theater Center, 2781- 24th Street in San Francisco. The Festival features new short plays varying in length from 30 seconds to 2 minutes in order to tell riveting new stories in a quick flash.