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    Real Rap Radio 10-21

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    Real Rap Radio.  Hosted by City Shad.  Produced by Hood Howard Stern.  Rap. Hip-Hop. R&B. Unsigned Artists.

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    Real Rap Radio 9-23

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    Rap. Music. Hip Hop. Hosted by City Shad. Produced by Hood Howard Stern.

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    Aya Awakenings Premier in USA with Rak Razam

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    Entheoradio welcomes the returning of Rak Razam on his USA tour with the new film of his creation Ayahuasca Awakenings: A Shamanic Odyssey. We'll go into more detail about the book as well as Capt Hugh T Alkemi hosts.

    His first show is located http://www.blogtalkradio.com/entheoradio/2013/11/19/globalhuasca-sacred-medicines-the-western-awakening-with-rak-razam-1

    Bio:  Rak Razam is an author, freelance journalist, and editor from Australia. He specializes in underground and counterculture communities, spirituality, and technology. He has written features for The Age, Dazed and Confused magazine and Dazed Digital, Disinfo.com, Reality Sandwich, High Times, Filmmaker magazine, Australian Penthouse,and many other publications. 



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    Real Rap Radio

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    The dopest spot on the web to find the realest rap on the planet...PERIOD! Do you know what #RealHipHop is? Hosted by City Shad from 5851 Records! Produced by Hood Howard Stern.

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    Dialysis Talk "Iron Man Shad Ireland"

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    "Dialysis Talk" will be welcoming Shad Ireland to our show.  For those of you who have been following his career you already know that Shad is an Iron Man but what you might not be aware of is that he has been on dialysis for 21 years!  One of his goals is to motivate dialysis patients by getting them to understand that nothing is limiting them but themselves.  He will also be talking to us about The Shad Ireland Foundation and how he has the ability to do what he does.


    Frank discussions with Dialysis patient's, healthcare workers, doctors and clinics about care issues in Dialysis.

    An open forum to help patients and caregivers work together to improve training and the overall health of patients.

    Hosted by: Dialysis Advocates LLC

    15 years advocating, and consulting within dialysis care.

    For more information go to dialysisadvocates.com

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    The dopest spot on the web to find the realest rap on the planet...PERIOD! Do you know what #RealHipHop is? Hosted by City Shad from 5851 Records! Produced by Hood Howard Stern.

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    Shad Ireland Foundation

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    Today on The BeachLifestyle Radio Show, Host Neil Haley the Total Tutor will interview Triathelete Shad Ireland!

    Shad Ireland was born with healthy kidneys in May, 1972. Almost exactly eleven years later, in May, 1983, he and his mother got the news that those kidneys were now diseased and he would have to be on dialysis while awaiting a kidney transplant. Shad eventually underwent two transplant operations. The first kidney transplant, at age 18, lasted for three years. The second transplant was unsuccessful.

    Shad is now a Triathelete, and has started his own foundation!

    Global Objective

    Connecting, educating, and empowering individuals and families affected by kidney disease, its leading causes, and risk factors through the use of dynamic, innovative and engaging tools and resources that are impact focused and technology driven.

    Global Mission Statement

    Committed to education, prevention, awareness, and access, the Shad Ireland Foundation is an international non-profit organization that is actively exploring ways to further develop and expand its global impact on kidney diseases and their leading causes. In countries around the world we are developing the organization and creating strategic relationships that will lead to the development of tools and resources, which will ultimately and positively impact individuals, families, and communities affected by, and or living with this disease.

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    NFL SuperFan Series: 2014 Jacksonville Jaguars Preview

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    The NFL SuperFan series continues as we preview the 2014 Jacksonville Jaguars season with The SportsFan Journal creator/Jags honk/SLAM magazine contributor/NBA writer for SBNation/frat brother Eddie Maisonet III.  Among the topics to be discussed...

    Will the city of Jacksonville EVER embrace the Jaguars?
    Does this franchise have any hope under new owner Shad Khan?
    Are the Jaguars headed in the right direction?
    What could be done for the Jags to contend in the AFC South?


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    The F&T Sports Show

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    It's been sometime to get going but were here!!! Friday nights may not be the same again. The NFL will be the biggest thing on this show. From the Frozon Tundra of Minn to Shad Khaville (JAX), we will break down some action on some preseason games and much more. Also look back at Da Bears and Jags game. Why I Jdash think the Jags are doing the right thing with Bortles. We lost a legend this past weekend in Robin Williams, Josh and myself (Jdash) will look back on his great career and his legacy that he left behind. RIP  Robin Williams 1951-2014.  Of course the DAA of the week and much  more.   Get ready for the  The F&T Sports Show this Friday night.

    Follow me @Jdash904  and if you want to send hate mail to both of us. plzz send it to @Jdash904.


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    Striped Bass and Shad on the Roanoke River

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    LIVE April 10th  8 PM EST!

    This week on the PointClickFish.com Saltwater Fishing Radio – Striped Bass & Shad on the Roanoke River.  We welcome Captain Mitchel Blake of Fish IBX Charters & Captain John Mauser of Tailing Tide Guide Service and Project Healing Waters to discuss the spring run along the Roanoke.  Fishing is hot from Weldon to Jamesville and our guest will fill you in on all you need to know to get in on the action. 

    Update from the REEL Intrepid Fishing Team that will be fishing event 1 at the Wild West Kingfish Series in Madeira Beach, FL this weekend. The REEL Intrepid Fishing Team will be using a SPOT GEN 3 Tracker and SPOT Satellite telephone.

    Join us live Thursday night at 8pm on PCF Saltwater fishing Radio!







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