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    Perfectly Unreasonable Podcast Ep 3

    in Pop Culture

    This week JT, Steve, and Shaina talk about their favorite Pandora stations, 3 weeks worth of current events, a couple of beers, and much much more! Tell 10 friends to join in and listen with you....we have room, promise!

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    Perfectly Unreasonable Podcast Ep 2

    in Pop Culture

    This week JT, Steve, and Shaina talk about movies they loved from when they were in high school. There will be a new beer of the week, new celebrity death list, music news, and a brand spanking new cover song of the week! Tune in!! Tell a friend to join, we have plenty of room!!

  • Perfectly Unreasonable Podcast Ep 1

    in Pop Culture

    Listen as JT, Steve, and Shaina discuss this week's hot topics, make up a few of their own, and drink beer....what else could you possibly want on a Sunday night?!?

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    Childhood anxiety..stop the drugs & relax their brains! She did & it works!

    in Entertainment

    Yay...another Tuesday and tonight's show is all about the children (yeah...you adults can tag along too)! I will be talking about the latest social media app SnapChat (that's where your kids are probably right now) and my segment #AskMamaChar is about parenthood.

    My guest, Zemirah Jazwierska is an author, school psychologist & mother! She will share how she beat anxiety at age 23 after being told she would have to medicate for the rest of her life to cope. She found better alternatives than pharmaceuticals & quickly learned it was no accident she had decided to search them out, when her own daughter presented with the same symptoms. Through her research and education she founded Kids Relaxation & has made it her life mission to help as many children (and parents) struggling with numerous anxiety illnesses. Zemirah's work with Kids Relaxation has been recognized worldwide & she is now known as the "Relaxation Coach".  Find more about Zemirah's remarkable program at KidsRelaxation.com & facebook.com/KidsRelaxation.

    Our musical guest, Shaina Noll, will share her sound "You can Relax Now".  Find Shaina on her website Shainanoll.com, youTube, facebook.com/ShainaNoll, Amazon and last.fm/music/ShainaNoll.

    Find me at mamachar.com, on all social medias @MamaCharBlessed &  facebook.com/HearFromAngels,.


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    AGurlzGuideOnAir - Missing Persons Alert - Shaina Webb

    in LGBT

    Tonight we talk with friends and family of missing Maryland woman, Shaina Webb.  

    Shaina Webb was last seen at 301 Old Crain Highway between Old Marlboro Pike and Martlton Plaza/ Neighborhood

    Tuesday March 11th

    Between the hours of 5-7:30pm

    She is 5 feet 7 inches and 145 pounds

    She Never Came Home

    Shaina’s Cell phone was found cracked in a random location in someone’s front yard off MD 301.

    It appeared as though it had been possibly thrown out of a car.

    Shaina’s car was found at a housing community off of 301 and Blackstone Drive

    The police had been called because the car was blocking the intersection.

    When police arrived, the card doors were found open with no key and Shaina’s purse with money and ID in tact on the front seat.

    Shaina has been spotted wearing gray sweats, black jacket, muddy, ripped clothing walking up towards 301 (from cheltenham going North towards 301)


    The First 48 Hours Are Critical in Finding A Missing Person. Please help

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    in Lifestyle

    I AM LORDIEL and have been guided to collaborate the messages and music that Spirit wants to give to you. The music is by Keya Kyea and Shaina Noll which is very spiritual and uplifting. I will channell the message for you to go within, and not only feel their love, but your love for yourself. You are such an awesome being!!! We are here to learn many lessons, but also to love unconditionally.www.celestial-energies.comSHAINA was inspired to combine her love of singing with her deep interest in healing and the journey of spiritual awakening has been a profound gift in her life. The creation of each CD has been its own rigorous process that challenged her to grow, heal and become more conscious, contributing deeply to her own spiritual journey. That the songs have gifted so many people around the world has been a truly awesome experience for Shaina, one that has completely fulfilled a deep and abiding desire to be useful and make a real contribution to the world.  www.shainanoll.comKEYA started learning MUSIC at the age of 7 & started writing her own songs at the age of 19. She's written over 300 tunes and successfully played in front of large audiences in PARIS up to 15 000 souls...'ONLY LOVE is real' is her LATEST LP & was completed in 2009.Listening to her music is receiving an INFUSION of PURE LOVE.Some say "She is an angel" in human form...although she is acting out of SIMPLICITY and the CONSCIOUSNESS of ONE is leading her path. http://www.reverbnation.com/keyakyea

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    Patrick Kilpatrick - Actor, Patriot, Veterans' Friend

    in Military

    Listen as Hollywood actor Patrick Kilpatrick talks about his father (WWII UDT frogman), his work with veterans, and upcoming projects.

