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    Episode # 16 Fifty Shades of Grey Chapter 8

    in Film

    Read along with the ladies of the Fifty Shades Fan Podcast while we cover chapter 8 of Fifty Shades of Grey.  

    You know, it's the chapter where Christian rectifies Ana's "condition."

    Topics and News:

    On Saturday Mags and Crissy will be hosting a Fifty Shades of Grey meet up at The Book Con. Find out more and purchase tickets at Thebookcon.com the itinerary will be available on latersbaby.net or follow us on Twitter during the event - @Magslatersbaby and @50Latersbaby

    Casa Mia, one of the filming locations for Fifty Shades of Grey will be opening up for tours starting June 1 according to the Huffington Post Canada.

    On the show was:

    Mags @Magslatersbaby

    Elsa @emlight60

    Vanessa @LatersbabyUK

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    Episode # 13 Fifty Shades of Grey Fan Fiction

    in Film

    On this weeks show I'll be talking with Fifty Shades of Grey Fan Fiction Writers:

    Emine from A Walk In the Clouds

    Twitter @eminethe1st

    Shannon from 50 Shades of Crossfire and has a site S.L. Gonzalez.

    You can more learn about her book, Sweetness on Amazon.

    Twitter @SLGonzalez81

    Helping me to host the show will be Taina and The Fifty Shades Fan Girl, Elsa-Marie @emlight60

    Tweet us during the show with #FSPodcast if you have questions or comments.

    I'll be hosting a Fifty Shades of Grey Meet up with Mags at New York City BookCon on May 31

    Fifty Shades of Grey Jewelry is offering 30% off purchases for Mother's Day weekend to those on their mailing list, sign up here.

    You can learn more about the show at Latersbaby.net



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    The Real 50 Shades of Grey!

    in Romance

    Ever since 50 Shades of Grey came out everyone had grand plans on being part of the BDSM lifestyle. Men wished for women that would do as they were told and women wished for a billionaire that would take care of them. While most people that actually live this lifestyle well before it became popular finds 50 Shades vanilla at it's best, others were upset that it made people want to jump into a lifestyle that they knew nothing about and really didn't want to take the time to learn.

    I'll be interviewing Evvie to get a better look into the BDSM lifestyle. Evvie is a slave that has been with her master for 3 years, and she has permission to talk to us. 

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    Episode # 17 Book Con and Chapter 9 of Fifty Shades of Grey

    in Film

    Show Topics:
    Mags and Crissy attended NYC Book Con 2014 and met with Lisa Renee Jones, Jodi Ellen Malpas, Sylvia Day and Dr. Ruth
    Chapter 9 of Fifty Shades of Grey
    Jamie Dornan's Interview with Interview Magazine
    Andrew Arlie as Carrick Grey


    Mags @MagsLatersbaby
    Elsa @emlight60
    Betty @FSOGcr

    News and Announcements:

    Tweet us live during the show with #FSPodcast

    June 18th is Christian Grey's Birthday and we'll be giving away a prize to a lucky winner that night. Listen to the show for more details what and how to win.

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    Episode # 8 Fifty Shades of Grey Haters are Going to Hate

    in Film

    In Episode #8 we'll be discussing all the topics that the haters like to tell us makes the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy suck.

    What do you think about the writing, sex, casting choices or the fact that it's fan fiction?

    Topics and News:

    Jamie Dornan online is putting together a magazine for Jamie's birthday, find out how to submit your birthday wishes at: http://jamie-dornan.org/en/?p=1973

    Lori from Northwest Prime interviewed Jamie’s Dad (Jim Dornan) on Monday about his new book, An Everyday Miracle


    Gabby from @50ShadesFandom

    Betty from @FSOGcr

    Elsa Marie from @emlight60

    Mags from @Magslatersbaby

    Jazz from @50ShadesWorld


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    Episode # 9 How much sex will be in Fifty Shades of Grey The Movie

    in Film

    In this episode the girls will discuss:

    How much sex will be in the movie? and Chapter 4 of Fifty Shades of Grey

    A guide to MPAA movie rating system in the US

    Australian Movie Classification Guide

    British Board of Film Classification

    Cosmopolitan Article about sex in Fifty Shades of Grey

    Rita Ora at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, April 13, 2014

    Victor Rasuk's comments about his role in the movie

    On the show will be:

    Elsa Marie @emlight60

    Vanessa @LatersbabyUK

    Allison @50Soiree

    Mags @Magslatersbaby

    Ally @FSOG_Australia

    Jamie Dornan online is putting together a magazine for Jamie’s birthday on May 1st, find out how to submit your birthday wishes at: http://jamie-dornan.org/en/?p=1973 Submissions are due by April 16th

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    You can learn more about the show and send us feedback at latersbaby.net or tweet us on twitter @50latersbaby or with the #FSPodcast

    Sorry about the sound quality of this show, we had some technical difficulties.