    GallantFew, Inc is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.  GallantFew's goal is to connect every new veteran with a hometown veteran mentor.  The purpose is to help every veteran achieve a smooth, peaceful and successful transition, thereby preventing veteran unemployment, homelessness and suicide.  We do this by creating and supporting a nationwide network of successfully transitioned veterans that engage locally with new veterans with the same military background now going through transition.  We also seek to motivate communities all over the nation to take responsibility for veterans returning - welcoming, connecting, including. 


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    Author Spotlight Friday "Author Shiana"

    in Books

    Author Shiana was born in Jackson, Mississippi and now resides in Milwaukee, WI. Shiana’s passion for writing started when she was a child using writing as a way to escape the horror she grew up around. With abuse in her household, reading and writing was her only way out. Growing up as a trouble teenage she never knew she had it in her to write books until one day she finished her very first book and received great feedback from family, friends and teachers. Shiana published her first book in 2011 under the name Lesa Jones, but after searching and wanting to venture out and spread her wings she reinvented herself and her writing becoming Shiana an Indie Writer. She released titles such as Taurus, Boy Toy, Sammie Says, V and a few more titles.  2yrs later she is signed with Leo Sullivan and republished a few of her old titles under Sullivan’s company.When Shiana isn’t writing she’s working as an Administrative Medial Assistant part time and also works as Leo Sullivan’s Assistant helping to keep the company running smoothly. She not only dedicates her time in helping up and coming  authors, but she also dedicates her time to mentoring mothers with kids that has a liver disease condition just as her oldest daughter. She enjoys reading, writing, crocheting and spending time with her family.

    Erotica Author Shakir Rashaan currently lives in suburban Atlanta with his wife and two children. Rashaan’s catalog includes the series Chronicles of the Nubian Underworld and the upcoming Kink, P.I., and upcoming projects being developed under the pen name Curtis Alexander Hamilton. Other credits include several anthologies, including the bestselling Zane Presents Z-Rated: Chocolate Flava 3.

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    Changing Your Diet with Shaina Olmanson from Food for My Family

    in Family

    Eating healthier is a common resolution, and most of us don't need convincing in this area. However, it can be overwhelming to identify changes that you can and should make to your family's diet. Shaina from Food for My Family will help us identify some easy, powerful changes that we can start making today!

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    Learn How To Make Your Thoughts Become Your Reality with Ken Elliott

    in Spirituality

    Manifesting 123 is unique because no one ever told you how your thoughts actually begin to form up on the other side and flow into our physical world.

    Ken Elliott has first-hand experience creating simple to complicated objects in thought that were viewed by another 2,400 miles away in real time. No more hoping if your intentions are having a result, Ken clearly describes how your thoughts begin to take form immediately and how to use them for your benefit. Ken is a highly acclaimed American landscape artist, keynote speaker and author in Castle Rock Colorado. He is been on a dual track for over 25 years as an accomplished artist and as someone who has experienced and collected astonishing stories.He was uniquely and convincingly shown how to make changes in his life and in those of others and now he shares them most graciously with us!

    Lordiel ,Spiritual Practitioner offers to help you along your journey with spiritual tools and energy work. www.lordiel.wordpress.com


    Music by Shaina Noll - The Power Of Letting Go

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    Sex and...............welp, KIDS!! (Repeat Show)

    in Romance

    I use to always hear the crazy stories of couples getting creative when it came to having sex because of their kids. Not to mention, the parents getting caught in the act! I use to always think to myself  "put them to sleep and do the do! What's so hard about that?" Welp, now that I have a kid of my own, I understand. LOL it's not so easy! Joining us are married couple, Terrance and Shaina Murphy with 4 boys under the age of 6 with a very healthy, active sex life! Tune in, join the chatroom, call in and share some of your creative ideas with us. Afterall, it's important to keep the intimacy going, that IS how they got here in the first place! I especially want to hear from those single parents!