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    Ep # 18 Fifty Shades of Grey Fan Fiction and Christian's Birthday

    in Film

    On this weeks show we'll be talking to Brownell Landrum of the Duet Stories about her series, A Chorus of Voices, where some of her own characters meet Christian and Ana, revealing Brownell’s unique view on Ana and Christian’s soul mate connection.

    We'll then talk about Christian's birthday and what influence his being a Gemini might have had on his character development. Check out Brownell's post about Christian being a Gemini.

    Stay tuned for more ways to enter the giveaway for Christian's Birthday at the end of the show. I have a signed Lisa Renee Jones book and some swag for a listener. Brownell is also offering an Amazon Gift Card for the book The Secret Language of Birthdays!  Once you have read all of her books, send her an email or a tweet letting her know, the first person to do that will be the winner! Don't forget to ask for the epilogue to the series.

    News and Announcements:

    Tweet us live during the show with #FSPodcast

    We're trying to get Christian's Birthday to trend on Twitter. On June 18th we'll be tweeting with #HappyBdayChristianGrey. See the attached photos for times (to optimize the chance of trending)

    Thank you to the VoElla Podcast for listening in and recommending us to their own listeners.

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    Episode # 11 - Chapter 6 of Fifty Shades of Grey and a Professional Lady...

    in Film

    In this weeks show we'll be discussing:

    Chapter 6 of Fifty Shades of Grey

    Jamie's interview with The Guardian

    Rita Ora reinacts what would happen if she accidentily walked into the Red Room of Pain 

    Fifty Shades of Grey Crossword Puzzle

    Next Thursday is Jamie's Birthday, please send in your birthday wishes. We'll play any birthday recordings (voicememo on the iPhone is great for this), and read out any birthday wishes you send us. Send the emails to latersbaby50@gmail.com

    I'll be hosting a Fifty Shades of Grey Meet up with Mags at this years NYC BookCon on May 31, 2014

    On the show:

    Mags @Magslatersbaby

    Vanessa @LatersbabyUK

    Elsa Marie @emlight60

    Jazz @50Shadesworld


    Send your feedback by email or on Twitter with #FSPodcast

    You can learn more about the show at latersbaby.net

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    Fifty Shades of Grey 1 Year Until Movie Release

    in Film

    This is the first episode of the Fifty Shades Fan Podcast. In this episode we will be discussing the film that is scheduled for release in exactly 1 year. If you want to tweet us during the show use #FSPodcast 

    On the show will be Vanessa from LatersbabyUK, Victoria from Ruffles and Restraints, Jazz from Fifty Shades World Wide and Elsa Marie - Fifty Shades Fan Girl and my Co-Blogger Mags from latersbaby.net.  

    Allison from 50 Soiree will also be on the air to discuss the soiree. You can learn more at: www.fiftysargasso.wordpress.com 

    Twitter: @50Soiree

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/soireefifty

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    Episode # 7 Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer, Chapter 3 and a 50 Soiree

    in Film


    Fifty Soiree (Interview with Allison)

    Fifty Shades of Grey trailer that we haven't seen yet.

    Chapter 3 of Fifty Shades of Grey

    How did you start reading books?


    Jazz from @50ShadesWorld

    Elsa-Marie @emlight60

    Mags @Magslatersbaby

    For more information about the Soiree:

    Website - FiftySargasso.wordpress.com

    Twitter - 50Soiree

    Facebook - Facebook.com/soireefifty

    Email - FiftyShadesSoiree@gmail.com 

    Sponsored by: Paramora.com


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    50 Shades Of Grey Lies

    in Christianity

    2 Corinthians 11:3 says But I am afraid that, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds will be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ. And I believe in so many ways Satan has been very successful in laying traps of deception laced with ographic magazines, movies and the strong surge of erotica soft cover books that promise happiness, great pleasure and fulfillment, but fails miserably at delivering any of those. Because the truth is it can't and never will. 2 Kings 11 is pretty clear and cut when it says "But King Solomon loved many foreign women, as well as the daughter of Pharaoh: women of the Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Sidonians, and Hittites; from the nations of whom the LORD had said to the children of Israel, "You shall not intermarry with them, nor they with you. Surely they will turn away your hearts after their gods. And today even many women and men have surrendered their hearts to the big lie of 50 shades of Grey that over promises and under delivers leaving a much deeper hole and wound, damaging our emotions, mind and well being. The lies will be exposed and we must humble ourselves and know that without Christ we stand vulnerable to Satans attacks but with him we stand strong and victorious.